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  1. How to use aloe vera gel on your face at night?
  2. Take a small amount of aloe vera gel for skin on your palm. Apply it all over your face and neck. Massage in a circular motion and let it work overnight.

  1. Which is the best aloe vera gel?
  2. Try Mamaearth’s best sellers- Aloe Vera Gel with Pure Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for Skin. This hydrating formula is all your sensitive skin needs to feel fresh and calm.

  1. Which aloe vera gel is best?
  2. Mamaearth Aloe Vera gel comes with all the goodness of nature. Featuring Aloe vera and turmeric, it offers multifunctional usage for skin brightening and removing acne or blemishes. It is best if used twice daily, once in the morning and once in the night.

Organic Aloe Vera Gel for Skin Hydration and Nourishment

Do you know why so many skincare experts advise using Aloe Vera Gel to get rid of issues like wrinkles and fine lines? It is because aloe vera is one of the best and most widely used natural remedies to treat skin conditions. The gel-like components of the plant are known to heal the skin from a variety of minor ailments, thus offering faster relief. Its regular application also treats many skin conditions such as frostbite, psoriasis, and cold sores. 

You may also be surprised to know that aloe vera has powerful antioxidant and antiviral properties too. Applying it to minor cuts and wounds can work wonders, and this can be of special significance if you are picky about applying something on your face directly. You can also count on this herbal remedy to help you in treating fine lines and wrinkles, thus helping you control several signs of aging.

To use its effectiveness more seamlessly, science has stepped in, which resulted in the development of a wide variety of skincare products. Going for the aloe vera gel for pimples and acne (which is made only from natural extracts) is a sensible option. Backed by the goodness of nature, Mamaearth’s Aloe Vera Gel for skin is ready to take down your skin issues that contribute to a dull and unhappy face. 

Aloe Vera Gel Benefits for Skin Illumination

Isn’t it hard to believe the fact that a cactus plant that grows in arid climates and has a gel that is home to more than 75 compounds including vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes, salicylic acids, and amino acids? But that is what this green, gel-based plant is!

Owing to its immense medicinal value, Mamaearth uses it as a major ingredient in its wide range of skincare products. We are listing some of the most common, yet the most important Aloe Vera gel uses for face, and you may find them below:

  1. Helps Soothe Sunburn: Known as one of the most recommended natural remedies and rich in antioxidants and minerals, this gel-based product helps to retain moisture, protects the skin, and boosts the healing process. Its enhanced cooling and anti-inflammatory properties are well-known among skincare experts. 

  2. Fights Signs of Aging: Rich in Vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene, this gel helps in eradicating skin blemishes and diminishing fine lines on the face. Its anti-aging and anti-microbial properties increase the production of collagen in the skin to make it more elastic, thus helping you look younger.

  3. Boosts healing of wounds: This Mama earth aloe gel is highly beneficial for burns, cuts, and other injuries. It boosts skin cell reproduction as much as eight times. As mentioned above, it also has enhanced antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and they together help the wound heal early. 

  4. Helps to moisturize skin: This gel-based face moisturizer nourishes the skin well and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. Also, it unclogs the pores and softens the skin, thus helping you get rid of acne and pimples faster. 

  5. Reduces Infection and Acne: Those who suffer from Acne will find respite in pure Aloe Vera face wash. Full of antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps treat pimples without causing skin damage. Also, it works as an astringent that reduces the size of pores, flushing out the excess sebum, microbes, and dirt.

At Mamaearth, you will always find a product that is designed for your skin types such as face cream, serum, or scrub. Believe it or not, the benefits of aloe vera gel on face and skin are very impressive as it works like magic for our bodies. 

Ingredients you will love to use

At Mamaearth, we care for you gently with all the goodness of nature. All our products are either natural or are derived from nature, and they do not contain any toxins or harmful chemicals. 

For example, in our face gel range too, we have only opted for ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, and vitamin E to offer you a hassle-free and gentle way of cleaning your skin. These ingredients would remove irritation and rashes, and would also soothe your skin gently. 

Here are some of the benefits of using these three natural ingredients:

  • Aloe vera: With its enhanced antibacterial and antifungal properties, aloe vera makes for an obvious addition to our product range. Among other aloe vera gel uses for face are that it soothes the skin with its antiseptic properties and offers a high grade of moisturization too.

  • Glycerin: Glycerin is one of the best humectants known to humankind. No wonder, it finds a consistent presence in our skincare range too. It also reduces skin issues like blackheads, acne, and pimples, and it also works in providing care to dry skin. 

  • Vitamin E: If you are looking for an antioxidant, you should not go beyond Vitamin E. It is also known to offer immunity against seasonal changes and infections. By using pure aloe vera gel for face, you can reduce inflammation and help your skin look younger and well cared for. 

We thus recommend that you choose the world best aloe vera gel to treat your skin-related issues. Mamaearth offers you the best aloe vera gel for face in India, and you can buy it online or from a superstore near you today. We also recommend that you use it twice every day (once in the morning and once before in the evening) to avail of its amazing benefits.

Mamaearth Best Sellers Range: Shop for the Best Aloe Vera Gel in India

At Mamaearth, we understand that pollution, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle can affect our skin in potential ways. Add to it irregular sleep cycles and you would get to know why your facial skin needs some help from you.

Believing in the goodness of aloe vera, Mamaearth crafts skin care products that are dermatologist tested and free of harmful chemicals. Our products have all the right ingredients it takes to address dry and damaged skin. Skin experts recommend using it twice every day for the best results.

Use Mamaearth skincare products to treat skin problems like acne, redness, inflammation, dehydration, etc. Trust the Goodness of Nature and fall in love with your skin once again. And did we tell you that our best seller range is loved by all men and women across all age groups? 

Aloe Vera Gel for Acne: This face wash has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe skin inflammation. Acne and breakouts can be addressed well with the addition of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. They also seep directly into the skin and moisturize it. These are some good reasons why we use these ingredients in our skincare products. 

The antibacterial properties of both Aloe Vera and Vitamin E also prevent itchiness and irritation while restricting the growth of bacteria on the skin. Our skin experts recommend using this gel to wash your face every day if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin. Be sure to wash your face twice daily with it to get maximum benefits.

Aloe turmeric gel: The goodness of turmeric and aloe vera packed together for your skin nourishment in Mamaearth's Aloe Turmeric Gel with Vitamin E. It would also help you get rid of dehydrated and damaged skin more quickly. The antioxidative property of Turmeric too will keep your skin healthy and prevent any oxidative damage to the epidermal cells. 

Vitamin E, on the other hand, gently nourishes and protects your skin to keep it softer and younger. You should gently massage your face with this gel and neck and let it stay there for a few minutes. You may also use a face scrub to gently wipe dead skin cells post using this gel. It would also feel blemish-free and refreshed, thanks to the cooling effect of these herbal ingredients.

Pamper Your Skin With The Goodness of Nature

You may always rest assured the gel is free of toxins- Parabens, Mineral Oil, Silicones so it would not irritate your skin in any way. If you have made up your mind to buy this product today, you may check the aloe vera gel price on our website. To maximize results, use nourishing aloe vera gel face wash with a face serum to improve your skin tone.

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Aloe Vera Gel Price List in India

Aloe Vera Gel Product List Price
Aloe Vera Gel for Skin and Hair - 300ml Rs 299
Aloe Turmeric Gel for Skin and Hair 300ml (Saver Pack, get 20% extra) Rs 399

Mamaearth products price list was last updated on Jan 29, 2023