Cappuccino or frappe, coffee lovers know the kick they get after having their first cup in peace. Strong, intense, and impactful – that’s what coffee is. Similar to its characteristics are the reasons why coffee scrubs are in high demand. It is a face or body scrub that is formulated primarily with coffee.
They come in different forms – powder or thick liquid texture. They are designed to offer skin exfoliation and other related skincare benefits. For example, some offer oil control, and others might help reduce hyperpigmentation, and so on.

CoCo Face Scrub

Gently Exfoliates and Removes Dead Skin

What does a Perfect Skin Care Routine look like?

Developing a personalized skincare routine takes time, and it becomes challenging if you do not know your skin type. You might also find it complex to balance a hectic lifestyle with several products. However, once matched with a simpler meaning and usage, you could connect better.

Let’s start with what an ideal skincare routine looks like:

  • Cleanse: No matter how simple your routine is, it won’t be effective if you do not clean your face regularly. Washing your face with a mild and gentle face wash helps a lot. It helps cleanse your skin of dirt, impurities, and dust that settles on your face. Using it twice a day would prepare your skin for a nice, refreshed look.
  • Tone: There is a good possibility of your skin getting washed off its natural nutrients during the face cleansing. Using a face toner helps bring it back but also helps restore cell regeneration and makes your skin look youthful.
  • Exfoliate: Here’s a step that many miss out on – exfoliation. This step involves using a face scrub to remove the deposit of dead skin cells on your facial skin. It has a coarse and beady texture that helps in unclogging pores easily. In addition, it removes the dirt that sticks to your skin cells but isn’t visible to the naked eye. Exfoliation gives your skin a revived look naturally.
  • Under-eye cream: One of the underestimated skin care products of all time. An under-eye cream helps reduce puffiness, swelling, and dark circles in the under-eye skin and promotes an even skin tone. It would work best when you follow lifestyle habits like adequate nourishment and proper sleep. (Please note that it is different from face cream).
  • Moisturize: After following the extensive cleansing process, there are chances that your skin will feel dry. Therefore, a face moisturizer is essential to maintain your skin’s elasticity and repair procedures. It should feature moisturizing ingredients (like jojoba oil or aloe vera) that would provide essential nutrients and prevent dryness.
  • Sunscreen: Sun protection is a need. When you apply sunscreen on your face, you aren’t only preventing tanning but also fighting free radicals. It shields your skin from severe damage caused by sun exposure and external aggressors and keeps your skin healthy. Good-quality sunscreens work with face gels and may even come in the form of one too.

If you want to restore your skin’s nutrients quicker, you can apply a face mask that provides protection and hydration in the best way possible. It fills your skin with essential nutrients and gives it a brightened and youthful appearance. However, long-lasting results come from following the routine mentioned above.

Coffee Face Scrub Benefits: Healthy Skin is just a Scrub away!

Coffee has various health benefits within. But the benefits of applying a coffee face scrub on the face are too many to ignore. Let’s discuss them in detail:

When you use a coffee scrub for oily skin, the coffee helps improve blood circulation, unclog pores, and prevent acne breakouts on your face. This coffee face scrub gives you clear and beautiful skin in no time.

CoCo Face Mask

Energizes Skin and Reduces Tan

How to Pick the Best Coffee Scrub?

Today, you have several alternatives to anything you want. The mind is bound to get confused. If you are looking for a coffee scrub for your body or face, maybe it is time you get aware of what you need. We will now discuss the ideal checklist you need to maintain before shopping for yourself.

Let’s take a look at it in detail:

  • What’s inside? – Unless you keep a tab on what you are feeding your skin, you will never know what it truly needs. This is why knowing the ingredients of any skincare product is a must. It helps you understand what you are putting yourself into. When selecting a coffee scrub for yourself, make sure you choose one with a majority of natural ingredients or extracts. When you choose natural ingredients, you are choosing nature for your skincare. Mother nature has a solution for everything. However, modern dynamics have changed the thought process of many of us. If you pick a product that contains more harmful chemicals than natural ingredients, you may achieve short-term benefits but it might ruin your skin’s texture forever.
  • Authenticity check done? – By checking the product’s authenticity, we mean you check its purity standards. The certifications symbolize that the government has tested and verified the product. Make sure you check for cruelty-free and toxin-free symbols when you pick your coffee scrub. The first one signifies that it hasn’t been tested on animals. If it also claims to be toxin-free, it is free from harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sulfates, SLS, SLES, and artificial fragrances.
  • What are the benefits offered? – Every skincare product comes with the benefits that it promises. However, make sure the goals aren’t unrealistic and too far-fetched. If they seem unattainable to you without making a major compromise, immediately dropping the idea of purchase is the ideal option. Almost every scrub promises exfoliation. If you want a coffee scrub for lips and face exfoliation, ensure it comes with skin brightening and tightening benefits. If it claims to be gentle and calming on your skin, that is your buy!
  • Is it convenient? – When we talk of convenience, we talk of ease, comfort, and affordability. Do you often ignore this factor because the benefits seem too reliable? You are not alone. When purchasing any skincare product, you should ensure that it is easy to use and safe to carry when traveling. Is it reasonably priced? Does using it involve too many precautions? If the answer to all these questions makes you second guess your product, maybe it is time to switch to a better alternative. When you pick a coffee scrub, make sure you can keep it handy, afford it, and it is completely easy and safe to use. Try our coffee products range for clean and healthy skin.

