The lustrous mane that you had during pregnancy will soon vanish once you have the baby. It will be followed by falling hair, and you’ll have thoughts of you going bald. Sleep deprivation, exertion with the newborn baby and weakness in the body only makes it worse. Post having the baby, we forget to give time to ourselves and keep ignoring the minor issues until they become so big that it scares you!

Postpartum hair fall

Your hair looks lustrous and thicker when you are pregnant. This is due to high estrogen levels that hold your hair onto the scalp and don’t let them fall. After you have your baby, the estrogen levels dip, causing the hair to shed from your scalp, sometimes in clumps. These hormonal changes are completely normal, but may last till about your baby is 12 months old. This extreme hair loss can make your hair look very thin.

How to control hair fall

Controlling hair fall isn’t a simple task. It takes a lot of dedication, commitment, and trust on the products to overcome this issue. And, continuous exposure to chemicals leads to hair losing their shine, strength, and thickness. One needs to take extreme care to stop hair fall.

Some steps you should take to control the receding hairline are:

  1. Have a healthy diet with plenty of protein to help the hair grow
  2. Make sure all your blood tests are normal, including thyroid and sugar tests.
  3. Skip all kinds of chemical and heat treatments on your hair. Coloring, rebounding, blow drying etc as this is only going to worsen the situation
  4. Use only natural hair products. Preferably use hair oil with Bhringraj oil, since it helps reducing hair fall.
  5. Ensure that you are using Silicone and Sulfate free Shampoo and Conditioner. The more chemicals you use, the more hair you’re going to shed.
  6. Use a Caffeine-based product for increasing the blood circulation in the scalp and making it healthier.

Mamaearth’s solution to hair fall

Mamaearth’s Hair ReGrowth Tonic is here to help speed up the process of making the hair healthy and stop hair fall. It is to be applied to clean hair, dry or wet. The water-based hair growth tonic stays on the scalp through the day and night and works all round the clock.

Some powerful ingredients in it that fight hair fall are:

Korean Red Ginseng – It has been known to help increase the number of human hair dermal papilla cells (DPCs) which in turn stimulates hair growth. Korean Ginseng also facilitates appropriate blood circulation as well as optimum oxygen absorption by the blood. By improving the health of the internal body parts, it automatically combats hair fall.

Caffeine – The condition of your hair, as well as your hair length, is determined by the health of your follicles and caffeine has this unique quality to interact with your hair follicles, helping regulate hair growth.

Milk Protein – If you are missing essential protein in your diet, it affects your hair as well. The application of milk protein to hair doesn’t just stimulate hair growth but also makes them shiny and more attractive. Milk contains whey which stimulates hair follicles. It also reverses hair loss and helps in hair growth. Milk also contains Casein, which is rich in glutamine. Glutamine is an essential amino acid which helps promote hair growth.

scalp and gently massage into scalp with fingertips. Don’t forget to use the other products in our Hair Fall Kit with the tonic for faster and better results.

Don’t stress over your hair disappearing, keep calm and act now!