How to Use Tea Tree Face Wash for Acne?

Apply, Massage & Rinse Cleanse away the acne-causing bacteria and impurities and refresh your skin.

Go Acne-Free Naturally Enriched with Tea Tree & Neem unclogs pores and clarifies your skin.

No Pesky Pimples Before An Event No one hates unwanted surprises when pimples pop up before big events! Keep breakouts at bay.

No Redness Or Inflammation Acne often is painful and causes redness. Tea Tree Face Wash calms irritated skin while reducing inflammation.

Antibacterial Tea Tree has natural antibacterial & antifungal benefits that soothe redness & inflammation caused by bacteria.

Controls Excess Oil The combination of Kaolin, Bentonite & Salicylic Acid helps control excess oil inturn helping to minimize enlarged pores.

Clear & Healthy Skin for the Win Add Tea Tree goodness to your skincare and see visible results in no time!

Natural & Toxin-Free! Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash is free of toxins and SLS, parabens making it ideal for all skin types.

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