Bold or understated, lipsticks are a nice escape from our monotonous lives. It is a beauty care product that has the power to take your fashion game a notch up with a simple swipe. Matt, velvety, or glossy finish – a true makeup fanatic knows why these types of lipsticks are a must-have in everyone’s vanity. Apart from adding color and texture, they are designed to pucker up your cupid’s bow effortlessly.

Women and teenage girls can easily opt for lipsticks with uniquely chosen shades, textures, and types. So, among many options, it is natural to get baffled by the types of lipsticks or textures. This blog will guide you on lipstick types to suit your aesthetic. Read along!

Surprising Lipstick Facts you didn’t know!

With an undeniable eminence in the cosmetic industry, lipstick is one makeup essential that is hard to live without. Have you ever wondered how ladies in ancient times would color their lips? They relied on various natural forms of brown lipstick to give their lips an enhanced look. Today, however, we have evolved beautifully regarding personal care, especially cosmetics. 

From colored berries to color-inducing plants, there are some of the major sources that people relied on in earlier times. Now, the cosmetic world has modernized, with options that offer chic, cruelty-free, and nourishing products. Whether it is a lightweight foundation or loose powder, many products offer non-toxic formulas. So you should know where to look! 

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Glow Serum Foundation-Nude Glow

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Today, many good-quality lipsticks are made of wax, emollients, and oil. Depending on various types of lipstick colors and textures, you can make your choice before buying the right ones. Before getting familiar with all types of lipsticks, here are some common ingredients in lipsticks:

– Beeswax

– Carnauba wax

– Candelilla wax

– Olive oil

– Jojoba oil

– Mineral oils

– Lanolin oil

– Cocoa butter

– Shea butter

Different types of lipsticks that hold great power in makeup

1. Matte away!

Qualities: Transfer-resistant, Smudge-resistant, Long-lasting.

The matte formulation rules the highest category of lipstick types. Bright and rich in color, matte lipsticks add a statement to every look and offer finely sculpted lips. In addition, their rich formula gives a chic look to the face. As the name suggests, such products are high in pigment with no gloss and shimmer. 

An intense yet solid formulation adds a definite shape to your lips and elegance to your pout. So, if you want to add glam to your look for any occasion, this lipstick has the power to doll you up. It also equally fits well in professional and personal spaces.

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Moisture Matte Longstay Lipstick

12-Hour Stay | 8-Hour Moisture Lock | Smudge-Proof

It exhibits rich shade to give a more defined look than any other lip formula. With high-end fashion and accessorizing, this will make your look stand out. So, collar up for your glam evening and flaunt your bold, matte lip color.

2. The liquid lipstick fever! 

Qualities: Smudge-proof, matte, transfer-proof, long-lasting

With their matte, long-lasting, and trendy finish, liquid lipsticks are everyone’s favorite. They are on every trend list as it offers ease of application. Moreover, it enhances any outfit with its soft tint, whether for official meetings or any evening soiree. Made with transfer-proof, long-lasting, and transfer-proof formula, liquid lipsticks have comfortable wearability.

Bold and beautiful, or nude and sophisticated, it stays put all day without being harsh on your lips. So, the key is to find a hydrating formula while picking nourishing shades and types of lipsticks. It has a matte finish that perfectly pairs with your party look. However, if you pick soft colors, they will enhance your formal look. 

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Naturally Matte Liquid Lipstick

12-Hour Stay | 8-Hour Hydration | Smudge Proof

The best thing about these formulas is that you don’t have to worry about re-application as they are highly pigmented and stay long. So, wear your color confidently and shine on!

3. Gloss is glamorous!

Qualities: Stylish wearability, high-shine, and chic, nude, and trendy look 

Most loved and popular among teenage girls, a lip gloss never goes wrong when accompanied by subtle and effortless fashion. However, with ever-changing trends, lipsticks have been all the rage lately, supporting every look in the book. 

It is a classic daily wear that offers a nice, glossy look, besides being the best top-up to matte or crème lipsticks. Some lip glosses are designed to offer lip-plumping formulas for trendy, fuller lips. Whatever shade is your favorite, it always exudes soft glam charm to your lips. 

