This article will cover a few aspects you must consider while buying the best toothpaste in India for your kids. From dental associations’ approval to the product’s ingredients and steps to use, we will cover everything that will help enhance the oral health hygiene of your kids.

Bleeding gums, yellow teeth, or bad breath – several factors to consider when picking the best toothpaste for your little one. While the preferences available are too many, selecting the right one for your younger one might take time. However, one can analyze the problem better by knowing about this magical element that protects and cleans teeth.

Identifying one’s needs should be done before buying dental hygiene products. Similar to skincare, toothpaste has a definite purpose. Some kinds of toothpaste help brighten the teeth, relieve sensitivity, and offer complete dental protection.

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One must seek the advice of a qualified dentist who will analyze their dental requirements before recommending the ideal product for a dazzling, healthy smile. However, if you have yet to see the dentist, there are several things that you should keep in mind while buying toothpaste for sensitive teeth of your kids. 

Fun Fact 
Every six months, or more frequently if necessary, dentists advise topical fluoride treatments during a child’s routine cleaning.

A Kid’s Toothpaste should Meet these three Criteria

So, your child now has the beautiful whites you’ve wanted for so long? Congratulations! For toddlers, teething is one of the most unpleasant experiences. Additionally, there will be a lot of drooling, biting, and irritability. Additionally, now is the perfect moment to add a kid’s toothpaste to your list of newborn essentials.

Today, a variety of kid’s toothpaste is available on the market, all of which have different advantages. Pay attention to the flavor and intriguing packaging. While all of these can undoubtedly draw customers, one factor you should always focus on is the kid’s toothpaste safety.

Safety must always come first, whether you choose baby soap or cream. Since your child is still young and toothpaste comes into close touch with the mouth, this is especially crucial while buying the best toothpaste. But as we already mentioned, many alternatives make it challenging to choose the safe one.

We have compiled a brief list of criteria that a kid’s toothpaste must meet to pass the safety test to avoid misunderstandings on your side. Read carefully to learn how to be a smart parent:

1. What’s good & bad about the ingredients?- Do you know what makes every toothpaste on the market different from the others? Or what preserves the health of your children’s teeth while preventing the growth of bacteria in them? Or why is Mamaearth’s toothpaste considered to be natural? One word sums up the response: ingredients.

Every child’s toothpaste is made with a special mixture of ingredients that help maintain optimum oral health. Nevertheless, not all ingredients are suitable for your child. So, before purchasing kids’ toothpaste, thoroughly read the packaging to identify what is and isn’t present in your child’s toothpaste. 

Tip: It is advisable to look for SLS- and fluoride-free toothpaste in India

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Here is a list of quick-to-check ingredients that are healthy and harmful. Keep a record!

Good Ingredients

– Aloe Barbadensis

– Coconut Oil

– Xylitol

– Fruit extracts

– Stevia

– Glycerin

– Sorbitol

Bad Ingredients

– Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

– Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

– Paraben

– Silica

– Magnesium Carbonate

– Artificial colors

You should choose a toxin-free, natural kid’s toothpaste to be safe for your younger one. Finding an SLS-free toothpaste in India might be difficult, but possible. Therefore, we recommend you try our toxin-free Fruit Punch Toothpaste for kids. 

2. Safety verified through certifications- Whether you buy children toothpaste, baby care cream, or baby shampoo, you should look at the safety certificates. These certificates are provided by reputable national and international organizations whose major objective is verifying a product’s safety before its release.

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When buying safe kids’ toothpaste, you should check for certain safety certifications, such as Pediatrician Recommendation, American Dental Association (ADA), or MadeSafe Certification.

Mamaearth’s Fruit Punch Toothpaste for Kids is Asia’s first MadeSafe-certified toothpaste. Pediatricians also endorse it, and its safety level is relatively high because it only includes natural ingredients.

3. Swallow-test: Kids usually put whatever they come across in their mouths to chew, including toys and clothing. The same thing will happen with toothpaste. As a result, they will eventually swallow the toothpaste even if you repeatedly train them to spit it out. 

They may need to learn how to use the toothpaste, or it may be in their favorite flavor, due to which they tend to swallow it (kids’ toothpaste is available in fruit varieties). Because of this, you should always choose toothpaste that is safe enough to eat. 

Buying a baby care product with natural ingredients is the best way to guarantee this. These ingredients won’t cause any negative side effects or harm your kid’s health because they are made from plants. Therefore, they are safe and gentle.

Advice on dental hygiene for parents

You should start building healthy lifestyle habits regarding your child’s at-home dental care. Your baby is ready for proper brushing as soon as that first lovely tooth erupts to avoid infections in its mouth. Here is a starter’s manual for managing the first tooth.

Babies need a bit of toothpaste: We know you may be familiar with squeezing out just enough toothpaste to coat the brush’s surface. However, kids’ teeth are small, so they need a tiny amount of toothpaste.  

Tip: You should use a quantity equivalent to one or two rice grains for kids under two. Similarly, you should use a pea-sized quantity for kids ages 3 to 6.

Dental care begins early: Even if your baby has no teeth, cleaning their mouth is still crucial. You can preserve the child’s dental hygiene by maintaining the gums healthy. We advise using a fresh, damp washcloth to perform this task.

