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  1. Which is the Best Perfume for Men in India?
  2. Mamaearth Eau de Parfum is preferably the best perfume for men in India. Designed with soothing floral, fruity, and musky notes, it brings out the natural fragrance of an individual and stays on the body for 12 hours. This perfume Mamaearth is hypoallergenic and MadeSafe Certified and is safe for everyone above 15 years.

  1. Which Perfume is Best for Women?
  2. Mamaearth Parfum is considered the best for women. Eau de Parfum is the perfect balance of Top Notes, Middle Notes, and Base Notes that give a beautiful floral, earthy, and citrus fragrance. It reacts differently on every skin and lasts up to 12 hours, making it an ideal signature perfume. This Mama perfume is also hypoallergenic, and thus, it doesn't have toxins and abrasives in its composition. In addition, the MadeSafe certification ensures the utmost safety and quality of the product.

  1. How to Use Perfume?
  2. The ideal way to wear a perfume is by spraying it on the cleansed and moisturized skin to lock the scent into the skin. Spray on your pulse point like inner elbows, behind ear lobes, inside the wrist, and the back of knees. Besides, perfumes are supposed to go on clothes as well to complete the overall look.

  1. What is Perfume?
  2. Perfumes are a fine composition of oils, aromas, and solvents wherein the concentration of aromatic oils act as dominants. It contains 15-40% of perfume extracts, and in some cases, it has 20-25% perfume extracts. It comes in liquid form to give living species a pleasing fragrance.

  1. Why Does Our Palm Feel Cold When We Put Some Acetone, Petrol, Or Perfume on It?
  2. When we put petrol or some acetone on our palm, it tends to evaporate. During evaporation, the liquid particles soak up the energy from the palm's surface to balance the energy loss, making our palm feel cold.

  1. What is the Difference Between Deo and Perfume?
  2. Deo is generally used to inhibit the body odor caused by sweat and eradicate bacteria from the body. It doesn't have a strong fragrance as compared to perfumes and is prepared with a lower concentration of fragrance or essential oils. Perfumes, on the other hand, contain a larger concentration of essential oils and aromatic substances and thus have a stronger fragrance. While Deodorant is used to prevent the body's odor, perfumes are a great way to add a pleasant smell to the body.

Eau De Parfum: The Finest Range of Perfumes Defining ‘You’! 

Humans have different perspectives on life. Some want to keep it minimal, while some prefer going for extras. What unites us is a sense of nostalgia that keeps striking us at every turn of life. We often react to certain fragrances, be it the place or people- and using perfume is our way of telling the world how we perceive ourselves. The trick is to put an even better message across by using fragrances that people start associating with us. 

Hence Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfums

These musky or floral scents come with the goodness of beautifully balanced top, middle, and base notes. Our ME Eau De Parfum is one such kind which is specially curated to give a unique fragrance of being 'You.' It brings the sense of familiarity and belongingness, the feeling one always cherishes. With its unique and individual fragrance, it ranks among the best perfume for men and women.

How is Eau De Parfum Different from Usual Perfumes?

It is completely different from the usual scents and is prepared with different concentrations. Usually, perfumes are a fine mixture of oils, solvents, and aromas. They are a mix of their constituting ingredients, and their fragrance reflects it. The concentration of aromatic oils decides the intensity of the fragrance. However, to make a nice fragrance, it is important to have a concentration of 15-40% of fragrant ingredients, and ideally, it holds around 20-25% of it to give a strong fragrance. 

Eau de Parfum is a different skincare accessory prepared with the same elements but with different concentrations. It usually has a concentration of 10-20%, and in most cases, the concentration is around 15%. In Eau de Parfum, the top notes usually fade easily, making the heart notes the dominant ones. This concentration is usually for those who seek a natural and subtle touch in the perfume range. Just check our perfume Mamaearth range, lasts 12 hours long. 

Its most striking characteristics are that it offers a unique and individual fragrance to the user and lasts up to 12 hours. These factors make it the best perfume for women and men above 15 years.

For a Fragrance as Unique as You, Try Mamaearth’ Eau De Parfum

Spreading the Goodness of Nature and detaching the toxic elements from self-care, Mamaearth brings an impressive range of Eau De Parfum to define the real 'You.' We believe every person has a unique tale to convey and different personalities and visions to lead life. To celebrate individuality, we have introduced our best perfume for girls and boys aged 15 years and above. 

