Whether for a special occasion or everyday makeup looks, face concealers are often treated as a necessity. They rank next to foundations and are usually the best skin care product to conceal dark lines, blemishes, and other imperfections. They can also transform your appearance and help you have a smoother skin texture when used properly. 

Given its prominence in makeup, it is critical to learn how to use it correctly to get the desired base. Like every makeup product, the beauty stash has different types of concealers. And to achieve a flawless makeup base, it is important to pick the right concealer shade according to your skin tone. 

You should select the best concealer for your skin tone after much thought. To help you do so, we’re outlining many important aspects you should know. This includes their uses, types, and advantages, and you may get that head-turning look if you build upon them. So, dive in for a concealer crash course with us- it’s right ahead!

What is a Face Concealer and What does it do? 

Face concealers are a specialized line of cosmetics that work closely with your foundation to give you a smooth base. It evens skin tone by masking blemishes, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and other blemishes. It also helps lighten darker skin pores, redness, discoloration, and acne marks to ensure a more uniform texture. 

Just like there is a different skin care product for much everything, there’s a concealer for every skin concern. From color-correcting concealers to under-eye formulas and light coverage to full coverage options, there can be varied types of concealers.


Despite being a user-friendly cosmetic, a makeup concealer requires a correct approach to get into the skin. An improperly applied concealer can make blemishes more obvious and makeup look cakey.

Types of concealers

  1. Cream concealer

Cream concealer offers heavier coverage because of its thicker consistency. Due to its thicker formula, it is well-suited for people with oily skin and can help cover uneven texture. It effectively hides dark circles, active acne, scars, and hyperpigmentation.

  1. Liquid concealer

Known for its flexibility to match all skin types, a liquid concealer makes an excellent choice to get nearly all makeup looks. It offers buildable to full coverage to hide acne marks, blemishes, and dark circles.

Pro Tip:

If you have extremely dry skin, you may avoid liquid concealer with a matte finish. It may irritate the sensitive skin texture and emphasize the dry patches.
  1. Stick concealer

Known to offer on-the-go coverage, a stick concealer makes the best option for oily and combination skin. It comes with a semi-solid formula that gives sheer to medium coverage. So, have this concealer in your makeup pouch if you want a quick lifting and brightening effect while on the go. 

  1. Balm concealer

Try this if you have extremely dry skin and want a natural makeup look. This concealer is quite nourishing to the skin due to its balm-like creamy consistency. It perfectly covers redness, zits, or acne marks, and its thick consistency will give your skin a more hydrated and uniform coverage.

how to choose concealer

How to Choose a Concealer for Different Skin Tones?

Just like the foundation, there is a certain rule to find the perfect shade of concealer before you make your purchase. You should identify your skin’s natural undertone before selecting the best shade. There are three types of undertones- warm, neutral, and cool. The skin may have a slight golden or yellowish tint if you have warm undertones. Cool undertones bring a sense of pink, red, or blue touch to their skin. 

You can also look at your veins if you can’t determine a color. Veins that appear bluish or purplish may indicate cooler undertones. If they appear greener, you may have warmer undertones. You may have neutral undertones if you can’t determine a color. 


While choosing the best concealer for darker areas under the eyes, always choose one shade lighter than your foundation shade. When testing shades, it is advisable to test them on your inner elbows instead of your face. If you don’t face any irritation, you should match it with the color of your facial skin. 

Understanding the color wheel

  • Green concealer

Of all the concealers, green ones do the most justice to the redder parts of your face, like blemishes or scars. This makeup accessory is specially designed to neutralize acne and pimple marks on your face. In addition, it also works well to cover your dark circles or marks.

  • Yellow concealer

Yellow concealer is made to defy the unevenness of your skin. Makeup is about perfecting the skin’s existing tones and lifting its appearance. This equalizing concealer works well to brighten up the dull area and fits all women’s general needs.

  •  Pink concealer

Just like green concealer, pink effectively neutralizes the face’s dark blue or purplish areas. If you have dark circles or spots, this might help you achieve an even complexion. In addition, it is a championed concealer to cover serious dark circles.

What should go first: Foundation or Concealer?  

There has been a longstanding debate over whether you should apply concealer before or after foundation application. The proper way to apply two products is to first even your skin with a foundation and then use a concealer to correct spots. You can also use concealer to help camouflage under-eye bags, but only after applying foundation. 

The only reason to apply foundation and concealer in this manner is to minimize spilling of the product. When you use a foundation first, you only need a few dabs of concealer on the already-covered foundation. But if you follow the reverse order, blending your foundation on top may sweep the concealer away. 

Advantages of Using the Best Concealer 

  • It serves as a great base for eyeshadow

Making eye makeup last is a whole different task. The key is to create a smooth base for the makeup to sustain for long hours. Concealers provide such flexibility and precision by smoothening the base for eyeshadow. So, if you wish to attain lasting eye makeup, all you do is layer your eye area with concealer. 

Next, set the base with loose powder or compact before leaving. It would cover uneven texture and keep your concealer from creasing or caking. A compact would also help you create an illusion of different eye shapes, like big and well-defined contours or smoky ones. We thus advise you to trust the coverage of the best concealer as per your skin tone to create a hint of new colors with eyeshadow.

  • Conceals dark areas and spots

Some makeup looks always leave us all intrigued. They often give the impression of having spotless skin with no scars or acne. However, hiding blemishes, scars, and acne spots are what concealing is all about. So, the next time you see someone wearing such a look, you should guess their concealer is at work.

As the name suggests, a concealer conceals (or hides) dark areas and evens the skin tone to make the makeup more uniform. It thus works as a medium to extend the full range of your makeup essentials so you can turn heads wherever you go. If you experience trouble blending it with your skin tone, you might have missed a trick in shortlisting it. 


