You’re ready to rock that presentation. It’s a big day for you tomorrow, and when you glance in the mirror, you realize your skin looks dull and sallow. Blame it on the blue light of the laptop you have been glued to in the past few days. As you look at the watch, you realize you have zero time to head to your favorite salon to indulge in a relaxing facial. It’s at this moment you realize if only there were a tutorial accessible on how to do a facial at home. 

And to your rescue, you find the easy-to-use facial kits by Mamaearth tucked away in your cabinet. Moments like these make you happy, provided you know how to do a facial at home the right way so you may derive maximum benefits.

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Facial: Meaning

As a popular and quick skincare treatment, a facial involves a multi-step treatment that is carried out manually to make the skin softer, suppler, and more hydrated. Products used in a facial usually consist of cleansing milk, face scrub, face gel, face cream, mask, and sunscreen or face cream used in the order mentioned. 

In addition, some deep cleansing facials involve using more than one mask if you have an underlying skin condition that needs prompt attention. Massaging the skin in a facial plays a crucial role in nourishing and hydrating skin. 

Benefits of Doing a Facial Regularly

There are many benefits that your skin gets when you indulge in a facial. Some of the benefits of a facial include:

– Cleansed skin 

– Reduces stress

– Treats premature aging 

– Opens up the skin’s pores

– Rejuvenates the skin

– Exfoliates dead skin

– Helps tighten skin 

– Promotes blood circulation

– Gives you an even skin tone

– Helps detoxify skin

– Reduces the dark circles under the eyes

– Helps reduce blackheads and whiteheads

– Boosts the absorption of products on the skin 

– Helps reduce acne breakouts and acne marks 

– Masks in the facial kit promote soft, supple, and glowing skin

How to do a facial massage at home?

Follow these facial massage steps to give yourself glowing, radiant, and hydrated skin in the comfort of your home. 

Step 1: Cleanse your face and wash your hands – You should start with a clean base. Unclean hands and facial skin are breeding grounds for bacteria; you would not want to slather your skin with them. If you have makeup, use a gentle scrub to cleanse your skin. Now that you have prepped your skin for a facial, let’s move to the next steps. 

Step 2: Start with a massage: Secure your hair in a band so that loose hair does not fall on your face before you start with a facial. Apply the cleansing milk on the face and neck on slightly damp skin. This will give you a “slip” or a “glide” that is essential when you do a facial. 

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If your skin is dry, you should first apply a generous amount of cleansing milk to hydrate it and avoid any inflammation. It is advisable to use gentle upward movements to let the cleansing milk get absorbed into the skin. Next, massage your skin for two minutes to cleanse your skin. Then, wash off with warm water. 

Time taken: Two minutes.

Step 3: Scrub the dead skin – Next, dot your skin and neck with the gentle face scrub and start massaging your skin in upward movements. Massage for about two minutes and cleanse your skin thoroughly to ensure no scrub beads are left on the skin. 

Time taken: Two minutes.

Step 4: Apply the face gel – Mamaearth’s all-new Ubtan Facial Kit has a fast-absorbing and lightweight face gel that sets the base for a massage. Massage the face gel till the skin completely absorbs it. This should take about five minutes. 

Time taken: Four minutes.

Step 5: Gear up for a relaxing massage – This step will provide the maximum hydration and nourishment to your skin. Use a generous amount of face cream on the face and neck. Use gentle upward strokes with a pressure that your skin can handle. Longer strokes are recommended. 

You can also use a face tool like a gua sha to let the goodness of the face cream get absorbed into your skin as you massage. A massage also helps to boost blood circulation to give your skin a flushed look. 

Time taken: Ten minutes.

Did you know? Skincare experts advise doing a facial at least four times a year.

Step 6: Draw out the toxins with the face mask – Once you have finished massaging your skin, take the desired quantity of the face mask and apply it on the face and neck with your fingers. Apply a thin layer and let it dry. When it is about 80% dry, wet your face and neck, massage again for a minute, and wash off with warm water. Pat your skin dry. 

Time taken: Ten minutes.

Step 7: Apply the face cream – This is your last step to the facial to lock in the moisture and hydration. Apply the face cream on the face and neck and massage gently upward until the cream is completely absorbed. 

Time taken: Two minutes.

Isn’t it easy when you know how to do a facial at home? And what’s easier is a facial kit with all the products you need to pamper your skin. In exactly 30 minutes, you have done your facial and taken a step forward to clear and radiant skin! 

What skincare products can I use in a daily regime?

