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Baby bath products

Best Baby Bath Products in India

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  1. What Baby Bath Products Do I Need?
  2. You should use baby bath products like baby soap, baby body wash, baby face wash, and baby shampoo. You should also use a soft towel and a baby bath tub for the best results.

  1. When Can You Use Bath Products on A Baby?
  2. It is best to offer your baby a bath after he is four to six weeks old. However, he should still be given his first bath after 24 hours of his birth. You should bathe your kid not more than thrice a week until he is six months old.

  1. Which baby bath products are best?
  2. For the best results, you can try Mamaearth baby bath products. As Asia’s first brand to be certified with Made Safe certification, it makes toxin-free and gentle products that are made of natural ingredients. These best baby bath products are safe for regular usage too.

  1. Which baby bath products are good for dry skin?
  2. It is important to select a deeply nourishing baby bath product for your baby if he has dry skin. We recommend you try Welcome Baby Essential Kit that features baby soap bars, dusting powders, body washes, and body lotions for the baby.

  1. Which baby bath wash is best?
  2. If you are looking for a safe and gentle baby bath wash, we recommend trying Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies. It comes with a tear-free formula that deeply nourishes the baby, thanks to a mix of coconut, orange essential, and jojoba oils along with aloe vera extracts.

Mamaearth Baby Bath Products for a fulfilling bathing experience

Bathing a newborn baby for the first time is usually an unforgettable experience- for it could be both rewarding and daunting at the same time. You should know how to handle the baby, check if the water is not too warm or too cold, and if you have all the new baby bath products like diapers, creams, soaps, shampoos, and oils beside you. This is one of those scenarios wherein you cannot put a foot wrong because you love your baby so much.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not bathing the baby for the first 24 hours of birth. This practice helps normalize the baby’s blood pressure and helps his tender skin get acclimatized to the new environment. This practice also serves to help the baby's fragile immune system better address any spike in his blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

It means that your show starts after those 24 hours.

This is just when you should get ready with a set of new baby bath products. You could have handy a set of soft towels, a packet of eco-friendly and gentle baby diapers, and nourishing baby soap and baby oil at the very least. You may also ask a child specialist or a gynecologist “What baby bath products do I need?” should you feel that their advice may be more relevant to the situation. Whatever you choose, you should always know that the baby’s skin is soft, tender, and may need deep moisturization. 
In the same light, it should also be mentioned that using the Best baby bath products that are either not soothing enough to the baby’s tender skin or contain harmful chemicals can be disastrous. We recommend you opt for a smarter way ahead with the set of the best baby care products from Mamaearth. As Asia’s first brand to be awarded Made Safe certification, we offer a wide range of baby care products that are made of eco-friendly ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals or toxins.

How to Bathe Your Baby? with Mamaearth Baby Bath Products

As mentioned above, it is quite an experience to offer your little munchkin his first splash of water. He could be happy, anxious, or sometimes even completely oblivious to his surroundings. No matter what his reaction is, it always works to start well prepared.
Keeping a handy stock of the best baby bath products is one way. In addition, you should have a requisite stock of safe and gentle baby care products by your side. This should include relevant skincare, haircare, and body care products for your baby. 
Here is how you can bathe your baby at home:

  • Use a baby bath tub: You should go with a small bathtub with a slanting base and a textured finish. It should be deep enough to hold a few liters of water and not have any sharp corners. Be sure to fill the bathtub to a height of only two inches. 
  • Check the temperature of water: Strictly stay away from using too hot or too cold water for the baby. It is best to keep the water temperature below 48 deg Celsius, though you should also check the weather and temperature outside your home.
  • Keep baby warm: It is important to know that the baby should be put into the bathtub immediately after being undressed. Drive his feet first and then use your hands to support his head. Always keep his head above water.
  • Bathe your baby slowly: Be sure to use your hands to support and bathe the baby. Please do not use any utensils for bathing him. Instead, take some water in your hand and first wash your baby’s face (using a baby face wash). Then wash other parts of his body in the same way.
  • Keep a towel and other baby care products handy: To avoid any rush, be sure to have all your gentle baby bath products handy. Some of the most obvious addition to the bathing experience includes a soft towel, baby shampoo, baby soap, baby lotion, and baby cream. In addition, as your baby becomes a few months old, he might need a gentle baby toothbrush and toothpaste to have better oral care. Note: Be sure to use a baby shampoo that comes with a tear-free formula. It should also be gentle on the baby’s tender scalp and hair. 
  • Take him out and dry him gently: Using soft and gentle baby bath products comes with an obvious advantage- they are well-attuned to the baby’s physical need for security and warmth. Once you have washed your baby (either fully or through a sponge bath), be sure to dry him with a soft towel. 

