Post pregnancy hair fall is quite common and happens due to hormonal changes. But if not controlled on time, it can go from bad to worse.

For a new mother who has a new life, new responsibilities, and a newborn to take care of, controlling hair fall is the last thing on her mind, but a huge reason for stress. She might find it difficult to take care of her body and hair, with a new life to take care of. But the truth is, the more we ignore hair fall, the worse is it going to get.

Other reasons for hair fall are increasing pollution levels, stressful lifestyle, fashion trends, while some people blame it on imbalanced diet and hormonal imbalances. The truth is, all these and more reasons can result in hair fall – the question is how to address the issue and take care of it.

At Mamaearth we take hair fall as a major issue that affects both men and women and after a lot of research and effort we have come up with the Mama Earth Root Restore Hair Oil that is made with natural ingredients including Bhringraj, Jojoba, Almond Oil, Rosemary Oil and Vitamin E.  A blend of 10 hair-friendly herbal oils, Mamaearth Root Restore Hair Oil promotes healthy scalp and strengthens the hair roots. It deeply nourishes hair from the root to the tip. This blend of essential oils stimulates the scalp and hair follicles, increasing blood circulation. It is specially formulated to effectively treat thinning and damaged hair, promoting texture and softness, manageability, and shine to hair.

Almond Oil

  1. It helps in healing certain hair conditions such as thinning hair and hair loss, since it contains vitamins B, C, and E, and protein, fatty acids, and essential minerals
  2. If applied to dry and damaged hair, it can revive the weak ends

Bhringraj Oil

  1. Massaging hair with this oil improves blood circulation in the scalp which helps regenerate the hair follicles and promotes the growth of hair.
  2. It helps in reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth

Jojoba Oil

  1. It helps in the conditioning of hair and provides a cooling effect
  2. It moisturizes hair follicles and prevents balding

Rosemary Oil

  1. It stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss
  2. It helps treat dandruff and dry scalp

Massaging this oil into the scalp regularly allows for better blood circulation and healthier conditions for the regrowth and overall accelerated growth of hair as well as rejuvenating the hair to bring out its natural lustre and shine.


This oil is free from mineral oil, unlike many other hair oils available in the market. Mineral oil prevents the beneficial oils to penetrate inside the scalp and work effectively and prevents hair from growing.

Massage it into hair, sit back and relax! Leave it for 30 minutes and follow the process with Mamaearth Shampoo and Conditioner


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