We usually think of a face toner as an optional skincare accessory. We feel it is needed only during certain times of the year. So we tend to skip using a toner for face care in the winter because it might dry the skin. But the truth is that It keeps our skin hydrated and healthy. It is thus the second step of every skincare routine, regardless of the skin type. 

Skincare experts advise relying on the hydrating effects of toner on dry skin. But the same is also true for oily and sensitive skin too. Though the formulations may change for these skin types, the job remains the same. They are used to balance the skin’s pH without having to cause any dryness. Used after cleansing, toners offer some amazing benefits for the skin. 

Well, Here goes… What’s Inside a Toner?

A toner is a skin care product with a water-like consistency. Used to remove the toxins and pollutants on the skin, they help you get rid of deeply hidden dirt, makeup buildup, and impurities in the skin’s pores. You might be a little confused about how it differs from your cleanser. Well, it all boils down to how they work for the skin. 

A face cleanser is a product that removes impurities, makeup, and pollutants from the skin, while a face toner is used for balancing the skin’s pH and pulling out products buildup from the pores. It also helps prevent acne and hydrates the skin, thus compensating for the loss of moisture caused by the use of harsh face cleansers. Before using a toner, clean your skin with a face wash.

Earlier toners for the face were crafted with high levels of alcohol concentration, so they had a strong smell. So, skin care experts would revere them as harsh and drying. These days, toners are more gentle, mild, and ultra-hydrating with active ingredients that would work to brighten your skin toner and restore natural radiance. This indirectly helps slow down signs of aging like fine lines and blemishes.

Did you know? Human skin is naturally acidic. If you choose an alkaline skincare product, it could disrupt the skin’s natural oils. So, if you have dry skin, face toners seem to be non-negotiable. 

9 Benefits of Using Toner for Face Care Regimen

Regardless of your skin type, toners can be extremely helpful in maintaining the skin’s health and resetting its natural shine. Here are the benefits of face toner you would not want to miss out on-

1. Helps shrink pores: One of the most important benefits of toner is they help minimize enlarged pores. It helps unclog pores and eliminate dead skin cells, dirt, makeup buildup, and excess sebum. With regular use of nourishing toner, you will witness smooth, soft, and spotless skin. So no more polka dots or open pores after applying the foundation.

2. Balances the pH level of the skin: Regular soaps or cleansers infused with harsh chemicals and toxins can be alkaline. Therefore, using them twice a day can disrupt the skin’s natural oils. So, toners should be an indispensable part of your skincare if you have dry skin- they can help reset the skin to its normal health. 

3. Double cleanses the skin: This liquid-based skin care product acts like a second cleanse, injecting important nutrients into the skin. Additionally, cleansers work on the skin’s surface, so impurities or makeup leftover may still be there in the pores. Finally, toners are formulated in a way that they help you get rid of any leftover makeup and excess sebum that has accumulated throughout the day. 

3. Boosts hydration: This water-consistency skin care product helps deliver a quick boost of hydration. Ingredients like cucumber extracts, rose water, and aloe vera face gel help improve the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients generously. They can be naturally hydrating and calming too. In addition, more active formulations in the toner can make it easier for serums to penetrate better. 

4. Helps prevent ingrown hair: Some toners may have alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs that unveil soft and smooth skin underneath. They help slough dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hair. As a second cleanse, they help increase cell turnover rate, thus allowing more evenly pigmented skin cells to take form. 

5. Strengthen skin’s barrier: Toners are also linked to improved moisturization. They help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, thus shelling against environmental stressors. Since dull and dry skin makes no appearance, you should get the best toner for your face to enhance the skin’s natural sheen. 

best toner for face

Note:Niacinamide is a proven ingredient that reduces acne marks and the appearance of skin blemishes. So, you can try mamaearth niacinamide serum to reduce acne scars and improves overall skin texture.

6. Tightens skin: Although the effect may seem temporary, using toner every day gives you rejuvenated and refreshed skin. Look for ingredients like witch hazel for a plumper and fuller effect on your skin. They help tighten cell gaps, reducing the way impurities and environments penetrate the skin. 

7. Improves efficacy of other makeup products: Clogged pores make it hard for the other skin care products to penetrate well. When you prep your skin with a face toner, you pull out impurities, opening up the pores. A well-formulated toner can also help restore lost nutrients and give you more balanced and smoother skin. 

9. Acts as a moisturizer: Some toners may also have humectants like hyaluronic acid, which help seal or lock in moisture to the skin. So when you apply a face moisturizer as your last step in skin care, your skin will absorb it in an instant. Hyaluronic acid is a potent ingredient that pulls out water from the surroundings and infuses it into your skin, thus giving it a plumper look.  

Are Face Toners Suitable for All Skin Types?

Generally, face toners work well with all skin types but like with any skin care product, be mindful of how you use it in your AM and PM routine. Avoid using toners infused with harmful chemicals and toxins, or they may irritate your skin. If you have sensitive skin, it’s good not to overdo it. Be sure to know your skin type first and then shortlist your pick accordingly. 

