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  1. What is Mild Shampoo?
  2. Mild Shampoos contain gentler and generally weaker (natural) cleansing agents compared to artificial shampoos which contain (detergents and surfactants).

  1. Is Mamaearth onion shampoo a mild shampoo?
  2. Yes, Mamaearth Onion Shampoo is a mild shampoo.

  1. How to find Mild Shampoo for women?
  2. Always look for the shampoo that does not contain SLS or SLES. It should be free of Parabens. There should be no preservatives and artificial fragrances. Besides, you should avoid shampoos with sodium chloride and silicones.

  1. Can I use Mamaearth shampoo daily?
  2. Since Mamaearth’s mild shampoos are made up of natural ingredients, you can take Mild shampoo for daily use. All suitable mild shampoo for men and women.

  1. Can I use Mamaearth onion shampoo daily?
  2. Yes, You can use Mamaearth onion shampoo daily. Since the products are made of natural ingredients.

Getting to Know About Mild Shampoo for Hair

The shampoo is an essential part of any hair care regimen. But we do not look seriously towards this in our daily lives. We care for our skin every day, but we do not stick to a schedule when it comes to our hair. Our tresses deal with so much pollution, dust, and impurities that cause hair fall, dryness, and dandruff that they do deserve regular care.
Some people wash their hair every day and they often use hair shampoo for it. It sure sounds like a good practice but washing your scalp every day could also snatch away the natural oils from the hair follicles. This can lead to dryness, brittle hair, and eventually hair loss. 
Some people buy shampoos that come laced with harsh chemicals and toxins, and this makes them prone to faster degradation. If you are experiencing problems like hair loss or dryness, or oily scalp, then you should consider switching to the best mild shampoo in India

What is Mild Shampoo?

Unlike regular harsh shampoos, a mild or gentle shampoo does not contain harsh chemicals and is thus very gentle on the scalp and hair. It contains natural and toxin-free conditioning agents that are not present in regular shampoos. Extracted from Mother Nature’s lap, it comes enriched with ingredients that offer necessary nutrition to the hair and scalp.
One such product is Mamaearth’s mild shampoo for hair fall. Made with the goodness of nature, it gently detoxifies your scalp and controls oil production, thus offering you a toxin-free hair care experience.

Mild Shampoo Benefits for your Hair Type

As we already know, what sets a gentle shampoo apart is its ability to gently cleanse and condition without over-drying your hair. The best mild shampoo for men and the best mild shampoo for women are devoid of any strong cleansing agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, parabens, etc. 


  • Keeps the Natural Moisture of your Hair Intact

As chemical shampoos are loaded with harmful agents. They can strip off the natural oils and moisture from your scalp, thus leaving your hair dry and rough. A mild shampoo is considered the best shampoo for hair as it nourishes the hair roots gently without taking off any natural contents from the scalp.

  • Cleanses the Scalp Build Up

Like any other shampoo, a mild shampoo detoxes the scalp and cleans up the toxins without hurting the local skin. It also helps your hair be shinier and stronger every day.

  • Suits Sensitive Scalp

A lot of people have a naturally sensitive scalp, and it could be tough to get the right shampoo in this situation. However, you should try using a mild shampoo in India that does not cause irritation or an allergy. 

  • Contains Natural Fragrance

Most shampoos contain harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. This is the antithesis of a sulphate free shampoo that will cleanse your hair without leaving a strong and artificial smell. It also would not hurt the scalp or tender hair follicles at any time.

Washing your hair every day or every alternate day

If you are the one who prefers to wash your hair thrice a week or every alternate day and are using harsh shampoos, it is a possibility that you are damaging your hair as they are becoming dry. To prevent damage to the scalp and hair, you need to shift to the best shampoo for dry hair. Be it fine hair or thick hair, certain factors are crucial in deciding the kind of shampoo you should use. It is crucial to overlook additional factors such as dandruff, hair fall, and dryness as it helps to determine the type of shampoo you should choose. Using a dandruff shampoo would help!

