Yes, it was blood curdling. It was horrifying. You wish she had never been married. We are talking about what you felt when your little darling daughter was undergoing a C section.You and the other mother held each other and cried. For all women who go through hell to produce a baby. But, you forgot all that when the little babykins was first given to you. You wanted to exclaim how cute it is, just like your girl but the mother had already said it’s just like her hulk of a son.

It’s Ok. Hold your tongue. Time will tell. You KNOW you are right.

I know, your grandmother always (but always) massaged your kid with mustard oil. Now these kids insist on buying some oil online. Who knows what will be put into it when it is ‘online’?

You know (as I do) that besan or powdered green gram is the best soap for baby. But will these kids listen? No siree Bob… ‘Online’ is where it is coming from too.

What you want to know is, how many kids has Online had? Anyway, here is where you and your counterpart become friends and bury the hatchet. The kids don’t listen to either of you. That’s some consolation.

And of course, you are the victor in the Turf Wars, Kitchen Skirmishes and Baby Feed Facts. But don’t gloat. You may have won the war but don’t lose the battle by carrying on. Tomorrow, your daughter will traipse off to her high funda job and you will be left holding the baby. Literally!

You are in your sixties. You retired a while go or were a happy relaxed housewife all along. You cooked what you and your husband liked (not too this not too that, just as hubby’s dyspepsia dictated), spent the evenings playing Rummy or Bridge or at the movies or chatting with pals at the Club. Your kids have been all grown up and out of the house for ages.

Now comes Cutiepie, crying every other minute for a feed, for a cuddle or a pram ride or just for the heck of it. You and your husband are kept ridiculously busy keeping this little fella (or felli) occupied.

It’s not that you don’t love the baby. Indeed you do. Adore him in fact. But your kid is driving you crazy. ‘Don’t give him milk, don’t breathe on him, don’t give him that, do give him this,’ the list is endless.

Your daughter will have no qualms in telling you off for all sins of omish and comish. If you have kept the other mother at arm’s length, you will be sorry! At least for weekends or holidays, she will gladly take them on (all three) and you can get a much needed break. Go, if you have acted hoity toity with her, now is the time to mend fences.  Make friends with her. She will not rub your nose in the dust (if she has any sense.) Her son is going to read her the riot act every time he visits – ‘Mom, hold her/him properly.’ ‘Why did you give him/her this? We have never use it,’ etc, etc, ad nauseum.

She is the one person who will understand all that you are going through and truly sympathise.