Get a special brush for your child: Because newborns have sensitive bodies and you cannot force them, keeping them engaged and interested is essential. Buying a little brush with a cartoon is a wonderful way to keep kids interested while practicing good dental hygiene.

Avoid picking strong flavors: Babies often get annoyed by strong flavor-based toothpaste (like the one with fresh mint flavor). So choose the one that has energizing tastes like orange and strawberry instead.

Don’t avoid water: Since your baby is still learning his way up, he cannot rinse his mouth or spit up toothpaste. You should thus offer him a cup of water to rinse his mouth.

How should you pick the ideal toothpaste for babies?

It might be challenging to select the best baby toothpaste. Knowing which option is best for your child might take a lot of work, given the variety of choices. The following should be considered when you make a decision:

1. You should begin by considering the ingredients. The toothpaste you choose should be free of harsh ingredients and other irritants.

2. You must be aware of your child’s age and growth level. For example, some toothpastes are made especially for teething newborns, while others are more appropriate for older babies.

3. Paying attention to the flavor is equally important. For instance, a fruity or unflavored type may be preferable because many newborns dislike the taste of mint.

4. If the oral care item has received safety certification from regulatory bodies, you should also be aware if it has been approved for use on children.

Last but not least, remember to look at the price tag. Finding the ideal baby toothpaste for your child should be easy if you have these specific factors in mind.

Note: While choosing the ideal baby oral care products, don’t forget to check the product manufacturing date and the age limit on the box. Also, follow similar rules while choosing baby bath products, as baby skin is soft and gentle, requiring extra care and attention.

Know more about Mamaearth’s Natural Fruit Punch Toothpaste

Looking for toothpaste that works well and is fun and interesting for your little munchkin? You should try out our Fruit Punch Kids Toothpaste, which is 100% natural. This delicious baby toothpaste has a mouthwatering fruit flavor that babies will like, and the natural ingredients help maintain teeth fresh, clean, and healthy.

Mamaearth Fruit Punch Toothpaste is one of the most effective dental care products in India. But, as amazing as the name may seem, your child will benefit much from it. It efficiently removes odors, promotes oral hygiene, and cleans your baby’s teeth.

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It contains Aloe Barbadensis, Stevia, and Xylitol, which maintain the pH balance of the mouth. They also prevent lactic acid from forming, lowering the risk of a tooth infection.

– Promotes the health of the gums and teeth

– Fluoride-free toothpaste

– Suitable for a baby’s teeth.

It comes in a convenient 50g tube, which makes it easier to carry it with other baby care products, particularly when you’re on the go. You should try Mamaearth’s Natural Fruit Punch Toothpaste for your kid’s healthy teeth and overall health. 

It is completely natural and free of pollutants like SLS and fluoride. You don’t need to rush your child to the hospital if they swallow this toothpaste because they are made up of fruit flavor. Your toddler will be safe and happy.

Summing up!

Another challenging but important milestone is cleaning your baby’s teeth unless they develop good brushing habits as they age. However, you may immediately build the groundwork for healthy gums and teeth by caring for your baby’s mouth.

To achieve this properly, we advise you to pick products free of toxins that are manufactured with natural components and have undergone dermatological testing. Then you should choose Mamaearth Baby Toothpastes and ensure your tiny bundle of joy has a happy grind. 

In addition to these recommendations for your kid’s dental health, you may try some of our other baby products. We have various risk-free, friendly, and toxic-free substances here at Mamaearth. In addition, we provide various baby skin care products, including baby shampoo and oil.

Your baby’s oral health is crucial, so it’s recommended that you take care of it as soon as the first tooth erupts. After that, you may reevaluate the child’s oral hygiene requirements as they age and swap out the toothpaste. We are confident that your kid’s teeth will continue to be as sparkling and white as ever now that you know the proper requirements and a few alternatives for kids’ toothpaste! Happy teething to your little munchkin!!


  1. Which toothpaste is best for teeth?

    We recommend opting for toothpaste free of harmful chemicals, SLS, and fluoride free and cleanses your teeth deeply, taking good care of your teeth. 

  2. Is toothpaste good for your mouth?

    Yes, it is good to use toothpaste for your mouth. Every fluoride toothpaste effectively removes plaque and prevents cavities while cleaning and polishing tooth enamel. In addition, the ADA (American Dental Association) stamp of approval must be visible on the box of the brand you purchase. This proves the product is safe and effective based on controlled clinical trials. 

  3. What is the purpose of using toothpaste?

    To maintain good oral hygiene, toothpaste is essential. It helps remove food particles and plaque from your teeth and gums, toothbrush, and floss. There are three types of toothpaste: gel, paste, and powder.

  4. Do we need toothpaste?

    Despite popular opinion, cleaning our teeth does not always require toothpaste. Although using toothpaste to brush our teeth helps our mouth feel clean and fresh, it is a step that may be skipped. This is because dental plaque, which builds up from food and beverage consumption, is the biggest hazard to our teeth and gums.

  5. How does toothpaste clean your teeth?

    Plaque-fighting mild abrasive chemicals in toothpaste help fight bacteria. When you brush, the abrasives in toothpaste more efficiently remove food particles and bacteria than using water to brush your teeth. 

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