Walnuts are some of the most common dry fruits available. They are rich in many nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, and good fats. They may not qualify as true nuts, but that does not reduce their efficacy by any stretch. These green-colored (brown when dried) fruits offer multiple skincare benefits. They also could help you have the best results with skin brightening.

This dry fruit contains vitamins E and B5 that help the skin cells get natural oils. It helps tighten the skin pores and slow down multiple signs of aging. Eating a few walnuts a day could even reduce sun tan and puffiness, and thus help you have a healthier texture.



Walnuts have a royal history, tracing back to 7000 BC. Earlier, these ‘nuts’ came from ancient Persia and were reserved for royalty. It is why they were also known as ‘Persian Walnuts.’ They were the only tree-based dry fruit known to man. 

They were traded between Asia and the Middle East along the Silk Route. They were carried in caravans to far-off lands and gained popularity all around the world through the sea trade. Soon, the English traded and transported it to different parts of the world called ‘English Walnuts.’

Walnuts were first cultivated in California by the Franciscan Fathers in the 1700s. During those days, they came in small, hard shells, unlike today. These trees grew in the Mediterranean-like climate zones of California. By the 1870s, it was already time for modern walnut production with the orchard plantings in Southern California. 

As fascinating as the history of walnut’s origin is, the scientific facts are no less interesting. Walnut is the edible seed that grows on any tree part of the Juglans family. However, it isn’t a true botanical nut because only its kernels are eaten after ripening and the shells are discarded. 

Walnuts: Health Benefits 

There are various uses of walnut – it is used in baking cookies, muffins, and brownies. Apart from these delicious and savoring items, walnuts come with several benefits not known by many of us. 

Let’s take a look at all of them:-

Health Benefits of Walnuts

  • Rich in many nutrients: If you are a conscious eater, you can’t do without dry fruits. They are readily available and can help you replenish your lack of energy. These nut-based fruits contain potassium, magnesium, proteins, and fibers essential for the growth and maintenance of your body. 
  • Contains good fats: Did you know that not all fats are bad for your health? Good and bad fats are present in your body, and what causes weight loss mostly targets your body’s bad fat. The good fats are mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, and they help in mental growth.

So, if you are into eating walnuts, you are ensuring the storage of good fats in your body. It consists of omega-3 fatty acid, which also helps in reducing inflammation. They also contain a higher percentage of omega-3 fat (ALA), making up for 8–14% of the total fat content. 

  • Improves heart health: There are always some signs present that show you are healthy on the outside and the inside. Some of them include having a healthy digestive system and cardiac health. Research says that eating this brain-shaped nut enhances the beneficial gut bacteria within. 

Walnuts have also been known to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. They help improve the lining of your blood vessels, which helps reduce the oxidative stress caused within the heart. This helps reduce blood pressure levels and cholesterol too.

  • Enhances brain health: Being in the shape of the human brain, this point already serves justice. Research says that eating walnuts help reduce brain cells’ inflammation and increase the transmission of signals between neurons. Eating walnuts have also been linked to improved memory. 
  • Offers cancer protection: Walnuts contain antitumor compounds that help produce anti-cancer effects on the body. Having walnuts every day has significantly altered the expression of more than 450 genes in tumors. As a result, it averts the risk of cancer and increases the chances of healthy survival from the disease. 
walnut benefits for skin

Walnut Skin Benefits

Apart from the health incentives this dry fruit offers, there are more skincare perks not many know of. For example, walnuts are richer in antioxidants than any other common nut. They thus help keep signs of aging out for longer and even help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Some of the seldom-known skincare benefits given by this brain food include:

  1. No more aging: Who doesn’t want their beauty to appear timeless? Walnuts are highly rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins. In addition, it shields your skin from UV exposure and other environmental stressors. 

Walnuts are also rich in Vitamin E – the savior for your skin and hair. It helps in providing intense hydration to your skin. It also boosts collagen and makes your skin look naturally healthy and youthful. 

  1. Goodbye dark circles: Your work and urgent priorities affect your skin’s health drastically. The prolonged hours on the laptop or the phone affect your under-eye skin in more ways than known. If your dark circles are becoming too visible, maybe it is time to add walnuts to your diet. 

Walnuts have skin-calming properties that help reduce the strain in your under-eye area. They make your skin appear brighter and considerably reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness of the eyes. One of the primary uses of walnut is for skincare as it helps keep the under-eye skin healthy. 

  1. Promotes skin brightening: Are you worried about dark skin patches visible on your skin? Since ancient times walnuts have been known to lighten dark patches. It helps reduce scars, reduces dark spots, and promotes an even complexion. It has vitamin B5 and E, which helps fade hyperpigmentation to make your skin appear healthy and radiant. 
  1. Offers intense moisturization: Moisturization essentially protects the skin from premature aging. So, if you want a youthful look, always apply a good-quality moisturizer to ensure intense moisturization. Using a walnut-enriched face moisturizer prevents your skin from becoming dry by providing nourishment from Vitamin E. 
  1. Offers effortless exfoliation: Exfoliation is the secret step to ensure your skin looks radiant. Dead skin cells, dust, and grime often hide the natural glow and make your skin look dull. Thankfully you can reap the walnut benefits for skin lightening by using a walnut-enriched face scrub to de-clog and cleanse your pores. 
walnut benefits for skin whitening

Mamaearth products with walnut benefits

We just finished discussing the several benefits of walnuts above. From being a great skincare agent, it offers everything under the sun to make your skin and body naturally healthy. 

