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  1. How to use baby body lotion?
  2. Gently clean your baby's body and pat dry. Use a coin size amount of Mamaearth Milky Soft Body Lotion and apply it all over their body. Massage with gentle strokes. For best results, use it twice daily.

  1. Which is the best baby body lotion?
  2. Mamaearth's range of body lotions best suits a baby's sensitive skin. We use natural ingredients in crafting baby care ranges and do not use harmful chemicals or toxins. You can try any of our baby lotions to deliver nourishment to your baby's skin.

  1. Can adults use baby lotion?
  2. Adults have thicker skin in contrast to babies' skin, which tends to be thinner. So, generally, you should not use baby cream on your face. Instead, you can try our range of body lotions for adults formulated with the goodness of nature.

  1. When to apply baby lotion?
  2. Ideally, you should use baby lotion twice a day to prevent skin dryness and itchiness. As a baby's skin tends to be sensitive, an extra dose of love and attention is always a good idea.

  1. Which is the best baby lotion for winter?
  2. You can try Mamaearth's Moisturizing Daily Lotion. It is a moisturizing formula of baby body lotion for winter that keeps the skin smooth and healthy for 12 hours in winter.

  1. Can you use baby lotion on a newborn's face?
  2. Yes, Mamaearth's baby lotion can also be used on a newborn's face.

  1. What is the Mamaearth baby body lotion price in India?
  2. The Mamaearth baby body lotion price in India starts from Rs.399.

Baby Skin Care 101: The Best Baby Lotions at Mamaearth

The responsibility that comes along with new parents is not limited to fulfilling your baby's basic needs. You would also want to safeguard your baby from the world. You can do your bit to protect your baby's skin care needs with a range of good-quality skincare products. And the best product that goes a long way in setting up their skincare regimen is the best baby lotion in India. An infant’s skin is thinner, fragile, and more sensitive than an adult's. It is also less resistant to bacteria and triggers that can cause skin irritation—the layers of the skin act as a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Exposure to environmental factors is bound to cause dryness and itchiness. On the other side, appropriate cleansing and nourishing will strengthen that barrier and prevent skin problems. If you are looking for baby lotion uses, learn that it is one of the best ways to prevent dryness and oiliness. The trick is to use a non-greasy, non-sticky, lightweight, and water-based moisturizer. After you bathe your baby and pat them dry, you should also apply some baby moisturizing lotion on their tender skin. A widespread myth is that a baby's soft and supple skin does not need moisturization. Pediatric dermatologists recommend using a gentle and nourishing lotion to your newborn's delicate skin to lock in essential moisture. This is an important practice to follow because an infant’s skin could lose moisture up to five times faster than an adult's skin. Excessive exposure to water and heat in the winters may also strip his tender skin of natural oils, so using a baby lotion , baby body cream for winter for moisturization is necessary. 

At Mamaearth, we understand that your little one deserves nothing but the best. We care for, nurture, and understand your aspirations. We thus bring you the best baby care products online- you may note that all our products are made with natural ingredients. 

We are Asia's first brand to have received Made Safe Certification for our baby care range. The best natural body lotion cultivated with the goodness of nature goes a long way in amplifying your baby's skincare routine. You should try our range of the best baby body lotion in India to fend off dryness and flaky spots without making your bay’s tender skin feel greasy or oily. We are cruelty-free and abstain from using any toxic ingredients in our makings. Our best natural baby lotions are perfect for keeping your baby's skin moisturized, happy, and healthy. Dermatologically tested, our baby lotion creams rank among India's top 10 baby lotions. So, rush over to Mamaearth and pick from a wide range of safe and gentle baby care products- baby oil, shampoo, conditioners, oral care online today! Check the Mamaearth baby body lotion price in the below listed table and get your favourite product for your little one.

Baby Care Tips for New Parents

For first-time parents, the entire process of taking care of the baby's skin can be a little staggering. But you can follow some of these tips to ensure that the baby's skin remains soft and supple. 

