Few things beat the endearing sound of a baby’s gurgling giggles. Laughing is a vital milestone that shows the child’s emotional, cognitive, and social skills. Laughing, much like other fundamental activities, evolves as the baby grows and reflects their overall development.

There is nothing like watching your little one break into bouts of oh-so-cute laughter. It’s not only healthy for the baby but also the bonding time for mama and papa. It is easy to make a baby laugh or entertain them with simple games or sounds that will also help them develop emotional, cognitive, and social skills.

So, how to make your baby laugh? Can’t wait to know? Here are 7 amazing triggers to elicit that magical sound from your little one:

  1. Antics

Regardless of whether it is tossing things around, falling on the bed, jumping on the sofa, or hitting something, babies always think it is funny and end up in riotous giggling.

  1. Tickling

Tickling always works. Gently tickle your baby’s armpits, inner thighs, feet, or chin and you will be rewarded with those sweet gurgles! Babies that are too young (0-3 months) do not laugh when tickled, however, older ones will definitely do.

  1. Peek-a-boo

Peek-a-boo is one of the most commonly played games among parents; it is one of the sure-shot ways to evoke laughter. Babies like the surprise and suspense aspect of this particular game. The minute you show up from behind the drape or couch, they cannot resist bursting into laughter. Try to use a bright-colored cloth to play peek-a-boo—it will be far more exciting and funny for your tiny tot.

  1. Funny Faces

All sorts of funny and weird faces can elicit baby’s giggles. Make funny faces like making bunny teeth, sticking your tongue out, copying their actions, talking in a funny tone, and making imaginary figures. Sing and dance with a humorous tone. These things will certainly make your baby giggle. For example, if your babies sneeze, copy her and she will laugh really hard.

  1. Blowing Raspberries

Blowing raspberries basically mean blowing against your baby’s skin and they often find it absolutely hilarious. Softly blow on your baby’s stomach or feet and observe their reaction; when you do this on their skin coupled with a funny sound, they often start laughing.

  1. Sounds

Strange sounds like slurping liquids, whacking sound of the newspaper, or making funny sounds trigger chuckles. Even when you drop anything, the consequential sound makes babies burst into laughter.

  1. YourLaughing

Laughter is infectious! Babies like to join in whenever people around them are laughing. When you laugh, your baby will automatically start to laugh.

Babies seem to giggle for no apparent reason however it shows their development in general. Besides that, their giggling is sure a wonderful stress-buster. Laughing is important for your baby’s wellbeing and is the perfect way to connect with them. So, make your child laugh as often as you can and give them a great time while you two make memories!