When it comes to our eyeliner game, we often look for trendy, chic looks to pep up our fashion appeal. From adding a shimmery touch to our makeup to creating a perfect winged line, eyeliner is a wonderful product for makeup enthusiasts. This blog is for people who love creating different eye looks but often do not know how to apply eyeliner. This blog thus talks about different eyeliner looks that are on-trend and popular among people. 

Your look can make a statement if you wear it with confidence. Eye makeup spruces the glam quotient and gives you an edge over others. You can always shake things up with the right hue of different colors. Not to mention, slaying the trend with a firm command over your eye brush is always a nice feeling. If you want to know some expert tips on using liquid eyeliner, here is a blog to help. 

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Different Ways to Apply Eyeliner to create Trendy Looks!

1. Sassy smokey eyes

Elegant, classy, and all things glam; smokey eye look has been buzzing for years. Using liquid eyeliner helps create an effortless yet detailed look for a glamorous look. To get the look, apply a thin layer of eye primer all over your eyes for a smooth application. Then, apply concealer to correct the unevenness of your skin. Now, draw a line on your upper and lower lash line using your eye pencil or kohl. 

Reaching for an eyeshadow brush and dipping it in the eyeshadow to smudge your eyeliner would be advisable. You could also try a messy look while giving a definite shape in the outer corner of your eye. To add, use brown color from your eyeshadow palette and blend it above the smudgy area if you wish to add definition to your look. Finally, apply a generous layer of mascara to your eyelashes, and you are ready to scatter your sparkle!

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Note: You should wear nude lipstick for a perfect makeup look and smokey eyes. Nude lips will pass attention to the eye drama you created.

2. Classic cat eye

Evergreen, classy, and full of the glam, classic cat eye has received praise for quite some time. Whether a wedding or a coffee date, applying eyeliner to create cat eye is a perfect way to elevate your look. You should begin by applying a primer beforehand and creating a sharp wing line on your upper lash line. You may use adhesive tape if you have an eye for perfection.

Now, place that tape in the outer corner of your eye; make sure your blending does not reach outside the tape. Now with that symmetrical winged line, you can blend the shadow according to the color of your outfit. First, select soft colors to give more attention to the cat eye look. While blending or drawing lines, you should stay gentle as cat eyes do not feature harsh lines.

3. Smudged eyeliner for drama 

Trend says the smudged eyeliner look is the most-asked look of all time. With minimal effort, you can achieve the dream-like definition of your eye look. It is an effortless rescue to your traditional smokey eye that can be smudged perfectly to make your smudged, messy look last. Depending on your outfit, the colors may go in the background around the creases for an illustrated eye. 

In this look, you don’t have to use adhesive tape; be sure to be definite with the blending. In short, do not reach your cheekbone while smudging. Not only does this look to make your eyes look bigger, but it also makes imperfections less noticeable. So, hold the eyeliner, smudge it out beautifully, and let it brighten your evening.

Pro tip: You may use a liner to outline the eyelid outwards and fill the lash line using kajal. Doing this hack will stop kajal from spreading badly. Afterward, you may pick out the black color from your eyeshadow palette to smudge it out.

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4. Nude eyeliner for a soft glam 

The nude eyeliner look has been in the trend lately because of its high-octane performance at weddings or fests. But whether you are heading for or what outfit you wear, this look goes with every occasion or trend. 

It gives an illusion of bigger eyes, adds definition, and gives soft, original hues to creases. You should go for a nude eyeliner pencil and line your upper lash line neatly to create a fabulous nude eyeliner look. 

To do that, you should go for a soft and nude color to color your creases before you apply eyeliner. Now, bounce your look by applying mascara with a few swipes. Finally, use a cotton pad to wipe out the extra product from the cheeks for a neat look. Step out in the crowd with your fashion-forward appeal as you attain the look.

Simple note: If you are going for a nude eye, you should use bright shades when applying lip serum or liquid lipstick to complete the look.

5. Two-toned eyeliner for a titillating, nuanced look 

This two-toned eyeliner is all you need to perk up your overall persona. It ensures your captivating look grabs all the attention when combined correctly. It is a merger of two lines to create a unique statement. To create this timeless look, apply eyeliner as usual, be it winged, traditional thin line, or cat eye. 

Then, choose another color of eyeliner and trail it carefully just above the line to complete your two-toned liner look. This look is all about mixing two subtle colors to create a mini rainbow effect with two colors. However, creating a look according to your outfit and hairdo is critical. For example, you may go for a bright shade on top of traditional black or try warmer shades on a brown line. So, blend colors and go creative.

6. Silver underliner for a glittery finish 

Another product you surely have come across- is Silver Underline. Whether a dinner date or a girls’ night out, this look will rescue you from the monotony. It adds a dash of silver hue to your lower lash line and gives an illusion of a perfect-lifted eye. This of-the-moment and quirky eye look are best suited for your special evening affair or night gathering. 

