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  1. How to apply diaper rash cream on a baby?
  2. Squeeze only a dime-size amount. Apply the cream to the rashes. Let it absorb fully. Do not put on a diaper for some time after applying the cream.

  1. Can diaper rash cream be used on baby faces?
  2. No. Avoid using rash cream on your baby's face.

  1. Can adults use baby diaper rash cream?
  2. You should avoid using diaper rash cream.

  1. What is the best cream to use for diaper rash?
  2. Try Mamaearth Milky Soft Diaper Rash Cream to prevent and treat skin rashes on your baby's little bum. It is safe to relieve discomforts and soothe redness, irritation, itchiness, and soreness.

  1. What is diaper rash cream?
  2. A diaper rash cream is a gentle formulation to soothe a baby's diaper rash. It gently heals the irritation that comes with bacterial and yeast growth on the baby's tender skin, besides reducing the soreness or swelling.

  1. Which is the best baby rash cream in India?
  2. Since a baby's skin is soft, tender, and sensitive, you should opt for something that is free from harmful chemicals or toxins. We recommend using Mamaearth's Milky Soft Diaper Rash Cream for Babies. It relieves discomfort, prevents rashes, and soothes redness and itching. It comprises nourishing ingredients like calendula, oat milk, soybean milk, and zinc oxide that seal out wetness and protect the baby's skin barrier. It is thus the best baby rash cream in India.

Beginner's Guide to Using the Best Baby Rash Cream in India

Are you looking for the best baby rash cream in India? Then, Mamaearth has exactly got what you need. It is Asia's first brand to have received MadeSafe Certification. This nurturing brand for new mothers is committed to choosing natural, chemical-free products for your little one skincare needs. 
It is quite overwhelming for new mamas to see their babies in discomfort. The use of diapers for a prolonged time often leaves the baby's skin wet, resulting in bacterial growth. Mostly the rashes happen over the flat surfaces of the baby's bottom and groin. An infant's skin is extremely sensitive and fragile, and it can quickly attract inflammation or skin infection after contacting a rough surface. Therefore, diaper rashes are quite common in the first few months of his birth. A gentle baby skin rash cream provides a protective barrier for your toddler's soft and supple skin. In addition, the moisturizing ingredients in the cream lubricate his tender skin and keep it properly moisturized to keep itchiness at bay. Since most diaper rashes result from skin irritation in the area, using a gentle and nourishing cream will allow the affected skin to heal faster. 

Five tips for healing diaper rashes in babies

Diaper rashes are quite common in babies. Using a baby rash cream could help, but it is just as important to follow some smarter ways to help your baby stay away from skin infections and inflammation. Here is what you can do to get rid of them:

  • Keep their bottom clean and dry: Clean your baby's genitals thoroughly during every change. Pat him dry with a soft towel. You can also use a gentle wipe to keep the area clean.
  • Choose products wisely: Use diapers and rash creams that are not made with chemicals, toxins, or artificial fragrances. Rinse your baby's bottom with warm water once a day. 
  • Gently wean: Introduce one food at a time and wait to see if this is causing their rashes. If it does, you can switch to different baby foods. Citric fruits are highly acidic and can be tough on your baby's delicate digestive system. It would be best to avoid them altogether.
  • Diapering the right way: Do not tuck it too tightly. Instead, put your finger in the waistband. Does it feel tight or restrictive? If so, it is time to switch to a bigger diaper. We also recommend providing him with the best standards of baby care at home. 
  • Use the product to soothe genital areas: Use dusting powder or rash cream to retain moisture while healing and preventing diaper rashes. Do not use the powder directly. Pat powder between your palms and gently use it over your baby's genitals.

Our baby skincare products, including baby diapers, baby oil, and baby skin rash cream, are cruelty-free and PETA-certified. Our safe and gentle rash free cream for babies acts as a nourishing agent on a baby's sensitive skin. We provide the goodness of nature in crafting products to offer gentle treatment to their skin. We make environmentally sustainable choices and ensure that we recycle twice as much plastic as we use. So, count on Mamaearth for all your baby care needs with the goodness of nature. Being a new mama, you always commit to making the best possible choices for your baby, and so do we. We are with you in taking care of your little bundle of joy at every step. You can also check out our other baby care products like baby toothpaste, Baby shampoo, conditioners, etc. 

