Being one of the newest entrants in personal care, body washes have immensely upgraded our bathing experience. They feel like a soothing embrace and fragrance that delights our senses and are thus considered the best for people who prefer to maintain a higher standard of hygiene. They also offer many other therapeutic benefits that calm the body, mind, and soul, and nurture them for a fresh and energized mood. In this blog post, we will explain some leading advantages and suggest how to use body wash.

Nowadays, people prefer using hydrating products and avoid using ones with harsh formulations. Body wash work for all skin types because they help make the skin’s texture softer and suppler. From cleansing to adding a soothing fragrance to the body, they encourage a holistic healing experience. If used rightly, they offer a nice bathing experience, leaving a pleasant smell on the body. 

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Charcoal Body Wash With Charcoal

Deeply Cleanses | Rejuvenates & Refreshes

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Ubtan Body Wash With Turmeric

Deeply Cleanses | Unveils Glow | Gently Exfoliates

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CoCo Body Wash With Coffee

Gently Cleanses |Rejuvenates Skin | Awakens Senses

Why should you use a Body Wash? 

- Your skin is asking for it

Being the largest organ of the human body, the skin does more than what we give credit for. Its primary function is to act as a barrier from microorganisms, pollutants, and bacterial attacks. However, it functions all the time without pausing for a second, and that's why it deserves special treatment. Body wash free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, and silicones nurture our skin, and help it to revive its health.

- Welcomes newer cells rightly

Your skin sheds dead skin cells on a daily basis. On average, the skin takes around 28 days to renew itself. After shedding skin cells, it is important to keep the skin clean and moisturized. The most common body wash uses are cleansing and moisturizing. Regular cleansing with a soothing body wash makes you feel fresh and calm throughout the day. Maintaining skin hygiene is also critical to nourishing and healthy skin tissues.

- Water alone isn't enough

Water cannot wash away the dirt sitting deep into your skin pores. Our skin is always affected by pollutants, dirt, and UV radiation. These factors contribute to unhealthy skin barriers that carry dirt, impurities, and dead skin layers. Good-quality body washes are equipped with water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients that break down dirt and grime to wash it off your body.

- Smells great

Sometimes our restless mind and body seek calm through a mild and soothing fragrance. Body washes usually consist of calming ingredients that revitalize your body and sense to make you feel fresh and good. 

Body washes are a powerhouse of skin-soothing ingredients and anti-microbial that prevent body odor from sneaking up on you. Fragrance-enriched skincare products are not always bad. However, you should avoid the ones that contain harmful additives.

Body wash: Uses and Benefits

1. Easy to use

The most common use of body wash is to clean the body. Easy to carry and rinse off, it is the best product to cleanse the skin. You can carry it anywhere and apply it easily using a loofah or shower puff. Soap bars may become messy when they get too wet, but shower gel performs differently. 

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Body Wash Combo width=

Deeply Cleanses | Rejuvenates| Brightens Skin

Be it face wash or body cleanser; they never create any mess in the washroom. The easy-breezy sensation of these gel-based bathing products helps you have a better bathing experience. Just a few drops of them, and you are good to go!

2. Moisturizes the skin

One of the most important benefits of using natural body wash is preventing skin dehydration and itchiness. Body wash relieves skin breakouts, dull elbows, and dehydrated knees when made with moisturizing agents.
In addition, such moisturizing body washes soothe skin texture, resulting in velvety and cleaner skin. It also rejuvenates the skin and relieves redness or itching. Ordinary soaps may strip away the moisture from the skin, but body washes provide moisture even during cleansing. Thus, body cleansers are devised smartly to be used on the body on a daily basis.

Note: Never use body wash on your face; always wash your face with a face cleanser. Do not forget to use face gel to moisturize your face.