With this Eau de Parfum, you will experience a refreshing fragrance on your skin. It embodies the beauty of individuality and flourishes in the choice of being 'you.' As a brand that feels positive about practicing nature-positive initiatives, we are happy to offer our MadeSafe certified, toxin-free, and skin-friendly ME Eau de Parfum.

Not just for your hair and skin wellness, you can put your precious trust in us with your holistic care of your persona. We are a Made Safe and PETA-certified brand, and thus, we do not test our products on animals. 

How to Use Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfume?

This Mama perfume is designed for topical use to add fragrance to your persona like any other perfume. While using it, make sure you have cleaned the part where you wish to spray. It is devised to be sprayed on your pulse point from a distance of twelve inches. Please make sure to spray it on your wrist, back of your knee, underarms, and neck. You can refresh the scent any time in the day to refill your skin's fragrance. It is not just the best perfume for girls in India, it is also an ideal perfume for men. 

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  3. Scrub the impurities away with skin-loving ingredients: Skincare won't do good if you do not exfoliate your skin regularly. So, embark on a relaxing yet effective skincare ride with amazingly prepared Mamaearth gentle Body Scrubs. The range encompasses the nourishment of Ubtan and Neem that rejuvenate the skin cells and make them healthier.
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Star Ingredients 

Counting on the floral and musky delights, Mamaearth adds the perfect vintage essence to introduce the exclusive range of Eau De Perfume, the best perfume for women in India. It nurtures the real 'you' by defining the uniqueness in you and your preferred fragrance. Scents can be both alluring and empowering if prepared with the right technique. 

At Mamaearth, we celebrate the Goodness of Nature and believe in offering personalized touches to people. We believe everyone has something unique to present, and everyone is different. So, why does the fragrance have to be the same for everyone? Our Eau De Parfum lets you be special and elegant with a class-apart impression in every walk of life. Apart from being the best female perfume price, it is one of the most considered options for all genders. 

Ingredients used in our Body Perfumes 

  • Top Notes: Top Notes is floral assimilation of Petitgrain Oil and Neroli, making this range the most elite. It delivers a subtle citrusy scent and accentuates the floral essence in the composition. In addition, Petitgrain Oil is known to calm mental anxiety and sudden anger, and thus, you can feel a great level of tranquility every day.
  • Middle Notes: Middle notes put forth an immaculate merger of the floral goddess with Rose ABS Damascena, Jasmine ABS India LMR, and Peach. The touch of rose and jasmine pop up the floral notes to illustrate your unique fragrance and heighten your spirit to face the day! 
  • Base Notes: Base Notes is a mystical mix of Musk and Cashmeran to impart a woody undertone to this classic fragrance. It gives a tender, woody smell that you would be proud to flaunt among many people. Cashmeran in the composition adds an earthy touch, giving a vintage vibe to it. 

Shop Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfume for Bringing Out the Best in You!

The ME Perfume helps others know the beauty of your presence and aura! 

We have fused some of the best natural ingredients for a personalized fragrance. This helps us bring more subtlety to the experience. Our Eau De Parfum is the most long-lasting and toxin-free of the league. It brings out your best version and relishes your uniqueness in the gentlest way possible. It takes no time to settle in the skin and evokes a different fragrance for everyone. 

With the raging trend of such a range, Mamaearth extends its gamut of goodness to bring you Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfum for a Fragrance as Unique as You - 8 ml Kit! It comes as a pack of three bottles, quenching your desire to come out as the classiest.

Besides being a trendsetting skincare product among fashion-savvy men, it also ranks as the best ladies perfume in India. We welcome you to try its personalized and gentle touch on your skin and see how its magic enchants everyone around you!

Leave the Sparkle Wherever You Go! 

At Mamaearth, we understand how important it is to shine and define yourself. It is our individuality that makes us look tall in the crowd. This comfort of being 'You' encourages us to create such an exceptional range of scents for you! With an elite range of Eau De Parfum, we offer you the fragrance that fits your persona and elevates your aura. 

Prepared with the brilliant composition of Top, Middle, and Base Notes, Eau de Parfum is the go-to perfume you always wish to rely on! So, add a beautiful scent to you with Eau De Parfum, the best perfume in India

Perfume Price List in India

Perfume Products List Price
Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfum For a Fragrance As Unique As You - 8 ml Kit Rs 300
Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfum For a Fragrance As Unique As You - 8 ml Rs 149
Mamaearth ME Eau De Parfum For a Fragrance As Unique As You - 50 ml Rs 699

Mamaearth products price list was last updated on May 29, 2023