Sweat, grime, and pollution may make our facial skin appear dull and saggy before old age. When this happens, rinsing off your face with just a cleanser and water may not do justice. Instead, you need to add another step- exfoliation to boost your skincare routine. We thought of some important insights we could offer about how you should be using a face scrub and some smart ways to help you have the best results. They are all up next!

What is Exfoliation or Scrubbing?

Exfoliation or scrubbing is sloping off dead skin cells from the skin’s deepest layers. Done using a face scrub, exfoliation helps deep cleanse the pores to keep the skin healthy. The process is quite effective as it weighs a load of makeup build-up, grime, bacteria, and other nasty agents.

When you have dead skin cells seated on the skin’s surface, it makes your face look dull, dry, and dehydrated. Perhaps the reason your skin remains covered in bumps, scars, and blemishes. It can also speed up the skin aging process when it happens for a prolonged time. 

You may wonder if you use a face cleanser twice daily, so you probably don’t need to body scrub off your face. But regular face cleansers are not quite the same at getting this job done as exfoliators. A face wash cleanses off the dust from the skin’s surface. However, unlike face scrubbers, it does not help with the skin’s cell turnover rate, and thus does not replace older cells with newer ones. 

Dos and Don’ts of using a Face Scrub

But with so many options, it might be overwhelming for you to figure out how to get started. So here we have listed down some dos and don’ts on using a scrub on the face to achieve your desired #SkinCareGoals. 

Let’s take you through them one by one-


#1: You can use a chemical exfoliant for any skin type

Unlike physical exfoliators, chemical exfoliators use chemicals like Retinols, Salicylic acid, and Glycolic Acid to gently dissolve dead skin cells. It helps in tearing the bonds that tie skin cells together. So they are usually the best fit for any skin type. 

#2: Night-time exfoliation is the best

When you scrub the skin’s surface, the dead cells are removed, which means your skin is now sensitive and vulnerable as the pores are opened. If you exfoliate your skin during the day, it is left exposed to the sun. Then there is a high chance that your skin gets exposed to free radical damage. 

So, it is safer to exfoliate your skin at night to avoid environmental exposure. Night-time is the best time when your skin heals and rejuvenates. Applying a hydrating face mask at night is also beneficial because it removes the toxins on the skin, delivers elements that brighten the skin, and makes it healthy.

use of scrub on face

#3: Clean your face before scrubbing

You might be too tired to follow the exact steps, but trust us, they are worth the time you spare for scrubbing your skin. Often, people consider using face scrubbers as an alternative to face cleansing. 

We recommend you first cleanse your face and then use your face scrubber. It is because the skin is exposed to dirt all day. Your cleanser might wash all the dirt from your face, but the scrubber deeply cleanses all that is deeply rooted. 

#4: Don’t forget to use SPF

Stay away from direct sunlight. Wearing SPF is the basic skin care regimen that no one should avoid, especially after you have exfoliated, as the skin is still sensitive to environmental aggressors like UV damage, pollution, and much more after exfoliation.

Sunscreen or SPF protects your skin from dust, dirt, and UV damage indoors and outdoors. Don’t forget to reapply your favorite sunscreen every 3 hours. 

#5: Continue with your AM and PM routine 

When buffing away dead skin cells, you remove a part of your skin barrier. Therefore, you should follow your skincare routine to keep it healthy and hydrated. While cleaning and using the scrub on your skin is important, it is equally important to moisturize your skin afterward. A safe and gentle face moisturizer or face cream retains the skin’s moisture barrier and prevents dryness. It is a good way to delay the signs of aging on the facial skin. 

#6: Gentle massages, please

In this busy life, getting carried away is okay, and expecting instant results from everything. But faster results in skincare are a myth. The use of face scrub is important but know that abrasive rubbing can harm your skin more than do good. Massaging the facial skin with a bad-quality face scrubber may cause acne or irritation. On the other hand, gentle massages help improve blood circulation and give a radiant glow. 

#7: Don’t forget toning your skin: Toning your face by applying a hydrating face toner helps in cleansing your skin thoroughly and delivering the essential nutrients that even out the skin. 


Have you ever felt dehydrated in between the day? If yes, then you are not alone. Harsh environmental factors do snatch away moisture from the skin. But it can be restored quickly by applying a face gel that helps hydrate the skin and soothe rashes, acne, and pimples.

#8: Know your skin type

Getting a face scrub according to your unique skin type is important. Using a scrub for face that does not meet your skin needs may bring different woes, which you would not want. 

Here is how you should do it-

a)    Oily skin: Extra sebum may clog your pores if you have oily or acne-sensitive skin. So, your aim should be to get an exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and wards off bacterial growth. Tea tree is one such ingredient that gently lifts impurities and prevents acne. 

b)   Dry skin: If you have dry skin, you should look for ingredients such as rice beads, walnuts, etc. They softly slough off dead skin cells and help moisturize flaky skin without causing any irritation. The aim is to keep the skin’s natural pH level intact. 

c)     Sensitive skin: Having sensitive skin means you should be mindful about choosing the best skin care products. Look for ingredients with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. For example, turmeric is a natural exfoliator with anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly, coffee is considered good for sensitive skin. 

d)    Combination skin: Such skin type is dry in some areas and oily in T-zone. So, it’s tough to know which face scrub is best suited. However, vitamin C goes well with such skin types as it is a mild exfoliator. In addition, its skin lightening and brightening properties give skin a youthful look. 

scrub on face

Don’ts of using a facial scrubber

Now that you know how to use a face scrubber, here are some red flags you should say no to-

  1. Don’t exfoliate every day

Including exfoliation in your everyday skin care regimen is tempting, giving you smooth and beautiful skin. But do you know that exfoliating every day can be harsh on your skin? Most face scrubbers, especially chemical exfoliators, can only be used twice weekly for the best results. 

