Sassy eyes, gorgeous lips, and some glam to brighten your day – your vanity essentials add so much to your life and beauty. Of course, you may have recreated different looks, and none of them would be perfect without an best eyeliner pencil. So, whether giving wings to your expressive eyes or creating a smoky effect, you need the best one for yourself!

What is an Eyeliner Pencil?

Best Pencil eyeliner is one of the most popularly used cosmetic products to date. It has a smooth, dry texture that spreads evenly throughout your eyelids to give different eye looks. It comes in various shades and can be used every day.

In ancient times, kohl was used as an eye cosmetic product to outline the eyes. It was (and still is) extremely popular in South Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and West Africa. The earliest use of this homemade eye care product was in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, in 10,000 BC. It was made from essential minerals found in the region. 

Then came the Indian variant called ‘soorma,’ which was an ultra-fine form of Kohl and was prepared at home. It was made by burning a wick of muslin cloth with sandalwood, camphor, and many other medicinal herbs. It is still used as an evil-eye fighter that protects your eyes from irritation and infections. 

Best Eyeliner Types

As amazing as history dates it to be, different kinds of eyeliners are available today. No matter what or how you want to recreate your look, several eyeliners help you meet your requirements easily. 

Let’s take a look at them below:

  • Liquid eyeliner pencil: It comes in the shape of a thin pencil with a pointed nib that secretes the liquid eyeliner every time it is applied. The nib helps you give nice bordering to your eyelids in any shape you want them to be. It is ideal for simple bordering or creating detailed designs that add a distinguished look to your eyes. 
  • Gel pencil eyeliner: This best eyeliner pencil is quite popular these days. It is generally water-proof and has a shiny and thicker texture than the liquid eyeliner pencil. Gel pencil eyeliner comes in several different colors and shades.
    It adds a shimmery look to your eyes when applied and has a long-lasting effect on your eyes. However, it takes time to remove and can cause damage to your skin if not removed along with the makeup after a few hours.
  • Liquid eyeliner: One of the most popular and in-demand eyeliners. It has a soft and thin brush dipped in the bottle it comes with. The texture is fine and liquid. When applied, it needs a second or two to dry out. It adds precision to your eyelids in any style you want.

    Pencil eyeliner: Some people enjoy using this product rather than a pencil liquid eyeliner. It comes with kohl that can be applied above your eyelids. Kohl is used in creating smoky, or night-out looks for your eyes. It can be smudged easily and blends well with contrasting eye shadows.

Note: If you are using best eyeliner pencils for the first time, you should use them cautiously to master the art of applying them to your eyes. 

You should have a clean face before you use any of the best eyeliner pencils we have discussed above. It is advisable to apply cosmetic products after washing the face with a face wash. 

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5 Common Mistakes People Make While Applying an Eyeliner 

We all make mistakes because we’re human. But when applying makeup, there are some blunders that we should not even think about. We will discuss the major ones in detail to help you understand better:

  1. Pulling your eyes when applying eyeliner: Many of us do it because we feel this is the only way to get a smooth application of eyeliner. But when you pull your eyelids and release them, your best eyeliner bounces back after application. This may create a bumpy, uneven, or check-like texture hanging off your eyes. 

It may be tough, but you can always use your fingers to anchor your skin for better eyeliner application gently. Even if you use an best eyeliner pencil, gently put your fingers on the corners of your eyes to apply it efficiently.

  1. Applying without experimenting: We all have different eyeliner applicators that work for us. For example, some of us may use a liquid eyeliner pencil while others may find gel eyeliner with a brush comfortable. Unfortunately, we often end up mastering the wrong technique without finding what is best for us. 

We suggest you pick and try them all to find what works for you. If you aren’t comfortable applying the makeup you want, how will you be comfortable carrying the look you want? It may even dent your confidence and appearance alike. 

  1. Lining only your lower lash line: No-makeup and nude looks are the ones that trend the most these days. However, lining your lower lash line with an best eyeliner pencil without creating a subtle look on your eyelids may appear as a big misfit. 

You may try a shimmery or smoky look according to your outfit to balance your eye makeup. Remember that the more expressive your eyes are, the brighter and better you become. Be sure to wear something that you are comfortable with.

  1. Wearing just the black liner in your waterline: Even though it is one of the most creative looks one can create, it isn’t methodically right. It only gives you a great look with the right and contrasting colors. 

You get intense and sultry looks, making your eyes look smaller. If you use this approach, you may opt for bronze, taupe, or gray colors. These are some of the most trending colors nowadays.

  1. Closing eyes when trying the cat eye look: The cat eye look is said to be one of the toughest and most confusing. You may draw it right only to see them look uneven. No matter which best eyeliner pencil you use, things may get bewildering if you keep your eyes closed. 