Why Should You Use Baby Diaper Rash Cream?

A baby rash cream is a do-gooder for your baby. It offers the following advantages:

  • Prevents diaper rash: They act as a barrier between the skin and irritants, thus preventing rashes.
  • Treats of diaper rash: If there are rashes already, you should use diaper cream to heal the skin. Ingredients used in the diaper are specially formulated to soothe and moisturize the skin. 

Should You Use a Baby Rash Cream After Every Diaper Change?

Fortunately, there is no need for you to use baby diaper rash cream during every diaper change if there are no rashes yet. 
Key Steps to Addressing a Diaper Rash:

  1. Apply a thick layer of barrier cream with every diaper change. 
  2. Change the diaper frequently. (Or you can let your cute little baby go diaper-free for a few hours too).
  3. Use water-based and toxin-free products for your baby's delicate skin. 

How To Use a Baby Diaper Rash Cream?

It is important to wash your hands before and after changing your baby's diaper. You should use a baby diaper rash cream only after that.

  1. Remove the diaper: You can use a baby wipe to clean the area. Ensure that all diaper residue is wiped properly and place a new one underneath their bottom. But do not close or fasten it. 
  2. Use only a pea-sized amount: Squeeze only a dime-sized amount of cream directly onto your finger. Then, use it to apply evenly on the targeted skin.
  3. Apply cream: Smearing the thickest layer on the buttocks or any other area that seems to be inflamed and red. Let the cream be absorbed properly. 
  4. Wipe the excess cream: You can also use the excess cream to the inside of the clean diaper or wipe it off with a baby wipe. 
  5. Fasten the diaper: Before repositioning the diaper, you should securely fasten its waistband around your baby. 

Star Ingredients in Our Baby Diaper Range

We use some of the world's safest, gentlest, and purest ingredients in our baby products. Our baby rash creams are no exception to it either, as they comprise the following ingredients to prevent and heal rashes on your baby's tender skin.

  • Zinc Oxide: This physical barrier substance glides on the skin and makes an impenetrable barrier that seals moisture. 
  • Soybean Oil: This natural oil penetrates deep into the skin and nourishes it well, creating a barrier. The major function of this oil is to prevent the skin from swelling. 
  • Oat Milk: Its anti-inflammatory properties gently soothe the rashes. It is natural and safe for your baby's sensitive skin. 
  • Calendula: Calendula's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties heal rashes, calm redness, and tenderness. 

Mamaearth's Bestsellers- Diaper Rash Cream

Mamaearth Milky Soft Diaper Rash Cream is super gentle on a baby's sensitive skin. It helps prevent rashes, irritation, skin inflammation, and redness caused by wet diapers. It comprises natural ingredients like Oat Milk, Soybean Oil, Calendula, and Zinc Oxide. The apt concentration of 15% Zinc Oxide in this cream protects the skin's barrier and keeps bacterial growth at bay. 
We welcome you to explore Mamaearth's exclusive range of Plant-Based Diaper Pants for your baby. Our dermatologically tested and Made Safe-Certified baby care products are free from harmful chemicals or irritants. You may note that all our products are from silicones, parabens, artificial fragrances, and dyes. 

Pamper your little one with Mamaearth Baby Care Products

For new parents, nothing is more important than caring for their baby with love and affection. You devote hours to satisfy your baby's bathing, diapering, and nutritional needs. The entire process is about nurturing your baby's growth with the right products. Most babies have a diaper rash at least once as their skin appears to be thinner. Though it naturally heals in a few days, it is always good to use anti rashes cream for baby for a faster and better experience. 
Mamaearth offers the best in offering love and support to your newborn. Check out our exclusive chemical and toxin-free diaper range for your little munchkin. It comprises diaper pants, baby cream, and baby diaper rash cream. 
You may also try our other baby care products online, like baby lip balm, dusting powder, and baby oil. Shop now!    

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Baby Rash Cream Price List in India

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Milky Soft Diaper Rash Cream for Babies - 50g Rs 299

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