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  1. What is the best care for your skin?
  2. The best skin care involves following a concrete skincare routine, healthy dietary habits, and a proper sleep cycle. Our facial skin deals with pollution, climate fluctuations, the sun’s UV rays, and poor-quality facial accessories. Thus, consistency in the skincare routine plays a key role in improving skin health. In addition, cutting off stress, smoking habits, and junk foods from life contribute hugely to overall skin health. You should always opt for gentle skin care products with natural and toxin-free ingredients.

  1. Are Mamaearth skin care products natural?
  2. Yes. Mamaearth skincare products do not include harmful chemicals to hurt any skin barrier. Besides, it is the first Asian brand to get the approval of MadeSafe, meaning its product range is free of any harmful chemicals that may damage the skin or cause allergies. So, if you are keen on using the best skin care products with mild and safe ingredients to pamper your skin health, Mamaearth products would be apt for you.

  1. Do Mamaearth face care products work on old acne scars?
  2. Yes. Mamaearth offers various face care products formulated specially to treat acne scars, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. You may try skin care products featuring Tea Tree, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, and Rice Water for the best results. It is necessary to be consistent with cleansing and exfoliation while dealing with acne scars. The sunblock is a crucial thing to stick with for effective results. In addition, you may also consider using Mamaearth’s Retinol Face Serum and Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream. These toxin-free skincare products are formulated with natural skin-brightening ingredients that help reduce blemishes and old acne scars.

  1. Which Mamaearth product is the best for the skin?
  2. Depending on the skin texture and concerns, you should opt for apt formulations from Mamaearth. It has a massive range of safe and gentle skincare products that are made to tackle a diverse range of concerns. So, ensure the products you buy suit your skin type and concerns. For example, if you are looking to brighten your skin complexion, you may wish to try the Vitamin C range and Ubtan-based products. Retinol and Rosehip-based products are best suited to defy premature aging concerns and blemishes.

  1. How do you use Mamaearth face care products?
  2. We recommend checking the product's label before applying for any product. However, according to the general concept of skincare application, it is advised to take products in adequate amounts and apply them correctly: face cleanser, face toner, face serum, face moisturizer, and sunscreen.

  1. What is a proper skincare routine?
  2. A proper skincare routine suggests a basic step of skincare that promotes a healthy and nourished skin barrier. It involves cleansing, toning, treating, moisturizing, and protecting. To follow healthy skin care for oily, dry, and combination skin, it is advisable to have skincare products as per skin types and concerns. Regular cleansing detoxifies the skin and toning hydrates and empties its pores of toxic additives. Moisturizing is also a vital step that hydrates the skin cells to prevent many skin troubles, and applying SPF protects the skin from UV rays. Together these products help prevent many possible skin damages. Therefore, following a proper skincare routine works great for a healthy and radiant skin texture.

  1. Which is the best skincare product in India?
  2. You will find infinite options when searching for the best skin care products in India. Every product has its significance in skincare, and while choosing the best formulation, it is better to look for mild ingredients, toxin-free composition, reputed brand, and dermatological approval. We recommend using Mamaearth's skincare products for a hassle-free experience.

  1. Which is the best skin product for men?
  2. Like women's skin, men's skin also requires attention, care, and pampering. You may commence your skincare routine with the basics before trying additional products. So, while choosing the best skin product for men, try to keep it minimal if you are new to skincare. Start with cleansing, moisturizing, and SPF, and always avoid nasties such as sulfates, paraben, SLS, artificial fragrance, etc., in your products. Besides, once a week, exfoliation and facial masks would make your skin healthy and naturally glowing.

  1. What should men have for skin care?
  2. For the best skin care for men, it is suggested to go for a gentle face cleanser with deep-cleansing formula and a moisturizer with an oil-free yet hydrating formula. Applying SPF is non-negotiable, so find a lightweight sunscreen with SPF 50 for better protection. Regular exfoliation is necessary to keep pores clean and healthy. So, add a nourishing face scrub and facial mask to your weekly routine. Gradually, you may introduce toners and treatment products such as serums and ointments to your routine if you have any particular concerns.

