Not Driving (Coco)Nuts: 10 Benefits of using Coconut Oil for Hair

coconut oil for hair benefits

Coconut is considered the perfect fruit in ancient Indian medical science called Ayurveda. Its oil contains saturated fats, potassium, vitamins, and dietary fiber. It is thus used as premier hair oil in Indian households for dietary and skin care purposes. Using coconut oil for hair and scalp also offers similar benefits.

Our hair is our crowning glory. It’s a natural way to express ourselves and its flow gives us a confidence boost. However, our hair’s texture is sensitive and may get negatively affected by daily grooming, stress, and harsh environments and can become dull, dry, and damaged. That’s when we need to go back to the basics, and it doesn’t get much better than coconut oil for hair care

A nutty remedy

Coconut oil benefits are an age-old secret for good health and beauty, so if you’ve ever wondered why your grandmother was after you to oil your hair regularly, she had good reason. This naturally-derived hair oil is rich in many nutrients that contribute to better health.

It also helps reduce the loss of proteins from the hair cells. This oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids – specifically lauric acid- that get easily absorbed into the hair shaft. 

This means it nourishes hair and repairs damage caused by excess heat exposure, aggressive pulling, and hair malnutrition. It is good to use coconut oil as a conditioner or an overnight treatment or one may also use it to protect the hair during swimming. 

10 Amazing Coconut oil benefits for hair

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Moisturizes hair shaft

Since it gets easily absorbed, coconut oil penetrates deep into the scalp and binds proteins. This oil helps lock in moisture and prevents hair from drying out. 

Repairs and prevents split ends/breakage

Coconut oil hydrates the hair roots, undoing split ends and preventing them from occurring. It also provides essential nutrients that help keep hair healthy and strong, thus preventing breakage. 

Fights dandruff

The antibacterial properties help keep the fungi responsible for dandruff at bay. This oil contains lauric acid that controls sebum production and reduces the chances of itching or flaking. 

Tames frizzy hair

Coconut is rich in saturated fats that help smoothen the cuticles. This makes the hair softer and well-nourished, thus keeping frizz under control.

Promotes hair growth

The fatty acids nourish the scalp and help improve blood circulation, preventing hair loss and boosting growth. It also provides nutrients that support the development of new hair follicles. 

Tackles premature graying

Coconut oil for gray hair? Since it helps retain proteins and provides nutrients that nourish hair from within, it can help prevent premature hair graying. 

Reduces inflammation and prevents infections

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help keep the scalp free of bacteria and reduce inflammation and irritation that could lead to more issues. 

Adds shine and lustre

Because it secures moisture and nourishes and conditions the hair, coconut oil leaves behind a healthy shine. Its regular application causes no harm and is thus advised for people of all age groups. 

Detangles hair

Coconut oil benefits the hair by hydrating and smoothening it, giving it a slippery texture that makes it easy to detangle and helps prevent knotting. 

Strengthens and protects

Vitamin E helps strengthen the hair and protect it from damage induced by free radicals. It also has a natural SPF concentration that helps protect it from UV radiation. Damaged hair can be a thing of the past when you massage your scalp regularly with this oil infused with the goodness of rice bran oil and coconut oil. 

To oil or not to oil

It shouldn’t be a question since the benefits of coconut oil for hair are hard to deny. The one drawback is perhaps that it can make the hair greasy. However, coconut oil benefits for hair more than make-up for this. It works for all types of hair and is easy to use. The trick is to find the best coconut oil that is made of only natural ingredients.

Natural coconut oil is used in several products like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and hair oils. Some of these include infusions with other ingredients to offer the best care for your hair. A not-so-secret tip: warming it a little before the application is the best way to make the most of it.

The takeaway

A proper list of coconut oil uses and benefits would go beyond the kitchen and the scope of our article. This fat-rich fruit (and its oil) is always here to provide us with many innovative ways to have stronger, healthier, shinier, and more beautiful hair.

  1. Is coconut oil good for hair?

    Coconut oil is easy to absorb and penetrates deep into the hair shaft, nourishing hair and helping it stay hydrated. It helps fight dandruff and infections and repairs split ends and damage caused by free radicals. It also tames frizzy hair and gives it a lustrous shine.

  2. How to apply coconut oil to hair?

    Warm the oil a little before rubbing it on your palms and gently massaging it into your hair. Apply more oil to the most damaged sections. Leave on for about 20-30 mins. It is preferable to use at night to avoid a greasy look.

  3. Can I use coconut oil on my hair every day?

    Coconut oil is a natural ingredient, and there aren't any reported side effects to using it daily. How you use it, and its form will also factor in how often you can fit it into your routine. Most experts recommend using it at least twice weekly but have no arguments against it daily.

  4. Is coconut oil good for hair growth?

    Yes, coconut oil is indeed very effective at fostering faster hair growth. The presence of vitamins and fatty acids in coconut oil nourishes the scalp. It also improves blood flow and reduces inflammations, making hair grow thicker, longer, and stronger. Using coconut oil for hair regrowth too works wonders.

  5. Is coconut oil good for dandruff?

    Lauric acid in coconut oil helps manage sebum production – an excess of which is one of the leading causes of dandruff. In addition, its antibacterial properties kill fungi that cause dandruff and help keep the scalp clean.

  6. Does coconut oil regrow hair?

    Coconut oil helps hair grow stronger and longer. And while the nutrients it provides are known to encourage the growth of new hair follicles, the claim that it can regrow hair lacks sufficient evidence.

  7. What is coconut oil good for?

    Coconut oil offers a wide range of benefits for overall well being. It is known to help improve metabolism and cognitive function and is hailed for its nourishing and restorative properties for the skin and hair.

  8. Which coconut oil is good for hair?

    Choosing the best coconut oil depends on what you use it for and how you intend to use it. Extra virgin coconut oil is generally regarded as the ideal oil for hair.

  9. Is coconut oil bad for your hair?

    Coconut oil may make the hair greasy because of its high comedogenic value. But it can also nourish and strengthen the hair follicles, reduce dandruff and split ends, and make the hair shinier. Experts believe coconut oil on gray hair may reverse the unwanted color change.

  10. Is Coconut oil good for faster hair growth?

    Leaving coconut oil in your hair overnight is often recommended as it gives the hair time to soak up all the benefits. It nourishes the hair and helps improve blood flow. For an overnight treatment: Apply the oil to your hair and cover with a towel. Rinse it out in the morning.

  11. Can coconut oil stop hair fall?

    Coconut oil helps prevent protein loss and provides essential nutrients for the scalp and hair. It nourishes and strengthens hair helping prevent damage and breakage.

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