Are you tired of hiding your gray hair using a kohl pencil or mascara? Are none of the dyes helping you cover them for a longer time? Your tresses sometimes speak a lot for the confidence you have in yourself. If you have been seeking natural solutions on how to stop gray hair naturally, this blog is for you. 

We all live in a dynamic world where our lifestyles are fast-paced and busy. Unfortunately, in such chaos, we lose track of our hair care needs. Here, we will talk about what an ideal hair care routine looks like and how some natural ingredients can work wonders toward putting a stop to gray hair. Read along!

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Did you know? Stress can cause many hair concerns. When you are stressed, your body produces higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and studies have linked higher cortisol levels with hair loss and premature gray. 

Gray Hair: Definition and Reasons

The simplest way of putting the meaning of gray hair would be discoloration. It means your hair shaft is losing its melanin from within. As a result, it becomes naturally coarser, thinner in texture, and less manageable. You may also see your tresses getting discolored from their roots at times with depletion in melanin synthesis.

While it is easy to blame stress as the biggest reason, premature graying could also be caused due to several other factors. The most important ones include the following:

Genetics: The health of your hair depends a lot on the strength of your genetics. If your maternal or paternal family members have had gray hair since a young age, you might too. You should always check the commonality factor before ruling out any others. 

Sleep: Have you been staying up for long hours lately? Whether staying late for work-life balance or hustling at work every day, a lack of sleep can cause your hair to turn gray sooner than you think. Sometimes, we don’t plan the shortcomings; they arrive. Isn’t it?

Lifestyle: Are you working throughout the day? Does having a glass of water by yourself seem like a huge win at the end of the day? If you have a lifestyle that keeps you on your toes all day, it might also be a reason for your tresses turning gray. All you need to do is to plan better.

Smoking: Does any moment of anxiety, self-doubt, or nervousness call you to take a drag of relaxation? This drag isn’t just affecting your lungs but also the health of your tresses. The toxin-build in the blood weakens your strands and pulls away their nutrition fast enough to give you gray hair at a young age. 

Diet: Following a diet is great, but following the wrong diet worsens the situation. Suppose you already have a healthy diet that gives you proteins but cuts off essential minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin D3, etc. In that case, you can experience premature hair graying. 

Stress: Living a life that gives you what you desire comes at a price. Work is an integral part of your life, but it should give you enough time to prepare for the next day. On the other hand, if you haven’t had time to unwind and relax, you may be in for some gray shades on your scalp.

Screen time: Longer hours on the phone, television, or laptop affect your hair’s health more than you can imagine. Excessive screen time can cause higher levels of stress.

Let’s start with the right hair care routine

Do you know the right sequence to follow when using hair care products? Do you know the intervals to maintain the health of your hair using the correct hair essentials? So here we are, explaining every step to make it all easier:

#Step 1: Hair oiling – Oiling your tresses using the right hair oil to stop gray hair can be a good start. Traditionally, a head massage using hair growth oil was considered therapeutic. It was one of the most natural and effective ways to relax and spend time alone or with a loved one. 

All you need to do is find the right oil that suits your hair. Then, you should give yourself a nice head massage to nourish your hair and scalp at least twice a week. Then, apply it a few hours before washing your hair and ensure stronger, healthier hair in four to eight weeks! 

#Step 2: Hair washing – Maintaining proper hygiene is important in every hair care routine. Cleansing your scalp with a good hair shampoo helps avoid hair troubles, including dandruff and internal breakage. 

At the same time, understand that excessive washing can make your hair dry, brittle, and rough in texture. Therefore, you should clean your hair at least twice weekly with a good cleanser to get healthy hair. 

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#Step 3: Hair conditioning – When you wash your hair and scalp, it may become clean, but it also becomes prone to UV damage. Hair conditioning is a process of shielding your hair from the harmful effects of environmental aggressors, especially when your tresses lose moisture after a wash.

Conditioning is a natural sequel to a good shampooing session. You should be careful not to apply the hair conditioner on your scalp. It must be applied from the mid-length of your hair towards the tips to boost hydration in the split ends. Hence, it should be used twice weekly for six to eight weeks to see the desired effect. 

#Step 4: Hair masking – After the exhaustive cleansing process, sometimes hair and scalp lose their natural oils, and the grease and dirt are washed off from your tresses. This weakens the scalp and makes it prone to various hair problems. Using a good hair mask helps provide instant nutrition and nourishment to your hair. 

It is a creamy-textured hair care product that, when applied correctly, gives your hair a spa-like look within minutes. It should be applied at least once a week to freshly washed hair. Also, you can try the ‘reverse conditioning therapy’ using a hair mask to get soft, smooth, and salon-like hair with every application! 

#Step 5: Hair polishing – After a nice session of hair cleansing and conditioning comes the addition of natural luster to your tresses. This is done by using a good hair serum. A hair serum makes your hair look smooth, silky, and shiny. In addition, it makes strands more manageable and looks naturally healthy. 

Mamaearth Onion Scalp Serum

Onion Scalp Serum

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Almost every hair serum has a watery or liquid-like texture to it. It enables easier application on the hair and easy absorption as well. It should be applied on slightly damp hair. You should use it regularly for at least a month to see the desired results. 