  1. What can I apply to my face daily?
  2. You should never skip three basic fundamental steps of skincare, which are cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting. So, ensure you never let a day pass without these steps, as they will help keep your skin radiant and healthy. Once you adjust to the basics, you may move ahead with toning and moisturizing your skin.

  1. How to take the best care of your facial skin?
  2. The best care for your face should be having a proper skincare routine using quality products, a healthy sleep schedule, and eating habits. In addition, it is advisable to do facial yoga and focus on de-stress techniques like yoga and meditation.

  1. Which is the best product for face care?
  2. Hydrating products with nourishing and therapeutic properties are best for all face skin care routines. It is best to avoid products that contain harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, or toxic dyes. For holistic care of your face, we recommend exploring Mamaearth product ranges because it comprises only safe and gentle ingredients. It is Made Safe and PETA-certified too, and is thus toxin-free and cruelty-free as well.

  1. How to take care of your skin in summer?
  2. Summer can be harsh on the skin, with heat waves causing consistent sweat and dehydration. So, always use hydrating products with oil and sweat-free formula. You may want to avoid any heavy composition as it may clog pores and cause irritation or redness in the skin. It is also advisable to follow a cleaning, toning, treating, moisturizing, and protecting routine, along with weekly exfoliation and masking too. Practicing these steps offers intense nourishment to your skin cells and effectively sheds off dirt and impurities. Choosing a water-based formulation with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Coffee, Green Tea, and Rice Water is advised. In addition, you may also explore the Aqua Glow range of Mamaearth to beat the summer heat.

  1. How to use skin care products?
  2. To use skincare products correctly, it is advised to read the product's label before applying. In general, it is important to use every product in the correct order and on clean, dirt-free skin.

  1. What products do you need for skincare?
  2. The basic skin care steps are advised for every skin type, such as face wash, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. In addition to regular skincare steps, you should have a nourishing facial exfoliator and face mask, which you can use once or twice a week.

  1. What is the Mamaearth all products for face price in India?
  2. The Mamaearth all products for face price in India starts at Rs. 225.

Shop the Best Skin Care Products in India

Smooth and flawlessly radiant skin! Don’t you wish you could achieve this with an effortless skincare regimen? Acing your skincare routine can be tricky if you don’t pick the right face care products according to your skin type especially when the market is loaded with different face skin care suggestions everywhere. So, you have to be a little thoughtful about the process.  Mamaearth’s product range includes an array of skin care products like face cream products etc. that work both for men and women. Enriched with the goodness of nature, these products target skin concerns such as acne, dullness, dryness, excess oil production, pore congestion, dark spots, pigmentation, and fine lines, amongst other skin problems. Though men keep it traditionally simple, skincare experts have backed up the fact that using skincare for men is equally as important. For younger, healthier-looking skin, they also need to stick to an effective AM-PM skincare routine.

At Mamaearth, we know that weather, sedentary lifestyle, pollution, and stress affect the skin’s natural glow, making it appear saggy, dull, and less hydrated. Our face care products for women and men and skincare product range is curated with the goodness of nature to help protect the skin’s natural tone, correct fine lines, and address various other skin issues, quite prominent in both women and men. Our mamaearth all products for face are safe for all types of skin, enriched with the goodness of nature.

Concocted with the goodness of natural ingredients, our skin care for men is free from chemicals like Parabens, Sulfates, and dyes that tend to be hard on the skin. Besides, our best skin care products in India are PETA certified, which means they have not been tested on animals. We strive for sustainability, and that’s what stands us out from the rest. We also plant a tree every time you order from us. 

Tips For Choosing the Right Skin Care Products For You

Before you opt for any skincare product for yourself, it’s imperative to identify your skin type and underlying concerns because no one knows your skin better than you do. Some people may have oily or dry skin, while others may have sensitive skin. The whole process can be a little intimidating if you are not well-versed with your skin issues such as acne, dehydration, wrinkles, fine lines, pore-clogging, etc. At Mamaearth, we curate products keeping in mind different skin care concerns and assure no chemical ingredients in their making. From the right face scrub to spf 50 sunscreen to toner to the face moisturizer, you will find all of them in one place.  You love your skin, and so do we!

