With Holi around the corner, the excitement levels among kids are rising. Colours, water guns and water filled balloons are the flavour of the season. Holi is fun to celebrate, but can be dangerous and may have ill after effects for kids and adults too. As parents, we need to be aware of the hazards the chemical laden colours and water balloons can bring.

Here are a few tips you can follow to have a safe Holi with your kids:

Make your own natural Holi colours

Homemade and eco-friendly colours are best and safest for the kids. Most colours available in the market have lead, mercury and aluminium bromide, which can cause rashes and can be fatal if inhaled. So it is best to avoid them. You could use crushed dry flowers, beetroot, food colours mixed with flour (wheat, maida) for kids to play.

Make sure colours don’t get inside mouth or eyes

Chemical-laden colours can cause irritation and are harmful if taken internally. Avoid using them. Sunglasses are a good option to protect eyes from colour.

Stay away from water balloons

They might be fun to play with, but they can cause serious injuries if it gets hit on eyes or ears. Water guns (pichkaris) are a safer option for playing a wet Holi.

Oil your child’s body to protect the sensitive skin

Apply oil liberally on your kid’s skin and hair. It makes the color come off easily while washing.

Protect hair and face

Cover your and your kid’s hair with a scarf and apply some face cream on your face. Try and avoid exposure to chemically laden colors (dry or wet) as much as possible for a safe Holi.

Save Water

Encourage the kids to conserve water this Holi. Make them aware of the importance of saving water. In fact, go ahead and make it fun for them by handing them the task of saving water and throw in a reward as well to make it more exciting.  Also, limit the use of water, use it sensibly.

Appropriate clothes

Make sure your kid is dressed appropriately with minimal skin exposure during Holi, to prevent any damage to skin.

Don’t forget to keep a close watch on kids

Last but not the least, keep an eye on your kid and ensure you are always nearby. Watch out for strangers and make sure they don’t come near your kid. Also, talk to your kids and discourage them from accepting sweets from strangers.