To be able to use the right skincare products in your daily skincare regime, it is essential that you identify your skin type first. This will set the base of the products you can include based on your skin type. 

For example, for oily skin, you may eliminate face cream and use a face gel instead. Likewise, for dry skin, you must use face cream as it provides your skin with the required hydration to keep it soft and supple. If your skin is normal to combination, you can include a face moisturizer (in your AM regimen) and face cream (in your PM regimen) to get the required hydration as you sleep. 

Get the drift? Here is a list of products you can include in your skincare regime. 

1. Face wash – Cleansed skin equals clean skin. Cleansing your face and neck is the first step that should be a part of your AM routine. Then, you can use a specific face wash that best suits your skin type for better results. 

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Skin experts recommend that it is essential to wash your face at least twice a day. The first is to cleanse your face of the oils that may have accumulated when you have woken up, and the second is in the PM routine when you wash off impurities and dirt that may have accumulated through the day. 

Washing your face and neck is also critical in the PM routine if you have applied makeup or have stepped outdoors. You can also choose from our three foaming face washes. They also have silicone bristles that work brilliantly to dislodge the dirt that may have accumulated through the day. 

2. Face toner – Using a face toner can help to tighten the skin and open pores while locking in moisture and maintaining the skin’s pH balance. Using it is the second step in skincare, especially if you are wearing extensive makeup.

3. Face gel – If the skin is prone to breakouts, opt for face gels instead of creams. These products are incredibly lightweight and fast-absorbing. Also, give the aloe vera gels from Mamaearth a try. They can keep your skin nourished and hydrated. 

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Note: You can also use a face gel as a base before you apply makeup. 

4. Face moisturizer – A face moisturizer should be applied after the gel if you are using one. You can use an oil-free moisturizer if you have dry skin. For example, Mamaearth’s ACV Oil-Free Moisturizer is a boon to sensitive and oily skin. It helps reduce breakouts, control excess oil production, and maintain the skin’s natural pH balance. If you have dry skin, use a cream-based moisturizer, as your skin needs hydration. Try Mamaearth’s Honey Malai Moisturizer that locks in the moisture in your skin.

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5. Face cream – A must in your skincare routine if you battle dry skin. You can use a morning face cream in your AM routine and a night face cream in your PM routine.

6. Face scrub – Skin experts recommend using a face scrub not more than twice a week. Overusing it can cause abrasions and dry out your skin, making it inflamed. You should thus choose one as per your skin type.
For tanned skin, use the Ubtan Face Scrub, which reduces tan and uneven skin tone. For skin prone to breakouts, use the Tea Tree Face Scrub, which is packed with healing properties that soothe your skin and ensure fewer breakouts and acne.

7. Face mask – A face mask must be used at most once a week to give your skin added TLC and hydration. You can choose one that’s packed with clays and skin-purifying ingredients that cleanse your skin by removing the impurities and toxins that cause breakouts. You can also explore other face masks according to your skin type. 


  1. How to do a facial at home?

    Just follow the steps mentioned in the article, and you are ready to put your best face forward! It’s not daunting when you learn how to do a facial at home, and you’ll realize that with the right products, you can get clean and clear skin sitting at your home. 

  2. How do I choose the best facial for my skin?

    You can try Mamaearth’s Ubtan Facial Kit for glowing and radiant skin with one use. Packed with the goodness of saffron and turmeric, this facial kit helps reduce skin tan and helps to reduce uneven skin tone and blemishes, and even dark spots that are caused due to exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. 
    You can try Mamaearth’s Vitamin C Facial Kit for radiant skin. Vitamin C is known to be a natural skin enhancer. It helps to improve the skin texture while giving you radiance from the inside. 

  3. Which facial is best for glow?

    You can try the Glow Facial Kit by Mamaearth for glowing and radiant skin with one use. Packed with the goodness of saffron and turmeric, this facial kit helps reduce skin tan and helps to reduce uneven skin tone and blemishes, and even dark spots that are caused due to exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

  4. How many times can we do a facial in a month?

    A facial can help to plump your skin and give it an added radiance almost instantly. You should do a facial at least once a month if you have oily skin. Since a facial involves a lot of massaging, skin experts recommend limiting a facial to once a month for oily skin. 
    If you have dry skin, you can do so once a week till your skin gets the necessary hydration and nourishment. After that, use the facial kit as and when required. 

  5. Which facial is suitable for sensitive skin?

    Both the facial kits from Mamaearth are suitable for sensitive skin, but you may have to limit the usage to fortnightly for the best results. 

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