Tip: Softer hues instantly lift your appearance.

If you are up for a natural yet statement look, go for minimal concealer, mascara, crème blush, and lips gloss. In addition, it effortlessly settles on your lips and prevents lips from getting dry and cracked. Now, be ready as the compliments begin to pour in!

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Glow Hydrating Concealer

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4. Satin for your luxe choices!

Qualities: Smudge-resistant, long-lasting, bright-look, transfer-proof

A rescue to matte look, the lip satin has a highly pigmented formula but with a sleek finish. It is formulated to appear slightly pigmented and more defined, like your original lip color. It lasts long and doesn’t provide a cakey finish. So if you have dry lips and need a smooth finish, they may fit well. Whether a college student or a professional, it is a great option for your daily wear. 

By carrying subtle yet pigmented formulas, these lips formulas have been buzzing around for the past few years. It goes well for women of every age, making it more popular and ideal for daily use. Being a quick fashion fix to your monotonous look, this lip formula blends easily with every skin tone. 

In addition, this is often used as a blush on cheeks to play a bit of color to your face. So, get fashion ready with your intense kohl and bright, quirky lip color!

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Charcoal Black Long Stay Kajal

11-Hour Long Stay | Smudge-Proof | Waterproof

Did you know? People in ancient Egypt used lipstick to draw attention to their social status. They mainly used purple and black shades of lipstick. 

5. Sheer is here!

Qualities: Richly nourishing, natural tint, and lightweight.

The sheer formula is a type of lipstick that encourages easy and comfortable wearing of lip color with a lightweight finish. Being a perfect addition to summer styles, you will never go wrong with your lip shade in humid weather. If you are searching for the qualities of lip balm with the sleek pigmentation of crème lip formula, this won’t disappoint you. 

Translucent, super-hydrating, and nude-effect, opting for different types of lipsticks will give an edge to your overall persona. It is made with a nourishing formula and is slightly richer in pigmentation than a lip balm. These are great for a beachy look and go with your every summer dress. 

In addition, if you have drawn an intense eye look using a kajal, never let these lip formulas take charge. So, upgrade your beachy look with a cute floral dress with a lush sheer tint to compliment the look.

6. Crème up your lip game!

Qualities: Lip-nourishing formula, rich color, and comfortable wearability.

Feels velvety smooth like butter, crème lipsticks are the most picked option for ladies looking for a moisturizing formula in lipsticks. Rich in buttery moisture, these types of lipsticks are cream-based and often serve as an ideal alternative to matte ones. In addition, its sleek consistency provides just the right amount of shine your lips need while covering the cracked lips finely. 

It does magic in nude or light pink shades for low-key makeup. It is an extremely comfy yet bold formula that adds elegance to the face when applied as a blush. It is packed with a lush and soft finish with comfy wearability. These lipsticks are a perfect addition to your color care products and have a fashion-forward appeal that amps up your entire look. 

However, it may need re-application as it is slightly less pigmented than liquid and matte lipstick and the matte lipstick price also falls in budget with quality. So, find ease in your makeup application and shine in those soft hues!

Pro-tip: Always choose different types of lipstick shades according to the outfit you will don. Lipsticks are the easiest glam you could add to your look. 

7. The oil for lip nourishment!

Qualities: Natural, nude, high-gloss, non-greasy, & ultra-nourishing

With brands focusing on plant-based products, most consumers now prefer lightweight and skin-friendly products. Lip oil or serums are a perfect fit for people looking for such options. Formulated to offer a beautiful shine to lips, these lip oils help provide a long-lasting gloss to the lips.

Chic, skin-friendly, and super comfy, these lip serums or oils are thus the upgraded versions of lip gloss. However, you can avoid topping them with other lip colors. Due to their high oil content, they can disintegrate the pigments. Nevertheless, for a simple, non-sticky gloss, lip oils make an ideal option. 

Exquisitely designed to offer a glossy yet subtle look, these types of lipstick are best for daily wear. It is for those who are not comfortable with the idea of wearing lipstick on a daily basis. So, own your look with a natural finish and soothing colors.

