Between face cleansers and moisturizers, a water-based product deserves a little more attention: a face toner. It offers the second step to the rule of thumb- ‘Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing’ of a successful skin care regimen. Using a safe and toxin-free toner for the face benefits us by gently refreshing the skin cells without removing their natural moisture content. 

Toners were once considered a ‘yet-another’ skincare product that could help soak up excess oil. However, toners have become even more important with so many innovations in the skincare industry. Thanks to these effective formulations, alcohol-free toners are fast becoming a norm in several skincare regimens. But before we discover face toner uses for the skin, let’s uncover some basics. 

What is Face Toner?

A face toner is a water-based solution that helps extract excess oil from the skin’s epidermis layer, balances pH, and locks in enough moisture. When the skin’s natural oil (or sebum) mixes with the sweat and impurities, it makes a layer of the acid mantle with a pH level of 4.5 or 5. This may cause inflammation or may accelerate the onset of wrinkles. 

Using chemically-enriched skincare products does help your skin clear of impurities and wipes off the skin’s essential oils. This disrupts its sensitive pH balance and makes it prone to drying or inflammation. A nourishing toner helps neutralize this pH, boost hydration, and repair skin texture. 

What are the uses of face toners?

Face toners gently exfoliate the skin, impart glow, minimize the appearance of pores, and restore the pH level of the face. It does wonders for almost every skin type. Adding it to your skincare routine is quick, easy, and affordable. 

However, if you are still skeptical of skin toner uses or effectiveness. Here are ten proven face toner benefits by which it can amp up your skincare routine:

1. Cleanses and shrinks skin pores

 If there is one product that could help you achieve a glowing complexion, it is a toner. It minimizes the appearance of pores, thus giving you a flawless skin complexion and tone. It also makes your skin softer and clearer by removing dead skin cells, excess sebum, and dust particles. One of the most common uses of toner on the face is the removal of makeup.

2. Creates a protective layer on the skin

Regularly using a nourishing toner creates a barrier against environmental stressors. It helps the skin stay healthy and unaffected by environmental triggers. Hence, it is recommended to use face toner, especially after removing facial hair. 

3. Balances the skin’s natural pH

 The human skin is naturally acidic, but some skin care products, such as face cleansers, may be alkaline. Therefore, using them may deprive the skin of its natural oils and negatively affect its pH balance. Toners are quick and easy-to-use water-based solutions that reset the skin’s pH level to normal. 

4. Boosts hydration

Most face toners are hydrating and calming, and they help moisturize the skin cells. They also improvise the skin’s ability to retain moisture from the serums you apply afterward. 

5. Tightens the skin 

It is best to opt for a facial toner that features witch hazel and aloe vera. Including such a skincare product in your AM and PM routine will make your skin stay younger and fresher. 

6. Refreshes the skin

Ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber keep the skin adequately hydrated and refreshed for a long time. Nowadays, face toners formulated with these ingredients are recommended as an after-sun treatment. In addition, skin experts recommend toner to those who spend a lot of time outdoors. 

7. It helps with the proper absorption of other skincare products

Toner preps your skin so other products can penetrate deeper into the skin and work efficiently. A well-formulated toner removes a layer of dust and grime from the skin so that other layers of products you apply get absorbed well. 

8. It helps prevent ingrown hairs

Toners are great exfoliating agents that slough away dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hair. Plus, they are easy to use- spritz or dab, an attribute that helps greatly when on the go.

9. It acts as a moisturizer

Toners enriched with humectants help the skin lock in moisture. However, that does not mean you can replace a moisturizer with a toner. Both have their jobs, but toner surely makes the moisturizer more effective. 

10. Prevents acne and other skin blemishes

Toners’ antibacterial and astringent properties minimize the chances of acne and breakouts. By cleansing the skin, they reduce the risk of future breakouts. So, they make the most important part of the anti-acne regimen. 

The above ten pointers briefly describe the most common uses of toners for treating facial blemishes. You may thus use this skincare product to get a glowing and radiant appearance with its regular use. 

About Mamaearth Face Toners

Initially, toners were assumed to be an extra step in skincare. However, with changes in everything beauty, toners are now considered the staple in classic three-step CTM- Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize. With their nature-inspired and effective ingredients, Mamaearth face toners are suitable for all skin types. 

Let’s quickly review the bestselling face toners from Mamaearth!

Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Toner-

If you love vitamin C’s skin-brightening and lightening properties, you should try our face toner too. Its regular use balances the skin’s pH while helping in pore cleansing and tightening. Toner, the second step in your skincare regime, when used regularly, helps to tighten and cleanse pores from within while also preventing the skin from acne and breakouts. 

