Being a millennial isn’t easy – there’s so much to keep track of! Work hours and play hours overlap, the phone is always chiming with notifications and trends change by the minute. And this doesn’t apply to just millennials – it’s for anyone with a millennial lifestyle!

The millennial lifestyle sure is exciting, but it comes with its share of problems too. Among the many skin and hair issues millennials face, a common one is that of dark circles or under-eye circles. No millennial wants to look like a panda on their profile pic, but the reality is that dark circles are becoming increasingly common!

Causes for Dark Circles

1. Aging

Aging causes the skin to get thinner, and fat and collagen deposits to reduce. All these factors cause the blood vessels under the skin’s surface to become prominent resulting in dark circles.

2. Lack of Sleep

Poor sleep, lack of sleep, or oversleeping can affect the quality of the skin and causes fluid accumulation under the eyes. This dulling of the skin appears as puffiness or dark shadows.

3. Genetics

Family history is one of the most common causes of pre-mature dark circles. This may become more prominent with age, or maybe visible right from childhood.

4. Diet and Dehydration

When dehydrated, the thin skin under the eyes becomes dull and leads to a sunken look that casts shadows under the eyes. A bad diet, rich in salty, processed food, can also cause dark circles.

5. Eyestrain

Spending too long staring at a computer screen can strain the eyes, enlarging the blood vessels under the skin and resulting in dark circles under the eyes.

6. Medical Conditions

Allergic reactions cause the body to release histamines, which dilate the blood vessels under the skin, making them more prominent. Besides, allergies can cause itching and eye rubbing, which makes the dark circles worse. Other conditions that can cause dark circles are iron deficiency anemia, dermatitis or thyroid conditions.

7. Sun Damage

Too much exposure to the sun is known to cause tan, which is an excess production of melanin pigment. Hyperpigmentation around the eyes can appear as dark circles under the eyes.

Dark circles can make one look permanently tired or ill or aged, which is why people are always on the lookout for how to remove dark circles. Here are a few tips, dark circles removal cream and home remedies for dark circles, all of which are rooted in natural ingredients and methods.

8 Tips and Remedies for Dark Circles

1. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is the number one step in dark circles treatment. Try to establish a calming bedtime routine and plan to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

2. Elevate your head

How you sleep also plays a role when it comes to getting rid of dark circles. Keep the head elevated with a few pillows so there is no fluid accumulating under the eyes. This takes care of any puffiness and dark shadows.

3. Apply a cold compress

Cold compresses work well to shrink dilated blood vessels, which are the main cause of dark circles. Just place a few ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply on the eye area for a few minutes.

4. Go for an eye cream

For a more targeted dark circles remedy, it’s best to go for a good chemical-free eye cream like the Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles Eye Cream. With ingredients like cucumber, peptides, daisy flower, and hawkweed extract, this eye cream plumps up the skin under the eyes so that blood vessels are less prominent.

5. Use cucumbers

Cucumbers possess natural astringent properties, which makes under-eye skin tighter so the circles are less prominent. It also has a cooling effect that helps to reduce swelling. Cucumber’s Vitamin C and bioactive compounds help reduce pigmentation.

6. Apply tea bags

Tea contains caffeine that is known to shrink blood vessels. It also reduces fluid retention under the eyes. Applying chilled tea bags on the eye area helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. Both black tea and green tea bags may be used.

7. Choose Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory and contains the compound aloesin that helps reducing pigmentation. Besides, aloe is naturally cooling and hydrating, which helps to reduce puffiness. Try the Mamaearth Aloe Vera Turmeric gel for effectively lightening the dark circles.

8. Try potatoes

Potatoes contain natural bleaching properties as well as azelaic acid that control pigmentation. Chilled grated potatoes applied around the eye area helps reduce puffiness and lighten the skin under the eyes.

Along with these remedies for dark circles, it’s important to follow basic preventive measures like drinking enough water and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables while staying away from processed food. Always wear sunscreen when stepping out in any weather. A good choice is the Mamaearth Ultra-Light Indian Sunscreen that offers sun protection with miniaturization.