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  1. How can I close my open pores naturally?
  2. You cannot close your open permanently but can manage its appearance with a few hacks. First, remember to be consistent with your cleansing and exfoliating routine. It is important to keep the skin surface free from dust and debris. Besides, use Salicylic and Green Tea based products to lessen the visibility of pores. Specifically, curate a well-functional skincare routine using effective products to target such concerns.

  1. Are open pores on the face good or bad?
  2. Pores are vital for skin health as they help moisturize your skin by producing sebum. However, they can bring various skin challenges, including blocked pores and dullness, if they become bigger. Even though pores are essential for skin, we should always treat them effectively before it gives dull or scaly skin appearance.

  1. Can aloe vera heal open pores?
  2. Although open pores cannot be treated overnight, you can manage them with effective ingredients. Aloe Vera is an ingredient that hydrates, treats irritation and redness, cleanses, and nourishes your skin. So, massage it gently on your skin and use an SPF and moisturizer afterward to protect and soothe your skin.