Mamaearth products to try

Your facial skin is very delicate yet is the most exposed to the external environment. From pollution to the harmful UV rays, it faces all. The problem arises when you do not see the pile of dead skin cells making your skin look normally dull.

Our bestsellers are named so because they have been winning hearts everywhere. We blend nature with technology to give you the best of skincare with effortless ease. We thus welcome you to try our safe, gentle, and toxin-free coffee-based skin care product called CoCo Face Scrub For Rich Exfoliation.

No matter your skin type, it brings you home to fresh and rejuvenated skin in no time. It has rich ingredient properties that give your skin the love it needs. Let’s look at the key ingredients and their benefits:

Coffee: Just like your first cup in the morning, it energizes your skin too! Rich in exfoliation benefits, it easily removes dead skin cells from your facial skin. It also removes other skin impurities that aren’t visible to the naked eye. It tightens the skin and makes it look bright and radiant!

Cocoa: Have you ever known that cocoa is rich in antioxidants? Yes, you read it right. It has vital nutrients and antioxidants that help slow aging, improve skin elasticity, and offer deep exfoliation.

Shea Butter: It is widely known for its intense hydration properties. Shea butter helps in providing moisture and nutrition to your skin naturally. It has high anti-inflammatory and healing properties that make your skin look young, supple, and naturally healthy!

coffee scrub for face

Summing Up

Skin exfoliation is not a luxury but a necessity to follow in every skincare routine. Removing dead skin cells from your face is necessary for unclogging your pores and giving your skin a natural revival. Using a coffee scrub eases the process and is gentle on your skin.

While picking a coffee scrub for yourself, you need to ensure what you are investing in. Taking a look at the factors that help you choose better is necessary. From affordability to the ingredients, there is nothing you should miss out on before making your choice. A little awareness can help you invest better.

Mamaearth comes with a beautiful and diverse range of skincare products that give your skin a breather from all the withering. Our CoCo Face Scrub is one spectacular example. It not only nourishes your skin but also prevents seasonal dryness. It comes with amazing nutrition from key ingredients like Shea butter that keep your skin from becoming dry and flaky. Exfoliate your skin to look better, and feel better naturally!


  1. How to use a coffee scrub?

    Wash your face and neck. Apply an adequate amount of your coffee face scrub on the wet face and neck. Then, massage gently with your fingertips in an upward circular motion. You should concentrate on scrubbing your forehead for better results.

  2. How to use a coffee body scrub?

    Using a coffee body scrub is fairly easy. First, apply your body scrub on wet hands and body. Then, massage gently with your fingertips in a circular motion. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Repeat the process if necessary. 

  3. Is coffee scrub good for the skin?

    Yes. Coffee scrub helps in deep and gentle exfoliation of your skin. It removes dead skin cells and gives your face a youthful glow. It has fantastic skin-tightening and hydrating properties that give your skin the suppleness it needs.

  4. Does a coffee scrub tighten the skin?

    Yes, it does so by removing the irritants and pollutants from the skin pores. As these toxins get removed from the skin’s top (or deeper) layers, they help the cells’ regenerative properties to work and make the skin’s texture more uniform.

  5. Is coffee harmful to the skin?

    No, when used moderately, coffee is not harmful to the skin. Since it is not always easy to find and roast coffee beans, we recommend using a safe and gentle coffee scrub that contains toxin-free ingredients. You may use it twice a week for the best results. 

  6. Can a coffee scrub remove dark spots?

    Using a coffee scrub works great for skin brightening as it helps reduce dark spots and promotes an even skin tone. Coffee features many nutrients and antioxidants that help reduce the effects of melanin. 

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