Nourishing & gentle lipsticks that steal the show

a. Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick

A subtle blend of bold and beautiful, this Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick is everything you need in your everyday essentials. Enriched with the goodness of Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, this lipstick locks in the moisture for 8 hours straight. 

Recommended Product

Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick

12-Hour Stay | 8-Hour Moisture Lock | Smudge-Proof

In addition, it is packed with smudge-proof, 12-hour stay, and a beautiful finish that helps you look just about stunning. With its rich, matte color, deck up your everyday look with a beautiful tint on your face.

b. Naturally Matte Liquid Lipstick

Drench in the color of care and wear that confident smile with our Naturally Matte Liquid Lipstick. It hydrates, brightens, and lends a vibrant color to your lips. In addition, it is formulated to provide 8-hour intense hydration, besides staying on your lips for 12 hours. 

It is a MadeSafe-approved lipstick with no toxins that could harm your delicate lips. So, choose from eight delectable shades and flaunt your look. It has naturally nourishing ingredients that bring your lips the glam they need.

c. Hydra-Matte Crayon Transferproof Lipstick

Our Hydra-Matte Crayon Transferproof Lipstick is a sheer blend of love and care and is Chic, bold, and statement-enhancing. Devised with the goodness of hyaluronic acid and argan oil, it effortlessly settles in your lips, giving a beautiful shine. 

Recommended Product

Hydra-Matte Crayon Transferproof Lipstick

12-Hour Long Stay | Water & Transferproof

Crafted to go well with every Indian skin tone, its shades range from subtle nudes to vibrant hues. Moreover, it is water and transfer-proof that stays on your lips for 12 hours straight. So, pour your heart out and raise the drama with your unique, defined look.

Lipstick finishes off every look well! 

‘Lipsticks’ is not an unfamiliar term in makeup. From using crushed gemstones to extracting colors from plants, makeup indulgence has existed since ancient times. With time, it has evolved, and now we can choose what goes well with our texture. Among various types of lipsticks, choosing the right one has a lot to do with your style, surroundings, and lip texture.

You should know a few pointers before buying lipstick: shades, formulas, texture, and ingredients. At Mamaearth, we have introduced nourishing formulas that are clinically tested and MadeSafe-approved. Besides containing hydrating ingredients, they are smudge-proof, hydrating, and smooth when they settle on your lips. From offering gentle compact to toxin-free lipsticks, we have made makeup sessions safe and effective.

We hope this informative piece has clarified your confusion related to the types and textures of lipsticks. So, choose the formula and shade wisely! Let your makeup define you and make your glow prominent! 

FAQs :

  1. Is glossy or matte lipstick better?

    Depending on the usability and occasion, they are both ideal. While matte lipsticks are highly pigmented and more appropriate with full-face makeup, glossy lipsticks give a natural finish. If you need a quick application, go for glossy ones, as they are easy to apply. Glossy lipsticks are perfect for a nude, natural finish and have an easy wearability that doesn’t dry the lips. Matte lipsticks, however, work best for a glam look and need a meticulous hand while applying. In addition, matte lipsticks are the best suited when heading for an event or important meetings as they stay longer on the lips. On the other hand, glossy lipsticks need re-application and are more hydrating than matte ones.

  2. What are the most popular lipsticks? 

    Lipstick types such as crème, matte, gloss, and satin are some of the most popular. Each of them is designed to provide a unique texture to suit the look you want to attain. For example, while crème and satin are for people with dry lips, matte is considered ideal for attaining a classy and elegant look. Likewise, gloss lipsticks are easy to wear and ideal for daily use.

  3. Which lipstick is best for daily use?

    It is advisable to use lipstick according to the lip texture and the look you have put on. For example, if you are looking for long-lasting applications and highly pigmented lipsticks, you may opt for a matte formula. However, if you have dry lips and are keen on attaining nude, shimmer shine, gloss ones, and satin and sheer may do the drill. In addition, you may also consider wearing the crème formula if you have dry lips but want a transfer-proof and rich pigment formula.

  4. Which type of lipstick is best for beginners?

    If you are new to makeup, lip gloss, lip oil, or serum would be an apt formula. They are skin-friendly, easy to apply, and comfortable with wearability. 

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