Other solutions? Lifestyle changes to adapt to daily life

Long-term solutions come with making significant changes in your lifestyle. But however complicated as it may seem, this can happen by taking small steps toward a big change. Some of these habits majorly include the following:

Sleep well: We know that working hard towards your ambitions requires much more than sweat. But you should also understand that it starts showing on your face and hair if you do not relax your body and mind enough. 

You should sleep at least seven hours every night to give your body the rest it needs. Also, if you wake up often at night due to discomfort, try sleeping in a more comfortable position to avoid waking up with muscle cramps. 

Right diet: Do you remember how our grandmothers continuously asked us to eat everything served on our plates? The idea was to encourage a balance of all the essential proteins and vitamins that give you the energy to thrive during the day and keep your hair and skin healthy. 

You should include a lot of green veggies and fruits in your diet. They provide nourishment to the hair roots on your scalp. It isn’t always about what you should avoid; sometimes, it is also the right way to do it!

Quit smoking: We know it is easier said than done, but why not try it? Smoking is a big health hazard with no benefits and huge losses you can’t recover from. Your health is your biggest asset, especially when working towards achieving a bigger goal. 

Quitting this addictive habit will bring you closer to happy hair days again. The results would arrive, lasting longer than ever! 

Work-life balance: Limiting your working hours by adding more efficiency is the trick. If you constrain your work hours and have time to relax and unwind, your mind and body will function better.

Your stress levels will gradually decrease, and your hair’s health will naturally improve. These little but significant steps will give your scalp the natural strength it needs to feel healthier from within. It will eventually prevent premature graying of your hair strands too. 

Are these habits enough? Add the right hair care essentials to your vanity

Hair care essentials are more challenging to pick than they seem. We strive to bring together the best of nature and modern-day techniques to give your hair the care it deserves. Our products are safe and gentle and made of natural and toxin-free ingredients. This makes them super-effective at treating numerous hair care issues. 

Here are some of our best-selling products that you may opt for to reduce dandruff:

1. Mamaearth Henna Hair Oil: If you wish to stop gray hair, you should oil your hair with this hair care product. It is crafted with the traditional goodness of Henna, Coffee Oil, Indigo Oil, and Almond Oil. In addition, it has the rich antibacterial properties of Henna that reverse premature graying and soothes the scalp. 

Henna Hair Oil

Henna Hair Oil

Nourishes Hair | Prevents Premature Greying

This safe and gentle hair oil helps reduce dandruff, soothe the scalp, and accelerate hair growth. After every application, it hydrates your hair, making it soft and smooth. The best part? This magic potion is natural and free from harmful chemicals and toxins. 

2. Mamaearth Henna Shampoo: Give your hair all the love, and if you wish to stop gray hair, this toxin-free hair shampoo is just for you. It has the natural goodness of Henna and Coffee Oil that cleanse your scalp and make hair follicles healthier.

This toxin-free hair cleanser gives your hair the softness it needs from the enrichment of natural ingredients. It is natural and free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Additionally, it can be used regularly to prevent seasonal dryness and premature graying too.

3. Mamaearth Henna Conditioner: Condition your tresses with the love of Mother Nature. If you want to get softer, shinier, and healthier hair – this hair care product is just what you need. It comes with the innate goodness of Henna and other amazing natural ingredients that add long-term benefits to your tresses. 

Mamaearth Henna Conditioner

Henna Conditioner

Conditions Hair | Prevents Premature Greying

This safe and effective hair conditioner tames frizzy hair and effortlessly adds moisture and love to your hair. In addition, it improves your hair texture and growth. Also, this hair care product is natural, safe, and free from harmful toxins. In addition, it is not tested on animals and is MadeSafe Certified. 

4. Mamaearth Natural Henna Paste: Are you looking for a natural solution to cover your gray hair? Well, your search ends here. Mamaearth Natural Henna Paste is your one-stop solution to cover and prevent gray hair. It is rich in nutrients from Henna, Coffee Oil, Indigo Oil, and Almond Oil. 

It gives your hair a nice, rich color that lasts long. While it conditions your hair deeply, it promotes healthy hair growth with gentle care. It also keeps dandruff and itchy scalp at bay. Use this natural, toxin-free paste to give your hair the natural luster and color it needs.


Sometimes, work and responsibilities can make us stress more than we should. Slowly, it starts affecting our health in more ways than we know. Premature graying of hair is one such after-effect. Besides making lifestyle changes and improving our food habits, using the right hair care products also plays an important role. 

Mamaearth’s Henna product range comes with goodness inside every product, meant to offer nothing but nourishment and care. They work towards giving your hair the essential nutrients you didn’t know it needed. So say hello to happy, healthy hair days once again with Mamaearth. 

  1. How to stop grey hair naturally?

    Traditionally, a head massage using henna hair oil can be a good start to stop gray hair. You can try Mamaearth Henna Range to stop premature hair

  2. Can GREY hair turn black again?

    Yes, Grey hair can easily turn black again by using the henna ingredient. Henna is a very popular ingredient for grey hair. You can also try the Mamaearth henna range to turn your hair black.

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