3. Calms itchy, flaky skin

Natural body washes are formulated in a detailed format to cater to the skin's defense mechanism. Ingredients such as tea tree, neem, green tea, and turmeric help kill the germs present in the skin. These ingredients work well to clear away the extra oil, sweat, and all traces of grime from the skin. 

If your skin is sensitive and attracts itchiness and infections frequently, you may find comfort in an antibacterial body wash. Using such a body wash also keeps bacterial infection and malodor away. You should use moisturizer even if you have oily skin. You may consider applying dense face cream on your elbows and knees to keep them hydrated.

4. A fragrance that keeps you soothed

Body washes enrich our bathing sessions by offering a cleansing and rejuvenating experience. They are identified as self-care products that help relax our minds, bodies, and souls. They have a pleasing fragrance and effectively nourish the skin cells, leaving a pleasant fragrance on the skin. 

Unlike bar soap, you can evenly distribute its particles without rubbing them on your body. Using a loofah or a sponge cleanses deeply and keeps the body odor away. A minimal quantity will provide a surge of goodness to keep you energized all day. 

Tip: You may buy a safe and gentle face toner or mist to keep your facial skin vitalized throughout the day.

How to use Body wash?

High-performing body washes yield wonders on the skin, making it feel rejuvenated and energized all day long. In addition, if used rightly, it plucks out the dirt from the pores, keeping it clean and healthy. If you have always wondered how to use body wash correctly, here are pointers that may help:

- Take a clean loofah or shower puff to foam up the body wash. Make sure to take a generous amount of body wash and distribute it evenly.

- Now, focus on covering every part of the body, including the knees, elbows, feet, and back. Instead of rubbing off, move the loofah gently on the body. This will allow the ingredients to enter the skin cells.

- Keep the process slow and avoid rushing into the rinsing process. Instead, let the skin soak up the formulation's goodness while gently rubbing the loofah into your skin.

- Rinse thoroughly to wash all traces of the product from your skin. Don’t rinse it off too aggressively. Rather, use a soft towel to dry the skin.

- After you rinse off, keep your body hydrated by applying a dense layer of moisturizer. Ensure to apply moisturizer on damp skin to prevent seasonal dryness.

- You should not use body wash to clean your face. However, you may consider using a thick face moisturizer on your body but prefer body lotion always.

Here are some of our bestsellers

1. Honey Malai Body Wash With Honey & Malai

Amp up your shower time with the goodness of an age-old remedy for glowing skin-Honey Malai! While honey retains moisture, malai keeps skin plump and supple. Filled with humectants and nourishing ingredients, this body wash cleanses away the dirt without stripping moisture. 

Recommended Product

Honey Malai Body Wash width=

Gently Cleanses | Replenishes Moisture

It relieves flakiness and soothes dryness, resulting in radiant buttery skin. So, say hello to velvety, fresh skin after the shower with our Honey Malai Body Wash with Honey and Malai.

2. Vitamin C Body Wash with Vitamin C and Honey

Unlocks the radiance with our glow-getter range of Vitamin C Body Wash. The rich blend of vitamin c, honey, oat amino acids, and glycerin wipes out all the toxins from the skin. It is the perfect moisture boost your skin needs to shine throughout the day. 

These ingredients work together to soothe, repair, and hydrate the skin, resulting in skin that exudes a youthful glow. So, feel the zesty fragrance of oranges and lemons every time you shower.

3. Ubtan Body Wash with Turmeric and Saffron

Add a warmth of nature's goodness to your shower time with our Ubtan Body Wash. This safe and gentle bathing gel features turmeric, saffron, glycerin, and walnut that lend a natural radiance to the overall skin.

The potent blend of turmeric and saffron deeply cleanses the pores while walnut gently exfoliates, removing dirt from the skin. It also helps in cell regeneration and adds natural radiance to the skin. So, hit the refresh button every morning with this calming composition!

