Sleep, drink water and treat your skin – Georgia Louise

Our skin is the largest organ and we very conveniently forget to take care of it. Our activities and habits have a direct effect on our skin, like if you don’t drink enough water, your skin will be dehydrated, if you sleep for less hours, your skin will be dull, the next morning. If you don’t wear sunscreen your skin will develop hyperpigmentation. Hence, it is really important to take care of your skin, not just to look good but also to feel good. Today we’ll discuss some habits that can make your skin glowing, naturally.

Follow skincare routine religiously

Change doesn’t happen overnight, you need to cleanse, tone and moisturise daily twice to see any result in near future. Like you don’t skip eating, you cannot skip taking care of your skin. Use products with natural ingredients as they are mild, effective and suits mostly all skin types.  The steps to include in your skincare are as follows.


Use a natural cleanser to wash your face. Rub the cleanser in circular motion for at least 60 seconds to ensure a deep cleansing. Remember never to miss your neck when you’re using any product because after your face, it’s your neck that develops the early signs of ageing in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. 


As cleanser opens your pores, toner helps to close them and creates a shield to protect your skin against dirt. It manages the ph balance of the skin and removes excess oil and makeup.


Moisturising is the most important step in a skin care routine, it is the last step and one that stays not only on the top layer of your skin but also sinks deep under and rejuvenates. One needs to carefully select moisturisers that work and are non- toxic.

Mamaearth’s natural radiance day cream is a perfect day moisturiser to end your morning skin care routine with. It has rice bran oil and moringa oil that protects your skin against harmful pollutants and harsh sun rays, whereas pomegranate oil moisturises your skin. It has SPF 20 so you don’t need to follow it up with sunscreen.

At night, you need something that not only moisturises but also restores the skin while you are sleeping. Mamaearth’s overnight repair face cream is the natural way to do so. It makes skin firm and hydrates it while also providing immense moisture. It contains daisy flower that lightens your age spot whereas collagen CLR is designed to take care of dry and inelastic ageing skin. Both the creams have lightweight formula that doesn’t feel sticky on your skin.


Other Habits for a good skin.

Skincare is the most important but there are few other things that can make or break your good skin care regime.

Water – Drink 8- 10 glasses of water daily to hydrate your skin from deep within. It also helps in flushing down the impurities.

Vegetables and fruits – Maintaining a good diet is not a choice but a necessity, not only for a good skin but a happy life as well. A good diet keeps you energized the whole day and that clearly reflects on your skin.

Sleep  Time from 10 pm to 2 am are the most precious hours when your skin repairs and rejuvenates. 8 hours of sleep is a must, it helps to keep the dark circles at bay and makes your skin healthy and glowing.

These were the few point you must incorporate in your lifestyle to have a good skin. Remember you don’t need expensive products for a good skin, rather you can take care of it naturally.