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What are the benefits of Mamaearth Rice range products?

Mamaearth Rice range is extremely beneficial for the skin as it provides clear glass-like skin by providing intense hydration and deep-cleansing formula. In addition, it is loaded with natural ingredients which help hydrate the skin tone, treat sun tanning, and prevent Sun damage, thus giving your skin a brightened natural glow. The rice water range is also beneficial for hair as it repairs damaged hair, reduces split ends, prevents breakage, detangles hair, and smoothens hair strands.

What is Rice Water?

Rice Water is the starchy water left over when the rice is cooked or soaked. This leftover rice water contains healthy compounds such as amino acids, Vitamin B and E, minerals, and antioxidants that will provide naturally healthy, smooth, and supple skin.

Are Mamaearth Rice Range products natural?

Yes. All Mamaearth rice products for skin and hair are enriched by the goodness of natural ingredients. They are free from harsh chemicals such as silicones, parabens, mineral oil, and dyes. 

Are there any side effects of Rice range products?

No. There aren’t any side effects of rice skin care products, provided they do not contain any harmful chemicals like SLS or Parabens. We recommend exploring Mamaearth Rice Water products, as they contain safe and natural ingredients for all skin types and do not have any side effects. 

Who can use these rice water products?

The Mamaearth Rice Water products can be used by men and women above 15 years of age. 

Why buy Mamaearth Rice range products?

Mamaearth believes in utilizing the goodness of natural ingredients, such as Rice Water, which uses time-tested East Asian Tradition to rescue hair from damage and brighten the skin. So, choosing such products yields many benefits and tackles different skin and hair care concerns. In addition, they contain the richness of natural ingredients and are completely safe and dermatologically tested. 

Are all Mamaearth Rice range products made in India?

Yes, all the products of the Mamaearth Rice range are safely formulated and made in India.

What is the price of Rice Water face products in India?

The price of Mamaearth Rice Water face products may vary depending upon the range and quantity you want to buy. At Mamaearth, if you opt for rice-based skin care products, the cost starts from INR 259 to INR 599. We also recommend you explore the Mamaearth app to get exciting deals and promotional offers on our products. 

Are Rice Water products good for hair?

Yes, Mamaearth Rice Water products are also good for the hair as it is backed by a time-tested East-Asian Tradition that helps in rescuing damaged hair, minimizing split ends, and combating hair breakage. Toxin-free rice water hair products also strengthen hair roots and improve hair texture, giving you healthier, shinier hair.

Are rice water products from Mamaearth good?

Yes, Rice water products from Mamaearth are perfectly all right. The brands offer a wide range of safe, gentle, and toxin-free skincare and hair care products that are MadeSafe Certified. In addition, they are formulated with natural ingredients that benefit the skin and hair.  

Where can I find rice-based skin care products for dry skin in India?

Since dry skin craves hydration and always needs extra TLC, it becomes crucial to hydrate and nourish the skin. If you want to shift to a Rice Water-based skincare routine for your dry skin, we suggest you pick Mamaearth Rice Water skincare products, as they are loaded with Rice Water and Niacinamide. The range includes Face Wash, Oil-Free Moisturizer, Face Serum, Sheet Masks, and Face Mask. 

Can men use the Rice Water-based skincare range?

Yes, men can also use Mamaearth’s Rice Water skincare range without worries because it is free from harmful chemicals. However, we advise doing a patch test before trying any skin care product to determine allergic reactions. 

Are rice water products good?

Rice water is an age-old East Asian tradition that effectively treats skincare and hair care concerns. Thus, toxin-free products made from rice water are equally good and effective for everyone. 

Are rice products good for the skin?

Yes, Rice Water products are good for the skin as they help hydrate the skin tone, treat sun tanning, and prevent Sun damage, giving your skin a brightened natural glow. Using them regularly may make your skin as clear and blemish-free as glass.

Is rice water good for the face?

Using rice water is an old age tradition to impart a radiant glow to the skin. It assists in skin brightening, depuffing the eyes, and making the skin soft and supple. When used regularly, rice water also works on the signs of aging like hyperpigmentation, reverses sun tan, boosts hydration, and gives you glass-like skin.

How long do you leave rice water on your face?

How long you should leave rice water on your face depends on the formulation you want to use. For instance, a raw rice water solution can be kept all day or overnight for best results. But if you use a DIY rice mask blended with other ingredients, you can let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing off.

Should you leave rice water on your face overnight?

Yes, leaving rice water for pimples on your face overnight is safe and nourishing. You can wash it off the next morning. Mix rice water with natural aloe vera gel to hydrate your skin. It will effectively calm the acne and pimples, leaving skin smooth and supple.

How to use Rice water?

Rice Water for face can be used in many ways: as a face wash, face toner, face moisturizer and face scrub.

What are the ingredients of Rice Water range products?

For skin, Rice water skin care products include natural ingredients such as Niacinamide, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Black Oats, and Soybean Extract. At the same time, Rice water hair products contain Keratin, Wheat protein, Coconut oil, and much more.

What is the rice water product price in India?

The price of Mamaearth Rice Water products may vary depending on the range you want to buy. For example, if you want to buy skincare products, the products start from INR 259 to INR 599, whereas if you want to buy Rice Water hair care products, the products start from INR 349 to INR 599. The prices vary depending on the allied ingredients present and the quantity of the product opted for.