4. Charcoal Body Wash with Charcoal and Mint

Refresh, rejuvenate, and relax your skin cell with our Charcoal Body Wash. Merging the potency of charcoal, peppermint, oat amino acids, and glycerin, this body wash helps make your skin smoother, suppler, and healthier. 

While the goodness of mint boosts freshness, charcoal deeply cleanses the skin and removes dead skin cells. Likewise, oat amino acids and glycerin deeply hydrate the skin, making it feel soft and supple. Not just for women, you may try it if you are searching for the best body wash for men's dry skin too.

5. Tea Tree Body Wash with Tea Tree and Neem

Pamper your mind and body with a rejuvenating bathing experience with Tea Tree Body Wash. Tea tree, being nature's antibacterial elixir, effectively clears out all traces of impurities from the skin. 

Recommended Product

Tea Tree Body Wash width=

Gently Cleanses & Detoxifies Skin | Antibacterial

When infused with ingredients like neem, glycerin, and oat amino acids, it makes an ideal formulation to elevate skin health. So, kickstart your morning, cheer up your mood, and make your skin feel loved every time you shower.

6. CoCo Body Wash with Coffee and Cocoa

Awaken your senses with our CoCo Body Wash. It feels like a warm hug with an enriching blend of coffee, cocoa, oat amino acids, and glycerin. While cocoa boosts blood flow and assists in cell renewal, oat amino acids help smoothen the skin. 

Likewise, coffee fights free radical damage, and glycerin refreshes the skin's surface. So, give your skin a pleasing bathing experience with our oh-so-good fragrance of CoCo Body Wash. 

Summing up!

Some people seek optimistic vibes in everything they do. No matter what they do, they tend to relish every moment. When it comes to shower time, most people look for an ideal rejuvenating experience. Body washes contain fragrance, cleansing formula, and brightening agents that rightly pamper our body and soul. This is specifically designed for those who adore taking joy while pampering themselves. 

Tip: After a hustling week, go for a relaxing weekend. Light a candle, apply a face mask, and take a good book; your perfect weekend is sorted.

At Mamaearth, we have developed an amazing range of body cleansers by incorporating high-grade ingredients. Not just for adults, we have an amazing range of body wash for baby as well to maintain your kiddies' hygiene. In addition, the fragrance of body wash can lift your senses and help you have a healing experience. So, get up and make your shower time one-of-a-kind with our incredible line of body washes.


  1. Can we use body wash for our face?

    No, it would be better to use body wash for your body only. The formulations of body wash are different from face wash and thus, consider face wash for washing the face only. It may clog the skin pores and cause drying if applied to the face. This is because the skin on our face is different and more vulnerable than on our body. Body wash foam up the oil on your skin, raise the pH level, and cause dryness on the skin.

  2. What is the purpose of body wash?

    Body wash is made to draw out the traces of dirt, grime, and other impurities from the skin on the body. It has a creamy consistency, soothing fragrance, moisturizing agents, and cleaning formula. Body washes are widely used to upgrade the shower time while keeping the skin cells moisturized and nourished.

  3. How long should you leave body wash on?

    We do not advise keeping the foam too long on the body as it may irritate the skin and cause itchiness. Leaving the body wash residue on the body may dry up the skin, leading to flaky and itchy skin. So, make sure you rinse off the foam within a few seconds to keep the body clean, healthy, and dirt-free.           

  4. Can I use body wash instead of soap?

    Yes, you can. Soaps usually come up with cleansing agents that may strip down the moisture from the skin. On the other hand, body washes have moisturizing and nourishing agents that nourish, hydrate, and soften the skin even after cleansing. So, you can avoid soap and turn to body wash when cleansing and nourishing the skin. However, when choosing soap, you should choose soaps with skin-friendly ingredients.  

  5. What happens if you don't wash off body wash?

    Leaving body wash on the skin may irritate the skin's barrier, causing itchiness and severe dryness on the skin. Thus, ensure you rinse off the residue of the products from the skin to prevent dryness and flakiness.

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