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You should not line your upper lash line if you are up for a subtle look. You should rather apply black eyeliner just above the lower waterline. This would give a stunning metallic effect to your eye and make your eye appear bolder. You should not choose bold colors on your crease as it draws all the attention from the silver lining. So, let your eyes be all things glittery and silvery!

7. Silver Inner Corners for on-point definition

The trend of shimmery eyes is all hype nowadays. This look is about adding silver hues to the inner corner of the eyes to beautify your eye effortlessly. It is a simple yet elegant fashion-forward appeal that goes well with your every look. Inner corner eye makeup is a natural attention-puller putting you ahead in your fashion game. Whether you are up for subtle highlights or glamming up your personality, it always works in your favor. 

Evergreen and refreshing eye look; it kicks your beauty looks up a few notches. To this look, apply silver eyeliner to the inner corners of your eye. However, choose eye shadow colors according to the event or your look. Don’t overdo it with bright or copper shades when attending formal events. Lastly, remove the mascara from your color care products collection and jazz up your lashes for a defined eye look.

8. Color-Blocked eyeliner with a color rush

With a vibrant color rush with a sleek finish, this color-blocked eyeliner look is a strong case of a modern and quirky statement. It gives a pop of brightness to your inner and outer corners and an appearance of big, glam eyes. In addition, it also enhances the eye look with a bright hint of colors and a subtle silver layering in the middle of the lash line. To get a neat color-blocked eyeliner look, start by lining the middle of your lash line with silver eyeliner. 

Next, you should reach for bright-colored eyeliner to line your eyes’ inner and outermost corners. Finally, seal the deal by applying mascara for lifted and well-defined lashes. It has a little old-school vibe, deeply drenched in a fusion of contemporary colors. So, let your eye emit the colors of boldness, vibrancy, and all things beauty. 

Fun fact: Eyeliners were invented in Ancient Egypt, somewhere around 4000 BC.

Easy way to apply eyeliner & flaunt your perfect winged look

The basic application of eyeliner is something you should nail before aiming for vibrant, on-trend looks. It is natural to get baffled with an eyeliner application even pro makeup artists make mistakes. It is all about practice and knowing basic tricks to have a firm command over eyeliner application. Here are the pointers that assist you when you apply eyeliner:

a. Prep the eye area

Prep the eye area by concealing your creases evenly. Then, before you go for it, apply a thick layer of primer under your eyes and on the lids. It creates a smooth base for your makeup. Now, set your base with a compact or loose powder.

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b. Top with eyeshadow, if using

This step should be done according to the look you wish for. For example, you may wish to skip the eye shadow application for a simple winged liner. However, you may use soft brown shades above your concealer application if you have an intense dark circle. It will stop it from turning gray or patchy.

Note: If you have a special event to attend, you may choose bright colors with a glittery effect.

c. Fix any errors

Spreading the product outside the eye is natural, so gently apply eyeliner to your eyes. In case of any makeup errors, use a cotton pad to remove the stain from the face. Even if you opt for an easy-to-use liquid eyeliner, you should give it time to dry.

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Key Highlights 

Makeup is a vast world where everyone tries differently and goes miles to achieve trendy looks. From exploring viral lip balms or trying celebrities’ red-carpet looks, it is one world full of options. Eyeliner remains everybody’s favorite, while the question ‘how to apply eyeliner’ will continue to be the most-asked one. So, learning to nail the art is one critical step in makeup. 

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Depending on how you use your eyeliner, it can help you have an intense, dramatic, soft, subtle or professional look. When you apply eyeliner, you are attempting to transform your look into an elegant and refined version of yourself. A perfect wing gives you a reign over your look to flaunt a chic, modern, and bold side of you. It’s just about the hands that need some practice, and soon, you will become a pro at it. 

You should thus take your paintbrush to channel your inner brightness into creating a look that surprises others around you. You could be a little quirky with your eyeliner game and present a beautiful color rush to which everyone turns their head. At Mamaearth, we have added the goodness of nature to our line of cosmetics for a gentle and nurturing makeup experience.

 Whether foundation or liner, you will find no toxins or harmful chemicals in our product range. So, shop wisely and reach out to products that never hurt your skin.

FAQs :

  1. How to remove eyeliner?

    It is advisable to use oil-based makeup removers or micellar water while removing eyeliner. To begin with, take a cotton pad and pump out a generous amount of makeup removers to dissolve the eyeliner. While doing that, use a makeup remover with a deep cleansing formula with no toxins to hurt your eyes. 
    You should use a cotton pad as normal cotton may leave behind fibers that may get stuck in your eyes. Don't rub or wipe the cotton pad aggressively against the eyes, be gentle while removing the eyeliner. After using the cleansing balm, do not forget to rinse off the makeup with a sulfate-free face wash.

  2. What is eyeliner?

    Eyeliner is a makeup essential used to color around the eyes to accentuate the appearance of the eyes. It is usually applied on the eyes' upper and lower lash lines to give them a definite shape while making them appear bigger and more defined. It has various colors and formulas to create different eye looks. It is available in gel, liquid, powder, pencil, etc. 

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