Nursing Mom Problems? Learn 10 Easy Recipes to Increase Breast Milk!

Increase Breast Milk

Mother’s milk is a healthy and nutritious food for all newborns. You know well that it nourishes them with essential nutrients and boost their immunity to fight off diseases. Also, breastfeeding is the healthiest way for mothers to feed their little ones. The biggest advantage is that you needn’t go stumbling through the house at odd hours, carrying pumps or mixing up formulae. Nonetheless, new gestating mothers may have trouble in producing milk at times.

If you’re one of those struggling mothers, here are 10 easy recipes to increase breast milk production. They’ll give you the required boost.

  1. Cumin Seeds
    Cumin seeds or ‘Jira’ are grandma’s all-time favourite recipe. The herb has an unbelievable ability to improve lactation, digestion, and immunity. The best way to have cumin seeds is in its roasted form. Use roasted cumin powder as a seasoning to garnish yogurt, buttermilk, and other snacks.
  2. Fenugreek Seeds
    Gynaecologists usually prescribe fenugreek or ‘Methi’ seeds as it’s a rich source of Vitamin C, iron and proteins. You can take sprouted fenugreek seeds with milk or add the roasted powder in curries to enhance the taste. Additionally, you can soak the seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink it empty stomach in the morning. It’ll do wonders for your body.
  3. Fennel Seeds
    Fennel or Saunf not only reduces bloating but also boosts breast milk supply. You can add them to desserts, snacks, and curries or simply eat a teaspoon of seeds as a mouth freshener.
  4. Carom Seeds
    Ajwain is a common Indian herb that aids digestion, relieves constipation, gas problems and boosts milk production. Having ‘parathas’ made of salt, red chili and carom seeds in breakfast is an excellent way to boost milk production.
  5. Pumpkin Seeds
    Pumpkin seeds, rich in dietary fibres, omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid and DHA provide essential nutrients for the development of baby’s nervous system. You can sprinkle your salads with raw pumpkin seeds or garnish your bread and granola bars with them.
  6. Poppy Seeds
    Khas-Khas has sedative properties to relax nursing moms. Even the smallest dose has an uncanny ability to maximize milk production. Dry roasting poppy seeds, grinding them and preparing a glass of refreshing juice will help you solve this problem.
  7. Green Boobie Smoothie
    Green boobie smoothie is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and phytoestrogens to strengthen breast tissues. You can prepare it by combining almond milk, coconut meat, hemp powder, pitted dates, vanilla flavour, spinach and a tablespoon of strawberries.
  8. Oatmeal with a dash of Brewer’s yeast and Flaxseed
    Oats are awesome milk-boosting food. Adding brewer’s yeast and flaxseed to it keeps the milk flowing. Prepare the oats as you would and simply add ground flaxseed, yeast, a tsp. of cinnamon powder, a dash of honey, lots of milk and dried fruits (preferably strawberries, apricots, cherries or cranberries) to complete the recipe.
  9. Red Tea
    Red tea prepared using wolfberries, red dates and longan is a traditional Chinese recipe to increase breast milk supply. Boil the flesh of 18 longan fruits, 25 pitted dates and a handful of wolfberries in a jug full of water. Strain the mixture and add a dash of honey to sweeten it.
  10. Oats, Chocolate, and Pomegranate Pudding
    Oats, dark chocolate, and pomegranate seeds make a perfect milk-boosting concoction. Simply stir 120g rolled oats, a tbsp. of dark chocolate chips, a handful of pomegranate seeds and half a cup Magnolia oat milk together to a thin consistency. Sprinkle it with flaxseeds and keep it overnight. Enjoy the delicious recipe next morning.

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Pamper your taste buds with these tasty recipes at home and nourish your kids with the required nutrients.