Skincare becomes second nature only when you are concerned enough about it. You might have a hustling lifestyle without space for self-care and meeting your needs. But, following a skincare ritual, even if it is as small as using a daily-use cream for your face, is a significant sign that you value your skin’s health. 

Your skin goes through a lot, from the scorching summers to the windy winters. Even if you stay indoors all day, you are still in touch with the external environment. So, if you do not believe in following a skincare routine or using a face moisturizer, you are risking your skin’s health in the long run. 

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Skincare Guide: What Should a Perfect Skincare Routine Look Like?

While we will discuss the different aspects of using a cream for the face, first, let’s know the basics of an ideal skincare routine. Here goes:

#Step 1: Wash your face - Washing your face is the first step towards a healthy skincare regimen. It breathes a new lease of life into your tired facial skin and helps it freshen up. You should thus wash your face with a mild and gentle face wash twice a day to remove dust, dirt, and grime.

A face cleanser is meant to make your skin clean and refreshed. When done correctly, this step makes your skin more susceptible to absorbing the nutrients from other skincare products. You should use it twice daily for at least four to six weeks to see visible results on your skin.

#Step 2: Exfoliate your skin - A rarely known secret to healthier skin is exfoliation. This process uses a mild face scrub that suits your skin type and texture. It usually has a coarse, beady texture that enables the removal of stubborn dirt, grease, and dead skin cells from your face. 

In addition, it would also prevent your face from looking dull and greasy all day. Scrubbing is a ‘once-a-week’ or ‘twice-a-week’ face care routine to remove dead skin cells from your facial skin. You should note that skin exfoliation is always a routine and time-based activity.

#Step 3: Tone it up - Skin toning is filling the skin pores with adequate nutrients that help maintain your skin quality without being affected by the cleansing processes. Usually, the above steps tend to wash away the natural oils present in your skin.

Using a hydrating face toner helps close those pores and uplift your skin that bogs down after the specific cleansing ritual. In addition, it replenishes your skin cells with vital nutrients that help in giving a natural glow to your skin. You should use this skincare essential twice daily for at least a month to see visible results. 

#Step 4: Hydration is necessary - Skin hydration is equally vital as the cleansing ritual. This is where using best face cream for women comes in handy. It gives your skin the nourishment it needs to cope with the exhaustive processes of washing and scrubbing.

Skin moisturization comes with multiple benefits for your facial skin. It makes your face look supple and keeps dryness at bay. In addition, you should use a face moisturizer to nourish your skin with nutrition and care. It should be used twice daily for at least four to six weeks to see the results on your skin. 

#Step 5: Under-eye skin nourishment - The skin beneath your eyes is twice as delicate as your facial skin. So, if you are leading a stressed lifestyle, the first signs are dark circles, puffiness around your eyes, etc. This is where using an under-eye cream comes into the picture.

The under-eye cream helps keep your skin underneath the eyes happy and healthy. It helps remove dark circles, puffiness, or saggy skin beneath your eyes and gives them a youthful look. It also helps in preventing premature aging of your skin. We suggest you use it at least twice a day to witness the results on your skin. 

#Step 6: Shield your skin - Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are essential to nourishing the skin. But protecting your skin from the after-effects of environmental aggressors is also essential. Yes, we are talking about using good sunscreen on your skin.

A sunscreen with SPF has more functions than just preventing your skin from getting darker. It also fights free radical damage and oxidative stress. In addition, sunscreen cream for the face resists the sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays, thus keeping your skin fresh, bright, and beautiful all day long.

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As we just spoke about the perfect skincare ritual to follow daily, we also need you to understand the importance of using a cream for the face. So let’s learn what a face cream is, its functions, and how you pick the right one for your skin.

Face Cream - Definition & Importance

A moisturizer or a face cream is a specially formulated skincare product that meets your skin’s hydration, nutrition, and nourishment needs. In addition, it helps give back your skin its natural moisture after the cleansing process. These skincare products come in different variations. While each has its uniqueness and purpose, its primary goal is to prevent dryness. 

So let’s talk about its significant responsibilities, one by one:

- No more dryness: Skin dryness is a sensitive topic to be paid attention to. After cleansing and exfoliation, your skin pores are open and susceptible to dryness or clogging. They may get filled with toxins in your environment with a lack of nourishment. This leads to acne or blackheads.

The face cream is the nourishment your skin needs at the moment. It helps provide adequate hydration and care without worrying about anything else. In addition, it adds vital vitamins and minerals to your skin pores, thus strengthening the skin’s cellular structure.

- Smoothness calling: Smooth skin is a dream for many of us. However, various skincare troubles, from uneven texture to skin tone, are seldom discussed. No matter what skin type you have, using a face cream becomes more of a necessity than a choice here. A face cream helps add that smoothness to your skin by giving adequate moisture to your skin. In addition, it smoothens and softens the skin’s texture.