The goodness of Aloe Vera face gel, Cucumber, Witch Hazel, and many more active ingredients are packed into the unique alcohol-free recipe of Mamaearth Vitamin C face toner. The vitamin C in this cucumber toner encourages strong collagen synthesis, improving skin firmness and brightness. 

Witch hazel calms sensitive skin prone to acne, reduces inflammation, and minimizes skin pores. This toner’s alcohol-free formulation helps bring your skin’s pH level back to its natural state. Cucumber is a well-known skincare ingredient that provides moisture, lowers inflammation, and soothes skin inflammation.

Trending Product

Vitamin C Face Toner

Tightens Open Pores | Restores Skin’s pH Balance

Mamaearth Rose Face Toner-

We wholeheartedly agree that healthy skin results from the regular use of toner on face. Our Rose Face Toner targets open pores while purifying the skin and giving it a natural glow. 

It is packed with Rose Water and Witch Hazel benefits that help ease skin irritation, sunburn, and inflammation. Make sure your face is clean, then use our calming skincare product to prepare your skin for serum and moisturizer. We are confident that after just one swipe, you’ll be hooked. 

Trending Product

Rose Face Toner

Detoxifies Skin | Tightens Open Pores

Mamaearth Niacin Face Toner- 

It’s time to say goodbye to damaged skin, open pores, and acne scars. For clear, healthy skin, use Mamaearth Niacin Face Toner, designed with witch hazel’s benefits and niacinamide’s strength. Free radical damage can be prevented with this moisturizing and purifying toner, and enlarged pores can be tightened.

Mamaearth Niacin Face Toner tightens the pores without over-drying the skin to treat acne. Its antioxidant qualities help lessen blemishes and other dark areas, making your skin tone more balanced. By decreasing acne scars and enlarged pores, this toner has been dermatologically tested to enhance the skin’s overall texture.

Trending Product

Niacin Face Toner

Reduces Acne Marks | Tightens Open Pores

Mamaearth Green Tea Face Toner- 

Mamaearth Green Tea Face Toner helps provide extra hydration to your skin. Made with the natural goodness of green tea, it balances your skin’s pH levels while removing excess oil and unclogging pores. Due to the powerful antioxidant properties of green tea, the toner fights free radical damage, stops acne, and makes your skin brighter and more uniform in texture. In addition, the toner, which contains collagen, tightens the face and seals pores, giving you skin that appears healthier and younger.

Trending Product

Green Tea Face Toner

Tightens Open Pores | Maintains Skin’s pH Levels

Skincare regime for clearer and healthier skin at home:

Any skin-care regimen should aim to optimize your complexion’s efficiency and diagnose or emphasize any problematic areas. Skin-care experts say, “Beauty regimens are an opportunity to identify changes within oneself.” As you get older, your skin will need different products. It’s not about achieving perfection, they emphasize. Let these essential skincare steps become your daily ritual to nourish your skin and balance your day.

Step 1: Cleansing: Cleansing your face is the most basic and significant step in any regimen. Every day, environmental toxins, dirt, and other contaminants come in contact with our skin and should be thoroughly eliminated. To prevent clogged pores, dullness, and acne, wash your face twice daily, in the morning and at night.

Use a non-foaming or mild, sulfate-free face wash to cleanse your skin. Sulfate-free cleansers effectively remove any extra oil or dirt that may have penetrated your skin pores while not drying out your skin. In addition, we recommend using toxin-free, and natural Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash, which helps control acne and minimizes open pores. 

A natural combination of neem and tea tree oil creates Mamaearth SLS and Paraben-Free Tea Tree Face Cleanser for acne. By thoroughly cleansing pollutants, battling bacteria, and regulating excessive oil secretion, it helps to avoid acne. All of this without removing the skin’s organic oils. The presence of aloe vera in the face wash helps to lessen inflammation and redness. It gently looks after your skin while making it appear healthy and bright. 

Note: Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week with a natural face scrub and nourish it with the best face cream according to your skin type. 

Step 2: Toning- While still regulating your complexion, these thin liquids give extra nutrients to help the other products in your routine absorb more quickly. Toner is usually believed to be unnecessary. However, toners can effectively incorporate particular ingredients you might not have in other products or add an additional layer of skin replenishment.