Before applying it, you should also clean and moisturize your face with a neat face cleanser and thick moisturizer.
  • Great for contouring and highlighting

Well, perfect makeup isn’t a myth if you have mastered the art of blending and layering. In makeup, how well you blend is all that matters. Whether contouring, highlighting, or concealing, it’s all about layering and blending when it comes to a PRO-grade makeup look. 

how to use concealer

No matter how great you hold on to contouring and highlighting, you will need a concealer to set the base. If your concealer is two shades darker than your tone, it helps your facial contours be more prominent. But if your concealer is one or two shades lighter, it could work as a highlighter too. 

  • Clean up makeup mistakes

Concealers are multitasking skincare essentials that help correct our makeup flaws. The fact that you cannot carry a look where your lipstick isn’t drawn properly is what makes concealer a necessity. It perfectly hides wrongly drawn lipstick, eyebrows, or kajal

Just one stroke of concealer cleans up the problem areas in no time. So, if your eyes look unattractive or your lipstick loses its color easily, you should let your concealer intervene. Being an integral part of makeup kits, it helps set the base by adjusting the foundation application. If you have an uneven texture, you may add some moisturizer to the concealer to better hide the blemishes.

So, to set your makeup in place, you should add concealer to your cosmetic stash.

  • It brings out the perfect lip shade

Using the best concealer eases makeup sessions with its flexible and versatile approach. It is an ideal primer for lipstick application that covers pigmentation and chapped skin. If you have pigmented or darker lips that don’t come alive with your lipstick application, here’s a hack worth trying. 

Dab some concealer onto your lips before you put on the lipstick. Next, blend the concealer using your fingertips and apply the lip balm before the lipstick application. It will help create an even base for smoother and longer applications. You may use the same hack can be used for your eye makeup too. 

This is one of the best uses of a concealer that most beauty professionals swear by.


You may explore our non-toxic range of lip serum to avoid chapped, dry lips. It stays longer and doesn’t dry out your lips.

How to use Concealer? 

Before adding a concealer to your makeup routine, you should understand its type and texture first. The right formula will work on your skin and help it appear bright and even- the unfitting one won’t. If you are new to concealer, here’s a brief guide on how to apply concealer like a pro. Check it out.

Step 1: Start with a clean slate

Before you put on any makeup, it’s critical to understand how skin hygiene works. It requires a clear facial canvas that is regularly cleansed and exfoliated using gentle skincare products. This is where using a sulfate-free face wash helps a great deal. 

Next, you should use a toner and face moisturizer before putting on makeup. Bonus points here if you use SPF for protection and nourishment. This would help keep your skin moisturized and protected from sun rays. 

Step 2: Don’t skip the primer

Prepping the skin for makeup holds the utmost spot in beauty and skincare. It involves cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and protecting. After you do your skincare properly, apply prime on your face generously. 

Primer gives your makeup grid and blends foundation and concealer smoothly. It helps your concealer to last for a long and stay intact. However, applying color care products for a flawless blend could help save a few minutes. 

Step 3: Conceal your problem areas

Now comes the important step. After applying primer, dab some concealer on your blemishes, dark spots, and scars. Then, by using your fingertips, dap out the product gently. Be sure to cover all the areas while aiming for an even complexion. 

After you conceal the dark spots present on your skin, it’s time to go for a foundation application. Be sure to use a foundation brush to deposit the product evenly on your skin. Be sure that whatever product you use, blend it well to avoid creasing. 

Step 4: Brighten your under-eyes

Now, it’s time to give your under-eye skin a new lease of life. The best concealer can add brightness and vibrancy to your skin tone. Thus, it is always a good idea to go for one additional stroke of concealer after a foundation application. 

For decent coverage, you should draw two upside-down triangles beneath your eyes with concealer and fill them with a generous amount of product. However, do not go close to your lash line. You should also not drag or smear the product.

Attain a dewy look with our Glow Hydrating Concealer

Pave the way for our glow-hydrating concealer to ease your makeup sessions. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C and Turmeric, this concealer works well to give your skin a dewy finish. In addition, it helps you enjoy a flawless appearance for a more hydrated and attractive look throughout the day.

Our Glow Hydrating Concealer contains hyaluronic acid that gives a burst of hydration for 12 hours and delivers instant brightness. This MadeSafe-certified skincare product comes in three appealing shades that work for every skin type and tone. 

If you are keen on finding the best concealer for oily skin, this makeup product is an all-rounder. This 100% spot coverage concealer hydrates, brightens, and makes your skin glossier! 

In Conclusion 

For years, face concealers have marked their presence as a necessity for makeup lovers. However, it has become a cult favorite among those looking to flaunt a flawless skin texture. Besides adding more elegance to the complexion, it defines facial features by enhancing the crease of the eye, the brow’s shape, and the cheekbone. 

At Mamaearth, we understand how complex makeup applications can be. Thus, we have formulated a special league of concealers containing hydrating ingredients and Goodness of Nature. So, give your skin a pleasing experience by grabbing our super-hydrating concealer. 


  1. Where to apply concealer

    A concealer is an equalizing cosmetic product used to cover problem areas of the skin. It conceals under-eye blemishes, dark spots, scars, and redness in the skin, giving an even skin tone. So, it is often applied near under-eye areas, around the eyebrows, and wherever the skin contains spots and blemishes.

  2. Why is concealer used?

    Concealers help minimize blemishes, hide discoloration, and cover dark under the eyes. Besides correcting fine lines and dark spots, they often act as a primer for creating a smooth base for eye makeup. In addition, people use it to correct lips pigmentation for a flawless lipstick application.  

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