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Which is the Best Perfume for Men in India?

Mamaearth Eau de Parfum is preferably the best perfume for men in India. Designed with soothing floral, fruity, and musky notes, it brings out the natural fragrance of an individual and stays on the body for 12 hours. This men perfume Mamaearth is hypoallergenic and MadeSafe Certified and is safe for everyone above 15 years.

Which Perfume is Best for Women?

Mamaearth Parfum is considered the best for women. Eau de Parfum is the perfect balance of Top Notes, Middle Notes, and Base Notes that give a beautiful floral, earthy, and citrus fragrance. It reacts differently on every skin and lasts up to 12 hours, making it an ideal signature perfume. This Mama perfume is also hypoallergenic, and thus, it doesn't have toxins and abrasives in its composition. In addition, the MadeSafe certification ensures the utmost safety and quality of the product and consider best perfume for men & women.

How to Use Perfume?

The ideal way to wear a perfume is by spraying it on the cleansed and moisturized skin to lock the scent into the skin. Spray on your pulse point like inner elbows, behind ear lobes, inside the wrist, and the back of knees. Besides, perfumes are supposed to go on clothes as well to complete the overall look.

What is Perfume?

Perfumes are a fine composition of oils, aromas, and solvents wherein the concentration of aromatic oils act as dominants. It contains 15-40% of perfume extracts, and in some cases, it has 20-25% perfume extracts. It comes in liquid form to give living species a pleasing fragrance of best perfume for men and women.

Why Does Our Palm Feel Cold When We Put Some Acetone, Petrol, Or Perfume on It?

When we put petrol or some acetone on our palm, it tends to evaporate. During evaporation, the liquid particles soak up the energy from the palm's surface to balance the energy loss, making our palm feel cold.

What is the Difference Between Deo and Perfume?

Deo is generally used to inhibit the body odor caused by sweat and eradicate bacteria from the body. It doesn't have a strong fragrance as compared to perfumes and is prepared with a lower concentration of fragrance or essential oils. Perfumes, on the other hand, contain a larger concentration of essential oils and aromatic substances and thus have a stronger fragrance. While Deodorant is used to prevent the body's odor, perfumes are a great way to add a pleasant smell to the body.