Traveling With a Tot? These Mamaearth Products Are All You Need!

Mamaearth Baby Travel Kit

Hey, when you travel light, things become easier to manage!

All mums know how travel can be an unnerving task. Even an overnight trip can be nothing short of lugging a big suitcase. And not to mention towing the kids(s) along. Apart from everything including the in the bag, was also a separate kit of essentials that every baby needs. The concept of mini travel products wasn’t so popular back then. Imagine lugging whole bottles of shampoos, body washes, soaps, oils, and moisturizing lotions! It used to be such a nightmare, but those days are now over.

We understand that there are still mums out there who may be having little like difficulties on this front!  So, we thought of making this most because, hey, when you travel light, things become easier to manage!

To make things easier for mums like you, we made a baby travel kit – and we did it right. It’s the complete solution to taking care of your baby as it that can host every little thing your little one would need.

The products are packed in a waterproof bag, and this kit has all that you need for your little munchkin to keep them protected. Since all these products fit in comfortably in this waterproof bag, you don’t have to worry about creating a separate place in your bag or suitcase. You can just carry this backpack along with you as you set out to travel.

What’s in the Mamaearth Complete Baby Kit?

This mini travel essential kit has everything that you need for your little one. Right from shampoo to body wash and hydrating lotion – keep your little one’s skin soft and supple. It also has a mosquito repellent to protect your little one from those pesky bugs and insects. The natural sunscreen helps protect their tender skin while the dusting powder prevents diaper rash and calms the baby’s skin. Add a packet of the Mamaearth Bamboo Based Organic Wipes to this kit separately and you are actually all set for a complete skincare routine for your little one.

Complete Baby Care Kit

Why it’s Perfect for Your Baby?

This mini travel kit is your ultimate go-to companion when you are on the move with your little one. Packed in a cool waterproof bag, it can sling over shoulders and is easy to carry. The bag holds the products and ensures that the products don’t spill or stain your clothes. Whether you are on a short vacation or a long one, the contents of this bag can last up to a month. Priced at INR 949, you can buy this product here.

All of Mamaearth’s products are safe to use and gentle on your baby’s tender skin. Mamaearth is Asia’s 1st Brand with Made Safe Certified Products. Each of the products in the baby care range are made with the finest natural ingredients available and are proprietary of pure essential oils that are good for their tender skin. Be a smart mama! Choose from the wide range of baby products from Mamaearth for your little one to engulf them in the goodness of nature.

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