You must avoid using toners with alcohol in them. The harshness of these products on your skin is exacerbated by the fact that they also dehydrate your skin, which causes dryness. Instead, use toners with natural ingredients like rosewater and other moisturizing and nourishing components like hyaluronic acid and peptides. Choosing the correct toner according to your skin type and requirements is essential. Therefore, learn more about the toners mentioned above and choose accordingly.

Step 3: Moisturizing: A moisturizer’s primary objective is to hydrate and make the skin feel smoother. In general, moisturizers help to prevent dehydration through the skin’s outermost layer. They can also enhance the skin’s natural protective mechanisms, such as ceramides and other natural oils. 

For all skin types, experts advise using this product throughout the year. According to experts, “skin naturally loses the ability to retain moisture as we age,” and routines like washing can dehydrate the skin’s surface. Therefore, it is recommended to incorporate a natural and safe moisturizer into your daily routine.

In our recommendation, you should try our best-selling moisturizer, which is safe, natural, and dermatologically tested for all skin types. Mamaearth’s Vitamin C Oil-Free Face Moisturizer, formulated with the natural goodness of Vitamin C, is lightweight and rapidly absorbed, leaving you with sensationally soft and beautiful skin.

Trending Product

Vitamin C Oil-Free Moisturizer

Non-Sticky Moisturization | Restores Radiance

This is a non-sticky moisturizing formula enhanced with vitamin C, gotu kola, and vitamin E and was specifically created for the climate in India. Vitamin C’s antioxidants lighten dark spots and improve the skin’s luminosity, and gotu kola deeply nourishes skin, stimulates collagen production, and prevents sagging. It also hydrates the skin all day by penetrating deeply, maintaining your skin’s health, suppleness, and radiance without appearing dull.

Additional Tip: You should also apply a natural, safe, and nourishing face mask that helps provide radiant skin once a week. 

Step 4: Sunscreen: The most important skin-care product, according to experts, is sunscreen. It’s crucial to incorporate it into your routine throughout the year. The use of sunscreen regularly can help slow down the development of fine lines and wrinkles, textural flaws, and changes in the way pores appear. However, using sunscreen regularly can also help avoid the growth of some skin cancers.

Experts advise using a daily moisturizer or body lotion with a built-in broad spectrum SPF of at least 30 to make it simple to follow. Therefore, we recommend using Mamaearth Sunscreen Body Lotion with SPF30. This lightweight, moisturizing body lotion with SPF 30 deeply hydrates the skin, protecting it from sun damage.

The Ubtan Sunscreen Body Lotion gives your skin a radiant natural glow since it contains the beneficial ingredients turmeric and saffron. It has been proved that saffron can lighten skin, lessen hyperpigmentation, and offer natural sun protection. This body lotion with sunscreen is your skin’s best friend because turmeric contains antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage. 

Trending Product

Sunscreen Body Lotion

SPF 30 Sun Protection | Adds Glow to Skin

How to use Mamaearth Face Toner?

Step 1: Rinse off your face with Mamaearth Sulfate-Free Micellar Water Foaming Face Wash.

Step 2: Pour the toner on a cotton pad and gently dab it on your face and neck. Do not rub vigorously. 

Step 3: Follow it up with a silicone-free moisturizer.

 Now that you know the face toner uses, consider adding this essential product to your beauty care regimen. A dab of this gentle skin care product will help you improve your skin texture and tone. Its sane and regular use in the day and night care skincare regimens will help you get closer to a flawless and radiant skin complexion. 

It’s time to amp up your skincare regime with our exciting range of toxin-free face toners!


  1. How to use toner on the face?

    Toning is the second step in classing CTM. To use it, you should begin by rinsing off your face with a sulfate-free face cleanser. Now pour two to3 drops of toner on a cotton pad and dab it on your face and neck. Do not rub vigorously. Lastly, follow it up with a silicone-free moisturizer.

  2. What is face toner?

    A face toner is a water-based solution enriched with hydrating ingredients to cleanse your face of dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells. Most cleansers strip away the skin’s essential oils, so toners are formulated to balance the skin’s disrupted pH. They are used right after face cleansing and before adding a layer of moisturization.

  3. When to use face toner?

    Face toners are a quick and easy-to-use formula for Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing. You can use it in your day and night care regimens for an instant boost of hydration to the skin.

  4. Why is toner used on the face?

    A face toner is an exfoliating agent that intends to remove any traces of dust, impurities, makeup, and even dead skin cells from the skin’s deepest layers. Regularly using a safe and gentle face toner for your day and night skincare routine can impart a radiant glow to the skin. It would also minimize the skin pores, balance its pH level, and helps slow down signs of aging.

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