It is natural for a mom-to-be to worry about things like when would the labour kick in? Will she be prepared enough when it’s time to go to the hospital for childbirth? What all would she need to pack in the hospital bag? What if she misses something important?


Planning in advance can help you feel prepared & confident during the final days of pregnancy. You will be in the hospital at least 3 days in case you have a virginal birth & 4 – 5 days in case of a caesarian section delivery. You will need a lot of things for yourself & for your newborn. Here is a little guide to help you pack your bag for the hospital. Click HERE for a printable form of this hospital bag checklist.

Tips For Packing Hospital Bag

  • Keep the bag ready by 36th week of your pregnancy.
  • Keep a copy of all your updated medical records in bag.
  • Make sure your medical insurance details are handy & easily accessible.
  • Keep light snacks such as granola bars or protein bar etc.
Hospital Bag for Delivery: What to Pack

What To Pack For Yourself?

  • Although hospitals do provide their gowns, but to be on the safer side, pack a few pair of loose & airy gowns. There are brands such as, etc that offer comfortable & classy maternity wear.
  • Keep spare hairbands & rubber bands, as open hair can irritate you while in labour.
  • Air-conditioned rooms can make your lips feel dry & irritated. Keep a natural lip balm such as Mamaearth’s Strawberry Natural Lip Balm in your bag.
  • Keep a few packs of facial wipes for instant freshness. Mamaearth’s Organic Bamboo Wipes are mild & ideal for delicate skin of your face.
  • A loose and comfortable outfit for changing during discharge.
  • Comfortable & supportive footwear.
  • Few full support feeding bras. Invest in good brands such as Inner Sense, Lovable, and Triumph etc.
  • Once the milk supply kicks in, you would need good quality breast pads as well. Breast pads from good brands such as Madela and Avent are super absorbent & can save you from accidental spoiling of your clothes.
  • During initial days, the baby might not be able to latch well & you can experience painful broken nipples. Keep Mamaearth’s Nipple Butter Cream in your bag to help you with faster & natural healing.
  • Pack highly absorbent sanitary pads especially meant for post-delivery bleeding.
  • Keep your daily need toiletries & skincare products in a pouch for when you are allowed to have a bath.

What To Pack For The Baby?

  • At least 4 sets of loose and seasonally appropriate clothes such as rompers, jhablas, sleep suits etc.
  • 2 – 3 pairs of socks, mittens & booties depending on the season.
  • 2 caps to cover the head.
  • A few pieces of muslin cloth or burp cloth.
  • Liquid soap, shampoo, massage oil, hair oil, dusting powder, wipes, etc for baby. Mamaearth has a whole range of Everyday Baby Essentials for your newborn that you can keep in your hospital bag.


Once your bag is ready, it is better to keep it inside your car to make sure that at last moment; you do not forget to carry it to the hospital or do not have to worry about the bag.