Face wash: The most important step in a skincare regimen, face cleansing is highly underrated. Having the right basic skin care products can make a world of a difference when it comes to achieving flawless skin. While each Mamaearth product is packed with natural ingredients, our face wash ranges are formulated to target different concerns. If your concern is acne and zits, Mamaearth’s SLS and Paraben Free Tea Tree Face Wash can do wonders for your skin. For that glowing and illuminating skin, you can try our bestseller of Vitamin C Face Wash for Skin Illumination. You may try our Retinol Face Wash with Retinol and Bakuchi to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. You may also try our all-new Acne Face Wash to get rid of acne and pimples- they come enriched with the goodness of aloe vera, neem, and tea tree oil.   

  1. Face Mask: To boost hydration and brighten skin tone, face masks should be your go-to option. Need to attend a wedding ceremony? Try our CoCo Face Mask with Coffee and Cocoa to gently rejuvenate dry and dull skin. Also, you can get your hands on Mamaearth Vitamin C Sleeping Mask for that extra love and care during the night.
  2. Face Serum: Our newly launched Aqua Glow Face Serum commits a 72-hour long boost of hydration to your skin (Don't wait, order yours now!). Mamaearth’s Skin Correct Face Serum is ideal for skin concerns such as acne, marks, and enlarged pores. 
  3. Face Cream: Try Mamaearth’s products, including Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream, Vitamin C Under Eye Cream, Anti Pollution Daily Face Cream, Night Retinol Cream for a younger-looking skin that never gets unnoticed. 
  4. Face Scrub: Face scrubs are a staple for healthier-looking skin. Pick from our range of face scrubs, including CoCo Face Scrub, Vitamin C Face Scrub, and Ubtan Face Scrub, for that refreshing look after a long tiring day. 
  5. Face Toner: To get to a healthier AM-PM routine, CTM is a must. For that extra toning on your face, try our Ubtan Cleansing Milk with Turmeric and Saffron for Gentle Cleansing, or Vitamin C Face Toner and Rose Face Toner, to minimize enlarged pores.  
  6. Face Gel: Mamaearth’s Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E is a world of good for all your skin concerns. It keeps your skin hydrated and prevents free radicals from damaging the skin’s inner layers. 
  7. Face Mask Sheets: Whether you have dry, acne-prone, sensitive, or uneven skin, there's a Mamaearth face mask dedicated for your type. Among the best sellers include Niacinamide Bamboo Sheet Mask with Niacinamide and Ginger Extract for Clear and Glowing Skin, Hyaluronic Bamboo Sheet Mask with Rosehip Oil for that supple skin you have always asked for. 
  8. Lip Balm: Our tinted natural lip balm help protect lips from environmental or seasonal changes. If your lips feel chapped, use the balm of your choice right before you doze off and wake up to healthy lips. Our balms come with a 12-hour moisturization lock that helps essential oils penetrate deeper while you sleep

Star Ingredients in our Skin Care Range

A part of your skincare regimen also involves investing your time in figuring out the best ingredients for your skin. You can always get the most out of any face care products if the ingredients pulped in are best suited to your skin type. Essentially, the choice can be narrowed down based on the ingredients extracted from nature. 

We have selected the finest natural ingredients which are proven to be beneficial in skin care and have been clinically studied for years in formulating products. Well-known ingredients such as tea tree oil, saffron, aloe vera, turmeric, and neem are stars of our ranges that target specific concerns. You can explore our range of skincare products given their numerous benefits for different concerns:
Neem products: Enriched with the goodness of neem, you can try our products of Mama earth like face wash, mask, and scrub to get rid of oily skin, acne, and breakouts. 
Ubtan products: Women in India swear by our Ubtan face products for that flawless skin and glowing complexion. 

And because of our no toxins and no harmful chemicals ideology, we say no to using silicones, parabens, dyes, mineral oil, etc in each of our formulations.