Our skincare range has a wide range of products enriched with the natural goodness of walnuts. For every purpose, there is a skincare beauty to offer. You can also pick from ranges such as face gel, cream, toner, sheet masks, etc.  

Let’s introduce you to our walnut face scrub range, one by one:

  1. For tan removal

Did you want to trek to the hills or are you back from a nice beach trip? Skin tanning seems to be a major concern for many of us. It is often a result of excessive skin exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. It can cause your skin to look dark and dull and lead to itchiness or irritation. 

Recommended Product

Mamaearth Ubtan Face Scrub

Perhaps Mamaearth Ubtan Face Scrub is what your skin needs for de-tanning. After cleansing your skin with a sulfate-free face wash, exfoliate your skin using this all-rounder scrub. It is a powerful blend of Turmeric, Walnuts, Coconut Oil, and Saffron. While turmeric helps nourish your skin with anti-aging properties, saffron adds a natural glow. 

Walnut works as an excellent exfoliating agent and gently scrubs off dead skin cells from the face. It makes your skin hydrated, bright, and refreshed. So, if you want to get rid of dark skin tones, sunburns, or tanned skin, you should use this scrub regularly. 

  1. For skin illumination

Sometimes, having dull skin can pose a major issue that needs immediate attention. You might have tried everything for an effective skincare routine, but the results may not seem satisfactory. 

This is where Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Scrub comes in with its powerful skin-illuminating and nourishing qualities. It has the enriching goodness of Vitamin C, Walnut Shell Powder, Saffron, and Turmeric root oil extract. They come together to brighten the skin naturally by reducing the appearance of dark spots, blemishes, and patches. 

This scrub helps in efficiently removing dead skin cells and offers protection from UV rays. If you need to escape dullness, this scrub should be your key. But don’t forget to slather a nourishing face cream or moisturizer afterward. 

  1. For oil control

Oily skin is the toughest to deal with among the different skin types. Frequent acne, hormonal breakouts, and irritated skin are just a few of the problems that come along with it. Mamaearth Charcoal Face Scrub is just what you need. This natural face scrub offers intense exfoliation and oil control for your skin. 

Recommended Product

Charcoal Face Scrub 

It has the goodness of Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree, and Walnut to give your skin the love it deserves. While activated charcoal detoxifies your skin by absorbing the excess oil, Tea Tree extracts offer anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It helps in promoting clear skin with every wash. Walnuts help remove tan and dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin with gentle care. 

Now you must think, what is the best thing about these skincare products? Not only do they offer walnut benefits, but they are natural and toxin-free. In addition, they are not tested on animals, are dermatologically tested, and are safe to use. Our other ranges, including face toners, cleansers, and sheet masks, are free from nasty chemicals and toxins. We are Asia’s first brand to be accoladed with MadeSafe Certification. 

Summing up!

We know walnuts as a dry fruit that helps us remember our mathematical tables. But, with a subtle origin and a royal history behind them, walnuts have much more to offer than just brain health. They are rich in qualities that enable good cardiovascular health and the prevention of hazardous diseases. But, when it comes to skincare, they perform equally well. 

At Mamaearth, we try to bring these benefits in their most advantageous form with our natural skincare range, such as face masks, sheet masks, and cleansers. Explore them while making a few healthy changes in your lifestyle, and you are set to rule the world! Isn’t it a dream come true?


  1. Are walnuts good for your skin?

    Yes. Walnut is good for your skin in many ways. It has many proven skincare benefits that make your skin healthier naturally. Walnut is rich in various essential vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It gives your skin a bright and youthful glow. It helps moisturize the skin and is known for its exfoliation properties too. 

  2. Is using a walnut scrub good for oily skin?

    Oily skin is one of the most sensitive and troublesome skin types. The skin produces excessive amounts of oil, making a face look greasy and dull. In addition, the pores are enlarged and clogged. Furthermore, frequent acne and pimple breakouts cause skin inflammation.
    Using a walnut scrub can be a great choice. Not only will it help in exfoliating the skin naturally, but it will also help in scrubbing off dead skin cells. With unclogged pores, the breakouts would remain minimal and in control. We suggest you try Mamaearth Charcoal Face Scrub for oily skin to see the long-lasting effects of walnut on your skin. 

  3. Can we apply walnuts directly on the face?

    No matter what the list of benefits looks like, it is always advisable to use walnuts to see faster and more effective results. Eating walnuts every day can also be a great help. Some natural ingredients that go very well with using walnuts include – lemon, olive oil, honey, and rose water. Using crushed walnut powder and these natural ingredients can help you attain your natural glow with regular application. 
    It is better to use safe, gentle, and toxin-free skincare products, as ours. They are natural, easy to use, dermatologically tested, and free from harmful chemicals and toxins.