New Moms- Know how to promote healthy Lactation?

For any Mom holding her little bundle of joy in her arms makes her the happiest. She showers her baby with all the love and affection and makes it a point to breastfeeding the baby for his/her sound development. New moms are highly encouraged to breastfeed their newborn child as mother’s milk is considered the most nutritious food for the infant.

It is a tradition that is taught to each new mom by the experienced one.

If you are a new mom yourself, you’ll surely know the importance of breastfeeding and must be doing it wholeheartedly. But there might be moments when you feel just too tired and worn out that breastfeeding feels like the hardest job ever. At those times, you might even look for something that provides you with a soothing yet rejuvenated feeling in your body and also simultaneously helps you to produce and provide the nutritious milk for your growing baby.

With MamaEarth’s specially created Milk Tea for Mama, you can surely say goodbye to your worries regarding healthy lactation. It contains a variety of herbs that help in the production of milk and aid in healthy lactation among new moms.

 Milk Tea for Mama– Know the herbs and how they improve a new mama’s health and production of milk

1. Fennel, the herb is found in almost all kitchens as a part of preparing food or as a mouth freshener to be consumed after meals. Fennel seeds have an essential oil that helps in reducing fullness or bloating. For this attribute, it can be considered as a great source of improving the digestion.

2. Fenugreek and its seeds, since biblical times, have been used to help increase milk production in women.

1) This herb also contains phytoestrogen that mimics the composition of the female hormone estrogen.

2) Another key compound, diosgenin has been noted to help in improving the production of milk flow among new mamas.

3) It also treats a common cough, cold, migraine pain, and irregular menstrual cycle.

  1. Marshmallow Root is added to this tea’s composition to provide a cure for treating cracked and sore nipples and reduce breast pain. When consumed, marshmallow root is considered to be useful in promoting the production of milk. It is added to a few proprietary mixtures in order to help women during lactation.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  2. Alfa-Alfa plants have been known to extend their roots for up to 8’5 feet down into the earth. Due to this, Alfa Alfa is a storehouse of a variety of micro and major nutrients as compared to any other food sources. Having such deep roots into the soil, Alfa Alfa becomes a great source of iron and calcium along with vitamins A, C, E and K, trace minerals and micro-nutrients    

MamaEarth’s Milk Tea for Mama constitutes a careful mix of each of the aforementioned herbs and thus is a booster for a new mom.

So all the new moms, get your energy levels up and gear up to give your baby the nutrition it needs for better growth and development. And all this while enjoy your own share of nutrients and benefits too. Have the best breastfeeding experience with MamaEarth Milk Tea!

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