Infants, their care is ever demanding. More so in the SUMMERS when the sun is at its brightest and hottest self, when days are longer, when disease-carrying pricking mosquitoes breed and there is more worry then relief.

Indeed, during summers mom’s duty quadruples. So, if you too are a new mom, already freaking out while taking care of your little baby, it is time you prep up with SUMMER SAFETY TIPS!

Because handling a newly born baby, that too in summersis not a cake walk…

So, follow the round-up of essential summer safety tips for babies, mentioned below-

1)    Keep them hydrated at all times

Newborn babies,below 6 months of age, must be breastfed at regular intervals to keep them hydrated. And babies who are 6 months and above, should be given with adequate amount of fruit juice, curd, and other semi-solid food that are high-on water content.

So, mommy whenever heading out in the sun with the baby, always remember to carry the essential food items, and water/juice sippers to help keep your baby hydrated that too in a hygienic manner.

2)    Always give FRESH Milk and other baby food

During summers, the boiled milk and even the baby food gets sour, if left out in the open and not in the refrigerator. Also, on such uncovered baby food, the house flies may sit making it all the more unhealthy and contaminated. And if by mistake, this sort of food is given to the baby, it leads to illness, indigestion, colic, gas and other stomach related problems.

So as a doting mother always prepare small quantities of freshly boiled milk, formula feed, and other baby food. So that baby gets what he/she likes and remaining baby food does not get wasted or thrown away.

3)    Bathe them at least twice a day

Start your baby’s day by massaging him/her with a strengthening and moisturizing oil. This is required to improve their muscles and to help them gain weight and mobility. Once the oil gets absorbed take them for a bubbly bath.

Take them for bathe at least twice a day primarily to cleanse them of mama’s milk or formula feed that might have got stuck and dried on their neck area or hands or cheeks, to ward of the smell, to make them feel refreshed, and to help them have a fun time with the water and tear-free bubbles occurring due to safe and mild body wash.

Bathing is also important as it brings down the body temperature so take your baby for bathe on hot summer days, to see them play and enjoy, this simple yet fun-filled activity.

4)    Cover them up

Always keep your baby covered with light-toned, full body covering, comfortable yet stylish cotton breathable clothes. It is because clothing is an excellent barrier to the Sun’s UV rays. So, when the baby will be comfortably layered with sun protective styles covering the entire body like the rompers, long socks, high-neck full sleeve tees, it will be less worrisome for the new mommy take her child out in the sun.

5)    Let baby stay calm and cool

Shield your newborn from the sun at all cost. That said, if it is not so urgent, try to keep yourself and your baby out of the sun. This will help to avoid the baby from any kind of heat rashes and dehydration.So stay inside in an air-conditioned room having a comfortable temperature at around 22⁰C to 27⁰C as it will help the baby to sleep better and feel less irritated.

But if at all you have to move out, follow the below-

  • Make your baby wear the comfiest clothes, hats with brims
  • Apply sunscreen
  • While moving out in the car

–    Hold the baby close to you wrapped in a cotton sheet away from AC’s direct chilling blow

–    Do not drive alone – be it for shopping, leisure or, to a relative place

–    Do not leave your baby unattended in the car or it can cause heat stroke and sudden death due to overheating

6)    Sunscreen, it is for infants too!

Yes, there are plenty of sunscreens available in the market for infants too. So make the judicious use of them. Apply it on your baby’s body at least 15-20 minutes before going out in the sun.

A sunscreen with SPF 15 is effective in forming a protective layer against the Sun’s damaging UV rays. So, apply it each time you move out!

7)    Diapering and Bottomcare- highly important!

Infants wear diapers until they learn to pee-pee by themselves. And if the soiled diapers get unnoticed by moms the discomfort and rashes appear on baby’sbottom. During summer daysthis uneasiness gets worse, leaving moms helpless and babies crying in much pain.

So, it is important that moms change the nappy and diaper frequently to avoid rashes. They should use a highly effective dusting powder like the one MamaEarthhas created for babies, before making the baby wear the diaper to keep the skin moisturized. And if in case the diaper rashes do occur moms should use a soothing diaper rash cream to calm the baby off the pain like the one  MamaEarth has prepared to provide rapid relief from diaper rashes and chafed skin.

8)    Safeguard from Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love summers and hence breed more during this particular season. They hunt, prick and get even more violent during EVENINGS. When mothers take their babies to the playground, these pesky monsters come out to suck the blood too and do not leave any space available whether indoors or outdoors to anyone who comes on their radar.

Hence it becomes important that moms follow all possible measures to safeguard themselves and their family from these disease-carrying insects.

Natural insect repellent, after bite creams and roll on, mosquito nets and spray should be used by all new moms so as to protect their little babies from getting pricked by mosquitoes and other bugs and insects.

MamaEarth has thus carefully curated the PROTECTANTS to stand against and fight of the bloodthirsty dreadful mosquitoes.

9)    Be vigilant about infant’s Oral hygiene

It is also important for a mom to maintain the best oral hygiene of the baby even if one tooth has emerged. Baby’s gums and tooth or teeth should be cleaned after every meal, at least 5 to 6 times a day. This is to ensure that

  • The layer of plaque does not get formed on their teeth,
  • They develop the habit of early brushing,
  • Theyike the taste of toothpaste and concept of brushing,
  • They get to clean their hands, mouth, and face often,
  • They stay relieved of DIARRHEA.

This should be followedas a practice not just during SUMMERS but right from the beginning when their gums start swelling and tooth starts showing up.

Becoming a mother is the true test a lady goes through in life. But if it is performed with the whole heart, that too, with carefully penned down advice and suggestions it becomes a little easy to take care of the new life brought by her.

So, new momma, I wish that the above-mentioned Summer Safety pointers come helpful to you and make you ready with summer safety measures well in advance so that you enjoy the summers with your little one and do not feel worried about his/her health.