Pregnancy is an exciting stage for any women, but exhausting too. The amount of physical discomfort, anxiety, and hormonal changes a woman undergo during pregnancy is not even funny.  Heartburns, nausea, leg cramps, etc, are all constant companions and hinders a good night’s sleep.  Each trimester is an adjustment to the ever-increasing belly and finding that comfortable position to sleep can be difficult.

But you do not have stress out! Just check our tips to get a peaceful sleep.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Do you drink coffee? Then this is the time to cut down on them.  Avoid tea, soda and also chocolate especially during afternoons and evening.  Drink more fluids during the day and less in the evening. This helps reduce the frequent bathroom visits in the middle of the night.

Spicy and acidic foods can trigger heartburn and indigestion, so avoid big meals close to bedtime.  Eating light meals 2 to 3 hours before bedtime could give you enough time to digest them.  Try having a high-snack protein just before bedtime to keep sugar levels up and to avoid nausea.

Exercise Can Help

Exercise regularly and keep yourself at best mental and physical health.  We know how legs cramps can keep you awake during the night.  Regular exercise could help in reducing cramps thus helping you get a peaceful sleep.  Try to avoid workouts close to bedtime, as it can rob you of your precious sleep at night.  Ideally, exercise three to four hours before bedtime.

Relaxing Me Time

Now who wouldn’t love to get a short nap during the day? According to research, napping 30 mins could make you alert, sharpens memory, and reduces fatigue.  Try to avoid sleeping too late in the day, as it can hinder your night sleep.

Try to follow a relaxed routine and stop stressing out.  Allow your body to feel relaxed and comfortable before sleep.  Stick to your sleep schedule by going to bed and getting up in the same time.  Engage in soothing activities like listening to music, reading, drinking a glass of milk or a hot shower and see your body automatically tune in to sleep.

Sleeping Positions for Pregnant Women

Doctors recommend that you sleep on your left side to will take stress off your lower back and reduce pressure on the uterus.  This position could help blood and nutrients flow to your baby. Putting pillows between your knees and tummy could support your back and belly and make sleeping easier.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can prevent a good night’s sleep, so if you are worried about something talk it out.  Get a professional help or just talk to your partner to feel better.  During pregnancy you would feel hot all the time, so turn down the temperature and see your mood lighten up quickly.

Only Sleep on Bed

Who doesn’t watch TV, munch, or work on the bed?  This needs to be stopped.  Remember bed is only to sleep. You can indulge in some light reading or listen to some soothing music to invite sleep.