  • Gently clean your baby: It is particularly important to gently clean your baby at regular intervals with wet wipes. Although there may not necessarily be a need to bathe them regularly, wiping them off of dirt or excess oils will help. In addition, regularly cleaning would ensure that the infant’s skin is protected from infections and other related issues. Also, do not forget to use mild baby soap and baby powder.
  • Ensure moisturization: Your baby might feel sweaty or itchy around his neck, legs, or arms. Using the best lotion for baby dry skin will help avert skin irritations and other problems. Moisturize their skin well right after bathing or cleaning. As their skin is more sensitive, you can moisturize them twice daily. 
  • Diaper rashes: ashes can be distressing and painful for both you and your baby. Wearing diapers for a day-long can result in skin itchiness and redness. You should use soft baby diapers and a matching baby diapers cream to prevent skin rashes. In addition, you should also change his diaper and use a pure baby rash cream to remove any inflammation. 
  • Avoid overheating the house: You may want your little one to feel cozy and warm during winters. But overheating the baby’s room can strip away the skin’s natural oils and make it dry. 
  • Go the natural way: Ditch chemical-based baby care products and go on the natural way. Chemical-infused products can damage your little one’s skin, making it dry. 
  • Avoid overheating your house: During winters, many parents use heaters in their houses. This must be avoided or minimized as much as possible. In addition, overheating the baby’s environment can extract essential oils from the skin, making it dry.
  • Use sunscreen  Harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause long-term damage to the skin. So always use a natural baby sunscreen lotion whenever you want to step out with your little bunny. You can safely use Mamaearth’s baby sunscreen for infants, toddlers, and children up to 10 years. 

Start Ingredients in Our Baby Body Lotions 

  1. Oats: This nourishing agent offers intense moisturization to the skin, thanks to its lipid and water content. It also helps the baby’s tender skin stay moisturized and away from dryness.
  2. Shea Butter: It goes well with a baby's sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It provides faster relief to skin itching and redness. 
  3. Calendula: This is a wonderful skin conditioning agent that helps heal the skin. Experts recommend using Calendula to soothe dry and itchy skin, especially if it is prone to eczema. It would also keep the skin moisturized, softer, and fresh.
  4. Milk Protein: This protein does not allow moisture to leave the skin's deepest layers. It also helps with allergic reactions and rashes on the skin. It also reduces allergic reactions like rashes and redness. 
  5. Cocoa Butter: It is an excellent remedy for damaged or dry skin. It also prevents the skin from uneven suntan and UV radiation.

Mamaearth Baby Lotion for Deep Moisturization: The Bestsellers

Milky Soft Body Lotion for Babies with Oats, Milk, and Calendula

Baby Body lotion specially formulated with ingredients like Oats, Milk, Calendula, and Shea Butter, this Milky Soft Body Lotion is a do-gooder for your baby’s delicate skin. It gently moisturizes your baby’s tender skin and locks in the essential oils, so it stays soft and healthy all day long. This deeply nourishing formula also helps treat a skin condition called eczema in babies. Thanks to the goodness of Calendula, rich in Vitamin E and Amino Acids, it is one of the best whitening lotion for babies

Lotion That Moisturizes Your Baby's Skin Every Day

This moisturizing formula keeps the skin smooth and healthy for up to 12 hours. Crafted with ingredients like Cocoa and Shea Butter, this baby lotion for dry skin helps nourish delicate skin for a long time. In addition, Jojoba Oil rapidly heals skin issues like dryness and rashes, while Vitamin E and Aloe Vera provide relief from the sun’s scorching heat. This pure and gentle moisturizing daily lotion is free of harmful chemicals, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, PEG. 

Pamper your baby’s soft skin with Mamaearth Baby Lotions

If you want to buy baby products, including lotion that cater to their skincare needs, it is time you should explore Mamaearth. We bring you the best baby care range, especially made with natural and chemical-free ingredients. From baby body lotion to baby lip balm and baby baths, we have it all you need to buy for a handful of necessities for everyday use. So, check out our baby lotion price and order your baby’s goodness pack right away.

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Best Baby Body Lotion Price in India

Baby Lotion Products List Price
Milky Soft Body Lotion for Babies with Oats, Milk, and Calendula - 400ml Rs 399
Super Strawberry Body Lotion for Kids With Strawberry & Shea Butter - 400 ml Rs 399
Original Orange Body Lotion For Kids With Orange & Shea Butter - 400 ml Rs 399
Major Mango Body Lotion For Kids with Mango Butter & Milk Protein - 400 ml Rs 399
Brave Blueberry Body Lotion For Kids with Blueberry and Kokum Butter– 400 ml Rs 399
Agent Apple Body Lotion for Kids with Apple & Oat Milk– 400 ml Rs 399
Moisturizing Daily Lotion For Babies, 400ml Rs 399
Moisturizing Daily Lotion For Babies, 200ml Rs 199



Mamaearth products price list was last updated on May 28, 2023