- Slows down premature aging: Premature aging results from too much exposure to the external environment, stress, and having no backup for skin nourishment. Fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes become more evident once they start setting in. 

A face cream helps in keeping the skin naturally healthy. It helps your skin escape the signs of premature aging and adds a dewy radiance to your facial skin. So, if you haven’t been using a moisturizer, now is the time to change!

- Enhancement to ‘no-makeup’ look: If you love keeping it soft and subtle, using a face moisturizer can be a great way to start. A ‘no-makeup’ look involves the usage of minimal cosmetics and makes your face look natural and presentable. 

A face cream adds a nice bounce to your skin. It helps in giving an even skin tone and smooth texture. It also keeps flaky skin at bay and adds a healthy glow to your face. So, hydrate and shine away!

- Say ‘Yes’ to skin repair: From pollution to climate change, your facial skin is the most exposed to the external environment. These aggressors damage your skin in more ways than one. Unfortunately, a face moisturizer is one of the biggest skincare boons you can get hold of. 

It helps accelerate cell repair and regeneration processes. Therefore, the best moisture cream for the face has to be the one that enables effortlessness in these steps for your skin to heal faster. Thus, moisturize because it’s your skin’s BFF!

How to Shortlist the Best Face Cream?

The market today offers us an abundance of choices for your skincare regimen. However, only some products are meant to serve your needs efficiently. Here are three factors that will help you decide better on the suitable cream for your skin.

1. Know your skin type: Your skin type plays a vital role in determining your skin’s needs. It helps pick the products that serve your skin with hidden purposes that even you didn’t know of before.

For instance, if you have normal but dull skin, you should always try Mamaearth Vitamin C Day Cream For Skin Illumination. It has the nourishing properties of Vitamin C and Niacinamide, adding a healthy glow to your face with every application. 

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Similarly, you can pick Mamaearth Green Tea Day Cream if you have oily skin. It would control breakouts and help you have clear and blemish-free skin. In addition, it would also gently cleanse the open pores and drive out toxins.

2. Know your problems: Skincare only sounds complicated when you do it improperly. To start right, you need to check on the issues you face daily. For instance, if your primary skin concern is hyperpigmentation, you can always try Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream.

This safe and gentle face cream deeply moisturizes the skin, treats hyperpigmentation, and slows down multiple signs of aging. It has Vitamin C, Licorice Extracts, and Mulberry Extracts that help treat these skin problems efficiently. 

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Similarly, if you need the best cream for face glow, Mamaearth Vitamin C Daily Glow Face Cream should be your perfect pick. It has the goodness of Vitamin C and Turmeric to give you flawless skin with every application. In addition, it is not tested on animals and is toxin-free. 

3. Know your ingredients: Which specific ingredients are you allergic to? What makes your skin dry and flaky? What suits your skin? - the list of questions is endless. But if you answer these questions mindfully, you may be on the right track to getting the face cream that suits your skin. 

For instance, Mamaearth’s face cream range features only safe and natural ingredients that benefit your skin in the long run. In addition, these products are free from harmful toxins like Parabens, Sulphates, SLS, SLES, and artificial fragrances to give toxin-free care to your skin like no other.

4. Know your authentications: There is no turning back once you switch to nature-based products. But, before making a purchase, you need to check a few things - symbols that say they aren’t tested on animals, they are dermatologically tested, or signs that speak for the safety they offer. 

For instance, if you are looking for the best cream for dark spots on the face, your first concern should be to check if it suits your skin type. Then, you should also check if it is safe to use on sensitive skin or not and so on. Mamaearth’s face cream range is natural, cruelty-free, and free from harmful ingredients. 

Summing Up!

It is advisable to use a face cream every day to keep out skincare issues. It also helps combat the damages caused by the external environment. Thus, using it in a skincare routine will benefit your skin and protect it from the damage caused by free radicals and pollutants.

Selecting a face moisturizer isn’t as easy as choosing a face mask. It requires paying heed to factors like skin type, ingredients, and others we discussed earlier. At Mamaearth, we bring you home to traditional skincare hacks through effective natural products.

As these will work when used consistently, you should take significant steps towards a healthier lifestyle. As self-care and skincare go hand in hand, why not take a step toward them?


  1. Which face is cream best for the night?

    Ideally, you should pick a face cream that suits your purpose, needs, skin requirements, and type. For instance, if you want healthy and radiant skin, Mamaearth Aloe Vera Night Cream can be your ideal choice. It features Aloe Vera, Citric Acid, Ashwagandha, and Glycerin. These ingredients help the skin retain moisture, thus making its texture healthier and improving its natural glow. 

  2. How can I make my skin glow?

    To achieve glowing skin, you should pick the right skincare products that match your skin type and use them in the correct order. In addition, you can achieve better results with your skincare routine if you back them up with a stress-free lifestyle and a healthy diet. Hence, glowing skin results from healthy lifestyles and using the right products. 

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