Dry skin has its fair share of troubles. It demands constant TLC to look better. You slather a thick layer of moisturizer, but it does not seem to work. If you are troubled about managing your skin, we got it for you. So, through this blog, let’s check out the causes of dry skin and how it can be treated with the right choice of ingredients. 

What Is Dry Skin?

There are three types of skin, dry, oily, and combination. Dry skin seems more troublesome in the spectrum of the different skin types. It has a disruptive skin barrier and fails to retain moisture for a long time. Due to this, you may experience signs such as itching, cracking, flaking, etc. 

Dry skin can impact any part of the body. It commonly affects the hands, face, arms, and legs. You use face cream or body lotion to get away with those flakes. But, if the skin care products are not working well, it is recommended to consult your doctor anyway.

Causes of Dry Skin 

Dry skin implies an impaired skin barrier or deficiency of healthy fats in the top layers of the skin. Normally, the skin’s top layer comprises dead cells and sebum, which help trap moisture to it. But diminishing sebum levels can cause a lack of water in the cells, resulting in dry skin. Well, that’s not it; there are many other dry skin causes, such as:

  1. Environmental exposure: Prolonged exposure to certain environmental factors can make the skin drier and short of moisture. For instance, cold weather and low humidity levels can make the skin lose its natural oils, resulting in dryness. Similarly, with changes in season, be it rainy or summer, your skin gets affected too. 
  2. Aging: As a normal part of aging, the skin produces less oil, which means insufficient water levels. The lower production of lipids also makes the skin more prone to dryness and moisture loss. The skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself also diminishes as we age, and this makes us prone to blemishes and fine lines.
  3. Hot baths: While a hot shower bath may bring a sense of calmness, it can also deprive your skin of its sebum. It is essential to use lukewarm water instead of too hot water. We also recommend limiting your bathing time (duration and frequency alike) to prevent excessive moisture loss from the skin cells. 
  4. Use of harsh skincare products: Chemically-laden products such as cleansers and bar soaps can disrupt the skin’s pH and deprive it of essential oils. This can result in dryness. Washing your hands too often or using hand sanitizer can also impact your skin. The same can happen if you wash or scrub your facial or body skin too often.
  5. Medical Conditions: Medical conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are also linked to itching or dryness. Chronic conditions such as hypothyroidism, high blood sugar levels, and deficiency of certain vitamins can also be a cause of dry skin all over the body, including your face. 
  6. Genetics: More or less, genetics also contribute to how your skin looks and feels. Sometimes you are genetically predisposed to having dry skin since it depends a lot on your family history of dry skin. So, if your parents have oily skin, you too could have a strong chance of having skin that’s oily and sensitive.
  7. Medications: Side effects of certain medicines are also linked to dry skin. For instance, diuretics, isotretinoin, etc., can also make your skin prone to dryness. Consult with your skincare specialist if you have dry skin linked to any medications. It is better to get this issue resolved at the earliest.
  8. Lifestyle Factors: Smoking, binge alcohol consumption, and a poor diet lacking essential nutrients can all affect skin health, leading to dryness or flakiness. 

Pro Tip: Did you know? Using a toxin-free Aloe Vera Face Gel is one of the best ways to combat excessively dry or itchy skin. 

Mamaearth Bestsellers: Vitamin C Skincare Range

It is necessary to build a care regime if you want to improve dry skin. You might need gentle and mild ingredients to improve hydration levels in the skin, allowing it to produce natural oils. Focusing on overall skin health, we have vitamin C skincare products to help soothe irritation or combat dryness. 

Face Wash: Mamaearth Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash helps dissolve dust and grime buildup in the pores. It is an effective way to begin your CTM routine in your AM and PM routines. Use a cotton towel to pat dry your skin post-cleansing. 

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Face Scrub: Exfoliate your facial skin with the goodness of Walnut and Vitamin C. Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Scrub helps shed dead skin layers, restoring the natural oils. It also fights free radical damage to give you clear and radiant skin.

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Face Toner: This Vitamin C Face Toner by Mamaearth has Witch Hazel, Cucumber, and Aloe Vera Extract. It hydrates skin, tightens pores, and gives you an amazing glow. Use it right after you have cleansed your face, preferably when your skin is still moist or damp. 

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Face Serum: Excessive dryness can cause signs of premature aging; vitamin C serum is necessary. Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum has Vitamin C, Turmeric, Squalane, and Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract. It rejuvenates skin and reduces hyperpigmentation & fine lines. 

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Face Moisturizer: Lock in your skin with a nourishing formula. Mamaearth Oil-free Face Moisturizer has a lighter consistency so it won’t clog your pores. It improves hydration levels and seals in moisture. You can use it twice daily. 

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You should apply a safe and gentle face mask for your weekly skincare session. It would help improve the water levels in your skin cells, allowing the skin to feel moisturized for a long time. It is a must-have if you have dry skin. However, choose only gentle formulations to combat dryness and avoid harsh chemicals. 


Dry skin can be hard to manage, but a gentle skincare routine can make your way toward healthy skin. This includes using gentle cleansers, moisturizing regularly, avoiding hot water, and protecting the skin from harsh environmental conditions. If dryness persists, it is best to consult your dermatologist immediately.


  1. What is the main cause of dry skin?

    The main cause of dry skin is moisture loss from the skin cells. The deficiency of lipids or healthy fats in the skin’s topmost layer can also make the skin drier and prone to rashes. Normally sebum and dead cells trap the moisture, but without them, your skin may experience water loss. 

  2. How do I stop my skin from being dry?

    Using ultra-hydrating skincare products is the best way to prevent your skin from becoming dry. We recommend choosing the Mamaearth skincare range, such as face wash, face toner, face serum, and a non-comedogenic face moisturizer, for soothing irritation and restoring skin’s natural oils. 

  3. What deficiency causes dry skin?

    Skin requires nutrients to look healthy and beautiful. In the absence of vitamins like A, B, and D, your skin may start to lose its water content, resulting in dryness. Pursuing less than positive lifestyle and eating habits can also lead to the same result, just as higher levels of prolonged stress too can.

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