Habits such as brushing teeth regularly, drinking milk and eating healthy will go a long way in helping your baby to become a healthy man!

The phrase, “the earlier, the better” fits perfectly when discussing the importance of oral hygiene. Does questions such as when should you start brushing your baby’s teeth, how to manage your baby’s oral health concern you? If so, then follow these simple ways for the oral health of your baby.

Don’t let your baby sleep with a bottle

When you feed your baby from a bottle, make sure that you remove it he or she is once done with it. There are more chances of tooth decay when babies fall asleep with the bottle as the milk stays in their mouth.

Once the teeth appear, start cleaning them

You can begin cleaning your infant’s teeth by wiping with a delicate material or brushing with a little delicate toothbrush and warm water twice every day. Organic bamboo based brushes are available in the market, specially crafted for babies. Regular brushing helps to get rid of plaque that causes the decay of teeth.

But a baby’s toothpaste only

Once your baby is about a year old, you can buy a baby’s toothpaste for cleaning his little tooth, as adult toothpaste are not recommended for him. MamaEarth Berry Blast Toothpaste is a fluoride and SLS free toothpaste for babies. This 100% natural product formulated with high-quality ingredients like Xylitol, Aloe and Stevia. Fluoride free toothpaste for kids removes plaque, it tastes good and also helps in strengthen their gums.

Milk as a source of calcium 

Children under a year ought to drink breastmilk. Remember that milk is the best source of calcium. Calcium keeps their teeth grow strong and healthy. Avoid feeding your baby with flavoured milk, as the sugar content in them is high, which can spoil their teeth.

Healthy food for oral health

Once babies reach 6 months of age, they can start consuming solid food. At this point, ensure that you get them habituated to healthy homemade food. Snacks, packages juice with added sugar and chocolates can damage his teeth faster and hence cause problems later. Remember always that children get their food habit from watching their parents and other family members. So eat healthily and keep your baby healthy.

Regular oral check-ups

It is a good practice to take your little one for a periodic oral health check-up to avoid oral problems in the later life. Milk teeth being very delicate gets damaged very fast. A regular

So, keep these in mind to maintain an oral health for your baby!