Haven’t we become sophisticated and picky when picking the products for our skincare products? Over the last few years, body spray for women and men has created a buzz in the beauty industry. From the top celebs to several beauty bloggers, everyone likes to spray a few veils of their favorite gentle body sprays.

From seizing the day to make themselves look perfect for their date to holding up the daily chores at home, women have a lot going on. But, eventually, they need to remember to keep a check on themselves and their body odor. This is where a purse-friendly, natural, and safe body spray for women and perfume can help save the day.

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They don’t just add a beautiful touch to your personality by making you smell good; they also lift your mood and others surrounding you. There’s more to the benefits we’ll discuss later in the blog. 

What does women’s body spray comprise?

Body sprays are water-like fragrant mists that are lighter, softer, and enriched with different fragrances. The natural and pleasant scent of the body sprays may last up to seven to eight hours.

Crafted with the goodness of top fragrance notes (fruits), middle notes (essential oils extracted from flowers & trees), and woody base notes, these natural body sprays will leave you with a pleasant smell. It comes in varieties from perfumes and colognes that differ in their natural formulation and longevity. 

Benefits of using a body spray

If you’re still not convinced by the gentle and natural formulation of buying a fragrant body spray, give us a chance to convince you. It would be best to have body spray because it makes you feel fresh throughout the day. Continue reading as we mention some magical benefits that will change your mind. 

Refreshing fragrance: You love the smell of flora and fauna. Don’t you? That’s what you get in these body sprays. Fully backed by floral or fruity scents or any dessert or aromatic wood, these best body sprays for women come in gentle, soothing fragrances. These mild aromatic scents can be easily carried all day without feeling uncomfortable. 

Can be easily layered: Are you aware of fragrance layering? If not, then read ahead. Using body spray can be considered the perfect partner to start with it as it increases longevity. This art includes using complementary skincare products. 

For example, pick a scented body wash for your morning shower, follow it with a body butter or a natural moisturizer, and spritz the complementing body fragrance on the top. This layering allows the scent to last longer than usual by combating your skin from absorbing the essential oils in the scent quickly.

Rejuvenates the skin: Our skin looks dull and dead as the day ends, especially on the day out under the Sun. Spraying body sprays with no alcohol on your skin can make it feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

You need to spray and wipe it off with cotton to remove all the dirt and oil from the face. Besides cleaning all the gunk from your skin, it will leave a fine layer of fragrance on you. 

Doesn’t pinch your pocket: We need these body fragrances daily and everywhere to look and smell perfect. That’s why they are priced much more reasonably despite containing formulations inspired by nature. Moreover, they are packed in easy-to-carry bottles, which can be fitted anywhere.

Hydrates the skin: Some natural body sprays are created with the goodness of natural ingredients that further contain moisturizing properties. This makes your skin soft and supple, along with an instant glow. 

If you’ve dry skin, avoid using the body with alcohol as it may cause further dryness. Instead, opt for the non-alcoholic body spray for women in India, as it contains only distilled water with natural ingredients.

Getting a refreshed sleep: You can also spray these fragrances on your bed sheets for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. It helps gently calm your senses down. 

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Lasts up to 12 Hours | Made Safe Certified

What’s the difference between body spray and a deodorant?

Generally, people consider body sprays and deodorants the same. However, while their packaging may look the same, both products contain different formulations. Let us discuss all the distinguishing factors:

1. Meaning: Body sprays function like perfumes and fragrances, made of essential oils or other natural ingredients. At the same time, deodorants spray for women is an anti-microbial product that keeps the odor-causing at bay, keeping you fresh for long hours.

2. Formulations: Body sprays are made of rejuvenating essential oils that are quite fragrant. Extracted from flora, fauna, herbs, or spices, it is mixed into distilled water with a mild fragrance that keeps you fresh for 7-8 hours. 

At the same time, body sprays are made up of salt and fragrance. The salts help in regulating sweat glands that release the sweat. It also contains fragrance that masks existing smells on the body.

3. Application areas: Natural body sprays can be easily applied on pulse points, armpits, and over clothes. At the same time, deodorants can be applied only under the armpits. 

4. Ratio: The ratio between the perfume essence and base liquid depends on the type of perfume essence you’re buying. Usually, it ranges between 5-20%, lasting up to 8 hours or more.

Picking the right body spray for your personality and skin 

You may love the scent your friend or partner is wearing. However, just because it smells nice on them doesn’t mean it’ll suit you. As everyone has a unique identity, they have unique smells too. Therefore, you need to get yourself one that complements your personality.

The market is filled with elegant fragrances that turn heads every time. But there’s a different joy in wearing different fragrances you like and relate to. So, here we are, assisting you with the steps that can be followed to pick the right body spray. 

a. Knowing your skin type: Every skin has different pH levels and texture values that affect the choice of perfume. Identifying your skin type before buying a body spray for women makes the process easier. 

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b. Try them out: One of the best ways to pick the right deodorants, perfume, or fragrance is to spray it on the pulse points, such as the wrists or back of the hand. Two puffs and waiting 30 seconds will settle the fragrance on the hand. Then, inhale it by keeping your nose at an inch’s distance from your hand. 