Check out for labels and steer clear of toners with alcohol as an active ingredient. Our toners nowadays are gentle and mild, so they are hydrating in nature. They are enriched with anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants that cleanse and balance your skin’s essential oils. They hydrate, soothe, and treat any inflammation or dryness, especially when it comes to sensitive skin.

How to apply a face toner?

Like any skin care product, toners also work best if used correctly. Make sure to apply it on a freshly cleansed face using a cotton pad and only gently sweep around your face, working outwards. Nowadays, they are available in spray bottles also so that you can spritz them easily with minimum waste.

Pro tip: Once you have used a face scrub and cleanser, apply toner generously on your face and wait 30 seconds before applying the rest of the skincare products

Looking for the best toner for face? Try our bestsellers!

At Mamaearth, we craft skin care products to address your skincare woes with only natural and skin-friendly ingredients. Devoid of any potential irritants and toxins, our range of face toners is best suited for every skin type. In our skincare ranges, you won’t find artificial dyes, minerals, parabens, sulfates, or silicones. However, we still recommend a patch test to ensure that the product suits your skin type. 

Let’s check out our four amazing face toners your skin will love to get pampered with:-

Green Tea Face Toner 

Crafted with ingredients like Green Tea, Collagen, Niacinamide, and Coconut Water, this face toner for oily skin boosts hydration. Green tea is a potent antioxidant that helps remove excess oil and decongest pores. Besides, it is highly effective for skin that has lost its natural sheen. Collagen improves skin elasticity and tightens open pores, resulting in supple and younger-looking skin. Use it in your PM routine and wake up to flawless skin. 

Niacin Face Toner

Recommended Product

Niacin Face Toner with Niacinamide and Witch Hazel width=

Reduces Acne Marks | Tightens Open Pores

Enlarged pores can hurt your skin’s look. So if you want to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, it’s time you amp up your skincare routine with our Niacin Face Toner. Formulated with the power of Niacinamide and Witch Hazel, it instantly lifts skin tone and gives you clear and healthy skin. It helps tighten the pores without over-drying your skin and reduces blemishes and dark spots to give you a more even-toned complexion.

Vitamin C Face Toner

Worried about makeup residue and excess oil on your facial skin? Try our Vitamin C Face Toner, which features an alcohol-free formula that supports collagen production, brightens the complexion, and boosts the skin’s firmness. 

Recommended Product

Vitamin C Face Toner with Vitamin C and Cucumber width=

Tightens Open Pores | Restores Skin’s pH Balance

It features Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Witch Hazel, and many other potent ingredients, so it works well on every skin type. Plus, it helps balance the skin’s pH, boosts hydration, reduces inflammation, and calms irritated skin. 

Rose Face Toner

Our Rose Face Toner is the best bit for sensitive skin types. Blended with the goodness of Rose Water and Witch Hazel, this natural toner for the face targets congested pores while giving skin an instant glow. 

Use this face toner for dry skin in your AM routine to wipe away all the dust and makeup buildup from the previous day. Besides, it helps prep your skin for other products in skin care- face cream and moisturizers. It gives you beautiful, glowing skin. 

Every basic skin care step starts with cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. So ensure that you always handpick the best possible ingredients for your skin. Every skin is unique and so are its needs. You should know your skin type before working out anything. We recommend you try our other elite skincare products, such as face cleansers, face mask, sheet masks, moisturizers, face serums, and scrubbers. 


A toner should be a part of your skincare routine. It deeply hydrates the skin, minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, and removes the buildup of dirt, makeup, and grime. And the best part is it does not harm your skin’s natural look. So you should not be afraid to make it an important part of your routine. The time and consistency of how frequently you should use toner for the face depend on your skin type and concerns. 

Although skin care experts recommend using them once or twice daily if it is soothing and hydrating, you can let your skin decide this for you. Lower the frequency if you experience any reactions, such as dryness or irritation. Toner is not indispensable in any basic skincare routine, but it’s best to improve your skin’s health and amplify the benefits of other products. 


  1. Can we use face toner daily?

    Yes, toner can be used regularly, preferably on a daily basis. Skin care experts recommend using toner in your AM routine once after cleansing and before moisturization. You can also use it in your PM routine, which seems optional. Whenever you use it, make sure you have rinsed off your face with a mild cleanser.

  2. Is toner necessary for the face?

    Using face toner is an optional step but turns out quite useful for dry and damaged skin. Toner infuses skin with nutrients, balances pH, brightens tone, minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, and boosts hydration. It helps pull out deeply rooted makeup residue, dead skin cells, and grime from the skin’s pores. This way, it helps make the absorption of other skin care products easy. 

  3. Which is the best toner?

    Toner has a slew of benefits for the skin. So make sure you pick the one with only skin-friendly ingredients. For example, most toners have alcohol infused, which may leave your skin dry or stretched, so we recommend avoiding such formulations. 
    You can opt for Mamaearth Rose Face Toner for pore tightening. Infused with the goodness of Rose Water, Witch Hazel, Glycerin, and Cucumber Extract, it evens skin complexion and targets open pores. 

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