Then dab some baby lotion on his uncovered body part, one at a time, and put a baby diaper on him first. Be sure to cover the parts promptly after applying some lotion to them.

Exploring Mamaearth Bestsellers: Best Baby Bath Products

Here's the list of best baby bathing products in India.

Milky Soft Body Wash for Babies with Oats, Milk, and Calendula: This gentle Milky Soft Body Wash comes with the goodness of oats, calendula, and milk protein. The trio helps you offer a tear-free formula that gently cleanses the baby’s tender skin and leaves it soft and glowing. It also provides anti-fungal, antioxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties to help the baby stay free from germs. As one of the best products of its kind, this milk wash also comes enriched with the goodness of citric acid which helps revitalize the skin cells and keeps the pH maintained. 
Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies: Here is a deeply nourishing baby body wash that comes enriched with natural cleansers and gently soothes the body too. It also comes with a tear-free formula that keeps the baby’s pH constant and maintained at 5.6. As the best baby bath products in India, it comes enriched with the oils of coconut, jojoba, and orange essentials that help the skin cells retain adequate moisture. This baby body wash also contains the goodness of aloe vera extracts that gently heal the baby’s tender skin from infection and inflammation. 
Gentle Cleansing Shampoo: Baby shampoo should have a tear-free formula, and it should also go soft on the baby’s sensitive skin. Furthermore, regarding its cleansing action, such a gentle cleansing shampoo should also help the baby get rid of toxins and grime in a hassle-free manner. Offered by Mamaearth, this baby care product also comes enriched with the Goodness of Nature. It features coconut, calendula, and aloe vera extracts that help remove inflammation and irritation on the baby’s scalp. With the presence of jojoba oil, you can be sure of adequate nutrition of zinc, copper, and selenium that will keep the baby’s soft hair nourished.
Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap for Babies: Loaded with the goodness of goat milk and shea butter, this ultra-soft Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap is just what you should do to bathe your little munchkin. This bathing bar is also enriched with selenium and vitamin A to help the baby have a nourishing bathing experience. 
With the presence of oatmeal, this gentle baby soap also gently exfoliates the baby’s tender skin of toxins, grime, and dust in a hassle-free manner. You can also count on its coconut extracts to help you maintain a standard pH of 5.6 on the baby’s body.

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Baby Bath Products Price List in India

New Baby Bath Products List Price
Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap For Babies, pack of 4*75 g Rs.489
Foaming Facewash for Kids, 120ml Rs.349
Original Orange Body Wash For Kids with Orange and Oat Protein - 300 ml Rs.299
Milky Soft Bathing Bar for Babies with Oats, Milk, and Calendula - 75g x 2 Rs.249
Deeply Nourishing Body Wash For Babies, 200ml Rs.199
Major Mango Body Wash For Kids with Mango and Oat Protein - 300 ml Rs.299
Agent Apple Body Wash for Kids with Apple and Oat Protein - 300 ml Rs.299
Brave Blueberry Body Wash For Kids with Blueberry and Oat Protein - 300 ml Rs.299
Super Strawberry Body Wash for Kids with Strawberry and Oat Protein - 300 ml Rs.299
Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap For Babies, pack of 2*75g Rs.249
Nourishing Bathing Bar Soap For Kids - ( Pack of 5, 75g Each) Rs.499
Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for babies, 400ml Rs.399
Milky Soft Body Wash for Babies with Oats, Milk, and Calendula - 400 ml Rs.399

Mamaearth products price list was last updated on Jan 30, 2023