So even if your skin is oily and calls for extra cleansing, exfoliation should never be your everyday go-to option. Facial skin is fragile, so you would want to avoid any irritation. Similarly, you can use physical exfoliators only once per week, according to skin experts. 

  1. Don’t exfoliate after a skin facial or treatment

If you got a facial or chemical peel removal done or skin exfoliation for a week, it could harm your skin. And that goes for waxing or hair removal treatment too. Once any such treatment is done, the skin is fresh and smooth. So, exfoliation can be harsh on such skin. 

  1. Don’t exfoliate if it is causing irritation

If your skin is extremely sensitive, becomes flaky or dry, or is allergic, you should immediately stop exfoliation. Discontinue exfoliation for a while and then attempt again. If it is causing you irritation again, maybe it’s one or more ingredients that are hurting your skin. Make sure you use mild and natural skincare products according to your unique skin type. 

  1. Don’t be harsh

Your facial skin is soft and delicate compared to the skin on the rest of your body. So be sure to be as considerable as possible, especially when you’re exfoliating mechanically. 

  1. Don’t rinse off a chemical exfoliant

After exfoliating, don’t wash your face immediately. The active ingredients in the face scrubber take time to penetrate the skin and show off work. Leave your exfoliator for at least 15-30 minutes to ensure the ingredients get absorbed well and dead skin cells are removed efficiently.

Our bestselling face scrubs

  1. Rice Face Scrub 

If your skin has become dull and unhealthy, it’s your cue to bring the goodness of rice beads into your skin care regimen. Rice beads have been used to get rid of dead skin cells. Combining the goodness of Rice Water, Glycerin, Rice Beads, and Niacinamide, our facial scrub helps remove dead skin and reduces enlarged pores unveiling fresher and clearer skin. 

Rice water helps smoothen skin texture and stimulates collagen production, resulting in glass-like skin. Glycerin is a powerful humectant that helps retain and lock in the skin’s essential moisture. Being MadeSafe Certified makes it suitable for regular use.

  1. Tea Tree Face Scrub

Our Tea Tree Face Scrub features the anti-inflammatory properties of Tea Tree Oil, Neem, Walnut Beads, and Tulsi. It thus helps treat various skin woes like redness, excessive dryness, acne, and dead skin in a hassle-free manner. In addition, it is highly efficient for acne-prone skin types. 

But gently massage your skin and slather it with an oil-free face moisturizer. It does everything from retaining the moisture barrier to healing issues to combating acne. It also helps lighten acne marks, blemishes, and scars. 

  1. Coco Face Scrub

Delivering the goodness of Shea Butter and Coffee, this extremely nourishing face scrubber is perfect if you wish to achieve glowing skin. It revitalizes the skin cells, brightens tone, and ensures that your skin gets rid of dead skin cells. In addition, with its nourishing ingredients, it repairs the skin and reverses sun tan. 

What’s best? It is dermatologically tested, suitable for all skin types, and contains no Parabens, Toxins, or Mineral Oil. 

How to include facial scrubs into your skincare routine?

Once you get your hands on the best facial scrubber for your skin type, it is important to learn how your skin reacts to it. Start using it once weekly and gradually increase the frequency to two or three times a week but not more. If it causes irritation or itching, rinse it off immediately and wait for a week or so until attempting again. 

Wrapping Up!

Cultivating an efficient skin care regimen is an act of self-care. Who does not love smooth, soft, and supple skin after all? Scrubbing is relevant in skincare that no other step or process can replace. Thus, you should invest in a well-formulated and moisturizing face scrub according to the skin types and goals you wish to achieve. Mamaearth has other skin care ranges you would like to try including face toner, creams, sheet masks, serums, etc. Try to have a look on these natural hydration for skin products for treating your skin with natural hydration.


  1. When to use a scrub on the face?

    Ideally, you should exfoliate your skin once or twice a week when it appears dull and unhealthy. Exfoliation ensures your smooth and healthy-looking skin. If you are using a physical exfoliator, you can limit it to once a week, but chemical exfoliation can be increased to twice or thrice a week. 

  2. Can we use a body scrub on the face?

    Likely, you should not use a body scrub on your face. The skin on the face is delicate and sensitive compared to the skin on the rest of the body. So avoid using poor-quality, chemically-enriched body scrubbers on your face. Opt for a face scrub that is made of safe, gentle, toxin-free, and nourishing ingredients for a deep exfoliation experience.

  3. Why do we use a scrub on the face?

    The main benefit of using a facial scrub is to ensure the removal of dead skin cells. Dead skin cells make it hard for other skin care products to penetrate and work well. They also clog your pores, so using a skin scrubber ensures that enlarged pores are minimized and that your skin appears soft and supple. 
    We recommend using Mamaearth Ubtan Face Scrub to reverse the damage done by environmental stressors on the skin. This gentle and mild scrub promotes an even tone and gives you flawless skin. 

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