Damaged Hair? Consider This a Rescue Operation

Woman with Damaged Hair

Are split ends, early greying, hair breakage, or hair thinning making you worrisome? If yes, get vigilant as your hair might be severely damaged.

Damaged hair is one of the most common hair problems that most of us face. Your hair begins to feel lifeless, brittle, dull, and frizzy, and hair fall is more than ever before. Everyday exposure to harmful UV rays, pollution, stress, unhealthy diet, lifestyle, and usage of toxic chemicals contribute to its damage. If not taken care of early, it leads to significant hair loss or baldness. So, what do you need for the immediate and effective rescue of your damaged strands?

Before beginning with the rescue operation, let’s know the signs and understand the causes of the hair damage.

Hair damage occurs when the outside layer, or the cuticle, develops cracks, which causes hair to become frizzy and tangled. It also leads to cortex damage and increases the risk of further damage and breakage.

Damaged Hair and Signs to Look Out For

  1. Split Ends
  2. Hair Breakage
  3. Hair Greying
  4. Hair Thinning
  5. Hair Fall
  6. Faded Hair
  7. Dull Hair
  8. Slow or No Growth of Hair

These signs are just the tip of the iceberg. But what primarily causes hair damage and paves the way for these signs to show up? Read on to know.

  1. Stress Levels: We all go through emotional, physical, and mental stress that plays havoc on our hair. It stems from the kind of lifestyle we have. The tension increases the production of free radicals in our body, which causes hair fall and hair damage.
  1. Sun Exposure: The sun emits harmful UV rays, consistent exposure to these rays causes severe weathering of hair that weakens them and results in them becoming damaged, dull, and lifeless.
  1. Pollution: Pollution today is hard to escape. It is present everywhere, be it the water we drink or air we breathe. The toxins are a part of our lives, and we get affected by them daily. Living and breathing in pollution not only deteriorate our health but also causes damage to hair. As the hair is often unprotected, it falls prey to the particulate matter present in the air. Smoke, dust, and gaseous pollutants settle on hair and scalp, causing irritation and infection, which worsens hair health. It leads to dryness, breakage, early greying, and even untimely baldness in many people.
  1. Styling Equipment: We all love partying, this means styling hair to stand out in the crowd. Various equipment like curlers, iron rods, and straightening rods that use heat are brought in to style the hair as per the demand. The continued use of these tools damages the hair and makes them brittle and dry.
  1. Harmful Coloring And Bleaching Chemicals: Youth and aged alike, love to color their hair. They make their hair go through the coloring, bleaching, and highlighting process. And knowingly make their hair condition worse by allowing the application of harmful coloring chemicals and agents. These chemicals make hair strands frail, cause severe damage by entering into the hair shaft, and weaken it from within.
  1. Tight Hairstyles: Tying the hair in tight ponytails or other similar hairstyles pull the hair at the roots and prevent hair from regrowing. Tight hairstyles cause hair breakage, which eventually results in hair loss majorly at the crown of the head, and in some cases, baldness.
  1. Chemical Hair Treatments: Hair processes such as perming and straightening require the use of formaldehyde chemicals. This toxic chemical changes hair’s structure and causes severe damage to the hair like split ends, hair breakage, hair thinning, and hair loss.

Even the use of chemical-laden hair shampoo and hair conditioner changes the pH of the hair and scalp and causes significant hair damage.

Now that you have understood the causes of hair damage check out the much-needed hair rescue operation

Tips to Take Care of Damaged Hair

  1. Wear Scarves and Hats: Use scarves and hats to protect your hair from pollution and sun exposure. You can also use natural heat protectant hair care products that suit your hair type, whenever going out.
  1. Lay Off Styling Tools and Chemical Treatments: Use fewer hair styling tools, and stay away from harmful chemicals so that your damaged hair can get back to its original health and texture.
  1. Massage Your Scalp And Hair: Massage the scalp and hair regularly with natural oils. For this, you can either use Mamaearth Onion Hair oil or Root Restore oil to nourish and repair the damaged strands. Massaging improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth, which increases hair volume, texture, length, and thickness.
  1. Organic Hair Care Products: Use hair care products packed with natural nourishers to restore damaged hair. For this, you can use Mamaearth’s array of organic shampoos and hair conditioner for dry hair made with nature’s hardworking ingredients like argan, onion, and tea tree. Use the one that suits your specific needs.
  1. Hair Care with Serum: Take extra care of hair with power-boosting serum. Apply on the lengths of damaged hair to chase away frizz, breakage, split ends, and hair fall problems. Use Mamaearth’s Onion hair serum for women and men as it is natural and helps make hair vigorous, improves the hair quality, increases the thickness, and restores the lost health of the hair.
  1. Deep condition with Hair Masks: Provide nourishment, strength, agility, and life to your hair with a thoughtfully curated organic hair mask. Mamaearth range of natural hair masks, namely Onion Hair Mask, Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask, and Argan Hair Mask– are all equipped with restoring nutrients that help reverse the damage and rejuvenate the hair. So, buy the one that suits your hair to treat the damaged hair and to take extra care of any other hair problems.  

The Take-Away

Remember, it requires patience and diligence to treat damaged hair and revive its health; it is not something easy to attain overnight or in days or even weeks. So, take extra care of your hair by taking out time to nourish and repair it well. Adhere to and incorporate the tips mentioned above, and you will be on your merry way to reestablish the health of your hair.

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