Mamaearth’s Best Selling Skin Care Products 

Mamaearth believes in nurturing the skin with the goodness of nature. Anything that we extract from nature has a bounty of benefits for the skin. At every step, we work with skin care experts to bring you the best skin, face, and hair care products so that you can treat your skin issues with the finest of natural ingredients. Here’s to achieving younger-looking, hydrated skin that illuminates with the goodness of nature. 

Here are some of our best-sellers products are: 

  • Mamaearth tea tree face wash: This face wash features a light-foam formula to boost nourishment and hydration. Crafted with the antibacterial righteousness of Tea Tree and salicylic acid, Salicylic Acid face wash is best suited for oily skin care. It vows hydration while absorbing all the oils and toils on your face, and locks-in moisture so that your skin does not dry out or feel tight.
  • Neem face wash: Neem is a natural formula to prevent bacterial growth on the skin and soothe inflammation. If acne, zits, and breakouts have been your recent talks with your skin expert, give our best sellers range- Tea Tree Face Wash with Neem for Acne and Pimples, a try.
  • Mamaearth vitamin C face wash: Kickstart your day with vitamin C infused face wash by Mamaearth for that brighter skin tone all day long. Apply a portion over your face and gently massage with a built-in brush to allow Vitamin C and Turmeric to penetrate deeper into your skin.
  • Charcoal face wash: Need a face wash to fight those pesky blackheads? Mamaearth Charcoal Face Wash contains activated charcoal that helps dissolve the blackhead and controls excess oil. Created especially for oily skin, the face wash is a dermatologically tested formula to gently wipe out the dead skin cells and give a radiant touch to your skin. 
  • Mamaearth ubtan face wash: Since time immemorial, saffron and turmeric have been put to use by our grannies to get that flawless skin texture. This Ubtan face wash made with pure saffron, turmeric, and carrot seed oil helps to clear dark spots and cast a spell on dull and tanned skin. Walnut Beads in this Ubtan Face Wash help exfoliate dead skin cells and give flawless skin that you can’t stop loving. 
  • Castor oil for face: Buy that perfect serum for your dull, dry, and damaged skin here at Mamaearth. Mamaearth Skin Plump Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Rosehip Oil works as a humectant to help your skin retain moisture. Filled with ingredients such as Olive Oil & Castor Oil helps in tightening the pores & fine lines while vitamin A, Rosehip oil promises youthful skin. 

Shop Mamaearth Skin And Face Care Products Online

The general wisdom of skin care regimen has two simple steps: 1. Make healthy choices 2. Incorporate the right beauty care products based on your skin type. While Mamaearth understands all your skincare concerns, we commit to the goodness of nature to give you that radiant glowy skin you have always dreamt of. 
Check out the Mamaearth website and choose from a wide range of skincare products and onion products for hair care in the comfort of your home. Shop our best-selling range now including hair care products enriched with ingredients like Bhringraj


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Skin Care Products Price List in India

Skin Care Products List Price
Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash with Vitamin C and Turmeric for Skin Illumination - 150ml Rs 399
Vitamin C Face Wash with Vitamin C and Turmeric for Skin Illumination - 100ml Rs 249
Ubtan Face Mask with Saffron and Turmeric for Skin Brightening and Tan Removal - 100g Rs 499
Vitamin C Sleeping Mask with Aloe Vera for Skin Illumination - 100 g Rs 599
Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream -30ml Rs 449
Vitamin C Under Eye Cream with Gotu Kola & Niacinamide for Brightening Under Eyes - 20 ml Rs 989
Skin Correct Face Serum with Niacinamide and Ginger Extract for Acne Marks and Scars - 30 ml Rs 599
Skin Illuminate Face Serum for Radiant Skin with Vitamin C and Turmeric - 30 g Rs 599
Bye Bye Dark Circles Eye Cream with Cucumber and Peptides for Dark Circles - 20ml Rs 399
Charcoal Face Scrub For Oily Skin and Normal skin, with Charcoal and Walnut for Deep Exfoliation - 100g Rs 349
Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash with Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid for Acne and Pimples - 150ml Rs 399



Mamaearth products price list was last updated on May 27, 2023