*Pro tip*: If you’re visiting a shopping mall or at the store to test a couple of fragrances, remember to smell coffee beans in between. It will nullify the effect of the latest fragrance you’ve smelled.

c. Pick the one you find best:

You may need clarification on so many fragrances. The only solution to that problem is first segregating the body spray you like. Then, opt for the best among them. Whether you’re new to the body spray game or have entered the world of fragrances, picking the right one will be a sure-shot way of killing the day. 

Remember: Search for the fragrances you have used in the past or similar ones. For example – Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Water Fruits, Lavender, and more.

d. Know the occasion:

Suppose you wear the same outfit on every occasion; what impression will it make on others? Nothing, right? Similarly, it lowers when you smell the same on every occasion. How you smell is equally critical to how you dress up and carry yourself. That’s why keeping and wearing a variety of the best body spray for women takes the impression to another level. 

For example, you can keep fruity and floral or woody fragrances for different occasions. Remember to make the fragrance of your body spray long-lasting by layering a complementing body lotion and hand cream.

Body Spray Myths You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

Even though people cannot live a single day without their ideal body sprays and other scented products, there are some interesting misconceptions that we’ve come across. So, we’ll debunk some myths to ensure you don’t stop using your fragrance.

Myth #1: A quality fragrance will always cost more 

Fact #1: It is a common belief that the more expensive a fragrance is, the more luxurious it will smell. But this isn’t the case. When you buy body sprays from a luxury brand, you’re paying for the brand instead of paying for the quality of the best body sprays for women. In addition, we cannot ignore that sometimes affordable sprays last longer and smell better than expensive ones.

Myth #2: Body sprays darken the underarms

Fact #2: This is a common fact that many people believe. Many claim body sprays have made their skin darker, but this isn’t true. The common causes of skin darkening under the arms could be shaving, scratching, lack of moisture, and exposure to UV rays. If you’re facing skin darkening under the arms, you could brighten it by exfoliating it using a natural body scrub

Myth #3: One of the best ways to smell a fragrance is on a test card

Using test cards is part of a particular brand or fashion store’s marketing technique. The brands’ scents back these test cards with a fragrance that will impact consumers. If you’re looking for the best way to find the best body spray for women in India, you should test it by spraying it on the skin’s pulse points and waiting for 30 seconds.

Myth #4: Body sprays tend to stain your clothes

Yellow stains on the shirt or discolored patches in the underarm area are quite common. But body sprays are not entirely responsible for this, as discoloration occurs when sweat is mixed with ingredients of body sprays. One of the best ways to avoid stains through body sprays is to spray the deo on dry skin and allow it to dry before wearing the clothes.

What do we have in store for you?

To achieve healthy, safe, and natural body care products, we are proud to introduce Mamaearth Aqua Deodorant Body Spray. Formulated with safe, natural, and toxin-free ingredients, this body spray prevents you from scratching your skin with allergies or irritation. So let’s explore this body spray a little bit more.

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Natural fragrance: Backed by the three notes: top, middle, and base, it has some amazing benefits that make it a worthwhile buy. These notes are extracted from the Bergamot, Water fruits, Green Apple, Lavender, Transparent Flowers, Cypress, Marine, Cashmeran, and Musk.

Durability & safety certifications: ME Aqua Deodorant Body Spray is backed by the best natural ingredients that have covered you for 8 hours on your skin. The body spray smell for women is fresh, mild, and long-lasting. 

We do not compromise on the safety of the products. So our body sprays are free from harmful toxins such as sulfates and phthalates and are MadeSafe-Certified too. So you should give them a try!

Summing it Up

Generally, women opt for fragrances that are light or mild. But one of the main components of a human personality is body odor and hygiene. Therefore, you should spritz the best body spray for women on clean clothes and skin. 

So, while picking the best body spray, we suggest you also remember that it doesn’t sting your skin, helps get rid of sweat & bad bacteria, contains an amazing fragrance, and is long-lasting.

This is where Mamaearth Aqua Deodorant Body Spray ticks all the boxes for women. It is perfectly loaded with natural fragrances of flora & fauna and can seize your day on any occasion. 

However, if you’re searching for natural skincare products, you have landed at the best place. At Mamaearth, we carefully formulate the products by choosing natural and safe ingredients for the skin. Mamaearth is home-grown and Asia’s 1st MadeSafe Certified Brand that delivers healthy, glowing skin.


  1. Which is the best body spray for females?

    Generally, women prefer to pick mild and long-lasting fragrances that keep bad odors at bay and the skin sweat-free. If you want to pick the best body spray for women, we suggest you opt for Mamaearth Aqua Deodorant Body Spray. It contains the refreshing goodness of flowers that lasts up to 8 hours.

  2. How do you apply body spray?

    To apply a body spray, hold the bottle 6 inches away from your body, and press the button over your armpits, chest, neck area, and pulse points.

  3. Where do you spray body spray?

    Body spray can be applied to various places on her that will keep her smelling better for longer. The best places to apply body spray are the neck, chest, inside wrists, behind ears, knees, and elbows.

  4. How can I smell good all day long?

    Following a healthy lifestyle can help you smell all day, such as drinking plenty of water, applying moisturizer, washing your body thoroughly, and reapplying the body spray whenever needed.

  5. Are body sprays harmful?

    Some of the body sprays containing alcohol or aluminum chlorohydrates are harmful to the skin as they result in the development of skin disorders and skin cancers. But body sprays backed by the notes of essential flowers are entirely safe as they are natural ingredients. 

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