The blissful post-pregnancy period is over and you’ve delivered a plump and healthy munchkin, nourishing him with your care and affections all the while. Now, it’s time to return to work after maternity leave.

Life never stops for mothers. So, here’s a working mom’s to-do list of 9 things to do when you join office after a maternity leave:

  1. Get Doctor’s Approval

Returning to work after a long holiday is always stressful, especially if you’ve just delivered a baby, gained a couple of pounds, and are trying to balance your domestic and professional life. Pregnancy is often followed by nutritional deficiencies, obesity and fluctuating hormonal levels. Therefore, remember to see a doctor and get important check-ups done to ensure that you’re physically healthy and mentally prepared to join office.

  1. See a Nutritionist to Plan your Meals

Pregnancy introduces many changes in a woman’s body post-delivery. In order to recover from the complicacy of birth, it’s essential that you eat healthy. Consult a nutritionist and plan your meals accordingly. Add proteins, greens, fruits, and dairy products to your daily diet because you’re responsible for your tot’s health.

  1. Make a Time Table for Meals, Medicines and Daily Chores

Time management is very important for new mothers. You’ve to run house, manage your career, look after your family, which includes a new member, and handle finances. It’s best if you prepare a time table for the entire week. Set reminders in your phone or download an app to remember things.

  1. Hire Help to Look after your Baby

If you aren’t living with your parents and in-laws, you will have to hire a housekeeper, a babysitter, and security services to ensure that your kid is in good hands. Get baby monitors and cameras installed in the nursery to see if the concerned people are managing things well in your absence.

  1. Plan your ‘Mommy Time’

If you’re planning to continue breastfeeding, you may need to set a pumping routine before you return to work. Start pumping and freezing breast milk a month before you are expected at work. This way you can prepare daily stocks and let others bottle-feed your baby in your absence.

Also, when you return from work, you’re expected to feed, clean, and bond with the baby. Make sure that your partner and you divide time to look after the kid.

  1. Make New Mom Friends and Join a Health Club

It’s important to maintain relations with mom friends to share experiences and lend as well as receive emotional support. You can also plan weekend play dates to help your kids bond well. At the same time, join a yoga club or gym to stay fit physically and mentally.  Additionally, you ought to de-stress at spa or beauty clinic to relax and look beautiful!

  1. Go Shopping

Make a list of baby supplies and new clothes or accessories that you need at work. After all, you’re going to start a new innings. Wear loose and comfortable clothes and flats until you can comfortably manage yourself at workplace.

  1. Keep it Together In Office

It’s natural to freak out at nearing deadlines when you’re back after a hiatus. Talk to your boss in advance and take details regarding your pending work and new responsibilities. Alternately, you can connect with your colleague and plan your work in advance to prevent last-moment jitters.

  1. Take Rest Whenever Possible, Pamper Yourself,& Spend Quality Time with your Partners

Make sure that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours to prevent lethargy and exhaustion. Reserve the weekends for candlelight dinners, romantic dates, and long conversations with your partners so that you can return to work, feeling fresh on the Mondays!

So, that pretty much sums up everything a super mom needs to do before returning to work after a successful pregnancy!