Tips for Choosing the Right Mild Shampoo in India

Not everyone may necessarily need to switch to a gentle shampoo but if you do, here is how you can have a better experience of detoxifying your scalp in a hassle-free way. Let’s have a look at the criteria for using a gentle and toxin-free shampoo for different types of scalps.

  • Fine hair or Sensitive Scalp

Just as your skin is sensitive to certain products, your scalp is overly sensitive to harsh chemicals. Often sensitive scalp is a dry and irritated scalp. Selecting the best mild shampoo that could gently remove the toxins, and cleanse and condition the hair would be an obvious choice to buy. 

  • Dry Hair 

If you naturally have dry hair, then using mild shampoo for dry hair is best. It could help you avoid the unnecessary stripping of natural oils and nutrients from your scalp. A sulfate free shampoo and a good hair conditioner can go a long way to benefit dry hair. 

  • Intense Hair Fall

Various lifestyle factors could lead to hair falls such as diet, and genetics. Stress levels, and much more, but an artificial shampoo loaded with chemicals could be the real enemy. We suggest you shift to a healthy lifestyle and the best shampoo for hair fall.

  • Curly and Wavy Hair

If you notice people who have curly hair are dry and undernourished. Using a harsh shampoo on curly hair is likely to make it frizzy and unmanageable as curly hair needs a lot of moisture. 
Also, it causes the excessive generation of excessive dandruff. If you are looking for dandruff free shampoo, do look for one that has mild natural ingredients. Do not forget to massage the scalp with hair oil to lock in the moisture and natural oils in the follicles. 

Star Ingredients in Our Hair Care Range

  1. Tea Tree Oil: Packed with antifungal and antibacterial properties that fight dandruff and provide moisture to the scalp.
  2. Fermented Rice Water: Packed with Vitamin B, C, and E, which helps in repairing hair damage. Also, it smoothens the scalp.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar: Repairs the damage caused by free radicals, protects hair cuticles, and gives a natural shine to the tresses. It also balances the scalp’s pH and thus encourages healthy hair growth. 
  4. Amla: This natural powerhouse aids in strengthening roots, treating premature graying, and providing shine to hair strands. 
  5. Shikakai: This herbal ingredient is packed with vitamins and minerals which improves the growth of hair on the scalp.

Mamaearth Bestsellers – Check out Our Range of Best Mild Shampoo in India

  • Onion Hair Oil and Shampoo: A lot of factors contribute to your hair health. Some natural factors like stress, pollution, sweat, etc. lead to unnatural hair fall, graying, and thinning. If you are looking for toxin-free options, then Mamaearth has you covered with its combination of Onion Hair Oil and Shampoo to tackle those hair problems. This mild shampoo for hair fall unblocks hair follicles and improves hair growth. Plant Keratin helps in replenishing the scalp with proteins, bringing smoothness and shine. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Add this hair care regimen to your cart now! 
  • Rice Water Shampoo: Formulated with fermented rice water, this mild shampoo for hair fall is best as it aids in improving the hair texture by adding elasticity and increasing the volume of the hair. Also, time-tested ingredients in our Rice Water Shampoo protect the hair from damage by strengthening roots and treating dandruff. Make your hair smooth and frizz-free. 
  • Amla Shampoo: Have you ever thought about how our grannies would have thick, lustrous, and dark black hair? What can be the secret behind this? It is the Ayurvedic fruit Amla. Packed with minerals and vitamins, Amla strengthens hair follicles. This Mamaearth Amla Shampoo is enriched with Bhringraj, Shikakai, and Brahmi that together treat dandruff, dry scalp, and hair fall, besides reversing the damage caused by free radicals. It also works well on chemically treated hair.

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Best Mild Shampoo Product List in India

Mild Shampoo Products List Price
BhringAmla Shampoo with Bhringraj and Amla for Intense Hair Treatment - 250 ml Rs 349
Tea Tree Shampoo for Dandruff Free Hair - 250ml Rs.349
Onion Shampoo with Onion and Plant Keratin for Hair Fall Control - 250ml Rs 349
Hair Regrowth Combo: Onion Shampoo, 250ml, and Onion Conditioner, 250ml Rs 677
Milky Soft Shampoo with Oats, Milk, and Calendula for Babies - 400 ml Rs 399


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