Moms Here’s the secret to feel better!

A mom toils day in and day out! She takes care of the little one, feeds her, looks after all the cleaning that seems endless to her and much more. Hence, she feels tired most of the times. If you are among those Moms, then you surely need to feel better in order to carry out all the daily activities and also to take care of your baby’s needs. Well, there is one thing that can make you feel better and that is MamaEarth’s Feel Better Tea. This tea can help you in getting all the energy and rejuvenation you need. You might be thinking what is so good about this tea that we are asking you to try it. Just, read on to find out.

MamaEarth’s Feel Better Tea-Indeed an energizing mix of nature’s best ingredients

The constituents of feel better tea are not just tea leaves but a number of natural ingredients that have proven to be helpful in restoring adequate energy levels and provide a refreshed feeling.

  1. Nettle Leaves present in the tea have an antioxidant effect on the body that helps in purifying blood and reducing discomfort caused due to an upset stomach. Apart from this, nettle leaves are also considered a great source of essential vitamins A, C and K along with other minerals like potassium.              
  2. Ginger, a root vegetable that is available in all Indian homes is useful in treating issues like upset stomach and nausea. Some studies have shown that ginger as a herb can be considered as a cure for expecting mamas during their pregnancy. With this root vegetable, you are also able to improve your immunity levels, keep a check on all kinds of imbalances in the gut and increase the power of your digestion.                                                                                                                                                         
  3. Chamomile, the flowery herb is quite commonly used to prepare tea. Thanks to this herb, you can be sure that your digestion will get better, and symptoms of indigestion will also reduce. If you are having trouble going to sleep with your tiny tot’s irregular sleeping schedule, you could greatly benefit from chamomile.                                                                                                                                                           
  4. Mint, the herb that is normally used for providing a fresh taste to food forms a major ingredient of this feel better tea. It has a number of benefits for your health.
    1. If you are suffering from cold, mint will reduce the occurrence of common cold and flu and eliminates any issues caused due to an inflamed sinus.
    2. If you are a newly expecting mama, you might have to run to the bathroom a lot at any random time. Well, with mint leaves in this feel better tea the chances of having to suffer from nausea, migraines, motion sickness and headache will be reduced to a great extent.                                                                                            
    3. It is also helpful for those individuals who are prone to motion sickness during travel.
    4. If you are a working mama, consuming mint can help in improving the focus and concentration levels for any important work you might have to do.

All the ingredients together make for an energy inducing beverage. A sip of this tea can even help ease out the pain due to the menstrual cramps. It is so relieving that within minutes of consuming it you will feel calm in the lower abdomen and will be ready to take on the day. So thanks to the Feel Better Tea by MamaEarth, you can now get the benefits of the excellent ingredients that are present in it – nettle leaves, mint, ginger, and chamomile with every sip of it.

Wait! There is more to this feel better tea! It is made up of 100% natural ingredients sourced all the way from the Himalayas. In addition, this tea has no caffeine, has been approved by FSSAI due to the absence of NON-GMO ingredients. So all you Moms out there, if you want to feel any better, go ahead, take a sip of the tea so prepared, pull up your sleeves and take on every day like a BOSS!

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