It is because when you close your eyes, you don’t know where the crease at the corner of your eyes lies. You can use tape or a cardboard piece that acts as a stencil and gives you a picture-perfect look!

Now that you know how trending these eyeliners are, it is time to explore what you need to have perfect eye makeup. We will discuss the factors to look for when buying one below:

pencil eyeliner

What to look for in an Eyeliner Pencil?

If you are new to buying cosmetics, especially best eyeliner, you should keep a checklist handy. The market has an abundance of choices for you. The more you dig deep without being a little aware, the more likely you might make the wrong choice. 

Let’s look at the checklist for buying the best pencil eyeliner in India:  

  1. Ingredients: You should know where you place your bets. Thus, looking at ingredient content before buying cosmetics or skin care products completely makes sense. For example, when you look for a body lotion or body wash, you should consider buying nourishing and toxin-free ingredients. The same goes for your makeup too. 

Similarly, we suggest you buy an eye kajal with natural and nourishing ingredients. Your eyes are delicate, and you do not want to take chances. Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kohl Pencil has the best properties of Chamomile and Castor Oil. They soothe your eyes, prevent eye infections, and give a sassy look to your eyes in just one stroke! 

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  1. Certifications: Regarding cosmetics, safety standards are of utmost importance. It should be toxin-free and made of nourishing ingredients to go well on your skin. So while looking for the best eyeliner pencil that is water-proof yet gentle, you should also check the certifications.
    Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kohl Pencil is completely natural, water-proof, and free from harmful toxins. It features castor oil and chamomile. In addition, it is not tested on animals and is MadeSafe Certified. It stays on for 11 hours at a stretch and provides you with a smudge-proof look.
  1. Benefits: Have you ever used a body scrub? Do you get it only because it helps slough dead skin cells or look for other benefits? That’s exactly what shopping for cosmetics is all about. You invest in them because they can fulfill one main requirement and complement others.
  1. Convenience: The convenience of size and ease of usage is equally important. Not having them, especially if you need a last-minute glam-up, can be a big nuisance. This is where you need a kohl pencil handy so you may use it anytime and anywhere.

Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kohl Pencil is water-proof and smudge-free. It gives your eyes an intense and expressive look and has several eye-care benefits. It gives an 11-hour-long stay look and keeps your eyes free from infections. 

It is sleek in size, reasonably priced, and can be easily used. It is also suitable for sensitive eyes. We advise you to keep this toxin-free best eyeliner pencil in your purse to save your day!

Caution: You may court more trouble if you use poor-quality skincare products, especially those made of toxic ingredients or not certified by a notable agency. Such products could hurt your eyes by causing allergies or inflammation. This is why we advise using our MadeSafe-certified skincare products for the best results. We do not use harmful chemicals like SLS, parabens, or sulfates.

pencil eyeliner

Summing Up

Every woman likes using good-quality beauty care and body care products, cosmetics, and perfumes, among others. However, the craze for eye care cosmetics still tops the charts. You may have the most amazing skincare range but you surely don’t wish to miss the right makeup essential. 

By eye care cosmetics, we mean natural cosmetics that nourish your pearly eyes and add glam. Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kohl Pencil is one such add-on for your vanity bag. It surely works if you are into nude makeup looks or are trying makeup for the first strokes- you need to twist, stroke, and glow! 

And that’s not all, you can try other exciting ranges too- our Ubtan Hand Cream deeply nourishes the skin and brightens the tone. You can pick any of your favorite products and add the goodness of nature to your beauty arsenal. 


  1. How to use pencil eyeliner?

    Firstly, apply on your upper lash line, starting from the inner corner. Then, glide on your lower lash line and waterline. Now, build up the color for a bold & intense look. As a pro tip, remove your kohl easily with micellar water, using something like Mamaearth Micellar Water Foaming Makeup Remover would be advisable.

  2. Which eyeliner is best – liquid or pencil?

    Every person has their preference. If you are a beginner and need some practice, you can go for the best eyeliner pencil. But if you are open to experimenting, we suggest you try both and check what suits you. 

  3. Which eyeliner pencil is the best?

    The best eyeliner pencil can be the one that offers a long-lasting stay, is water-proof and smudge-proof, and has nourishing properties. Mamaearth Charcoal Black Long Stay Kohl Pencil has all the above characteristics. In addition, it stays on for 11c hours and is natural, toxin-free, and MadeSafe Certified.  

  4. What is an eyeliner pencil used for?

    An eyeliner pencil is used to give different artsy looks to your eyes by outlining your eyelids in various ways. Some of us also use it to intensify our brows and eyelashes.