Aloe vera is a common household plant grown in almost all regions of the world. It can thrive in cold, hot, humid, temperate, and various climatic conditions. The best thing about having it at home is that one may use plant gel for skin care. Using aloe vera for the face helps reduce inflammation and redness caused due to dryness and speeds up collagen production to help you look younger.

This gel-based succulent plant combines nutrients and essential oils that naturally nourish your skin and hair. For those who prefer to bank on the Goodness of Nature, it can also help you avail a wide range of skincare benefits (like reduction in blemishes and acne) with regular use. 

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Pro Tip: Try our Aloe Vera Gel for Hair and face with Vitamin E and Glycerin which helps to hydrate and soothe the skin, and keeps the scalp healthy.

What Should you know Before Buying an Aloe Vera for your Face?

Skincare involves making the right decisions for your skin at every stage, not just applying cosmetics occasionally. These selections entail a profound indulgence in simple-to-obtain, healthful natural possibilities. They need to deliver maximum and durable outcomes.

Therefore, picking a skincare product that relies only on natural ingredients and doesn’t include toxins or hazardous chemicals is crucial. For example, using aloe vera for the face works best when you avoid chemically-enriched skincare products containing sulfates, parabens, and SLS.

This skincare product gel is transparent or green in color and made from the plant’s natural extracts. Its soft, jelly-like texture makes it simple to apply to the face and hair daily or frequently. With a fair price and many advantages for nourishing your hair and maintaining healthy skin, this gel (or its derivative products) may help you easily achieve overall healthy skin and hair. 

Opting for the aloe vera for the skin has some more benefits too. It is one of the best cosmetics for people with oily skin as it is non-comedogenic and super hydrating. (Coincidentally, these factors also make it the best for people with dry skin too). It is also rich in antioxidants, a fact that makes it safe for people with sensitive skin. 

Did you know? Aloe vera is also easy to use every day, no matter what the weather condition is, for it does not make your skin sticky.

Tip: If you want clean and hydrating facial skin every day, we advise you to cleanse your face with Mamaearth Aloe Vera Face Wash. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha, and Glycerin, it gently cleanses the skin pores, removes excess sebum, moisturizes the pores, and locks in the moisture in the skin cells. This lends you a youthful look. 

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Aloe Vera Face Wash

Cleanses & Soothes Skin | Gives a Youthful Glow

Benefits of using aloe vera for the face:

The uses of aloe vera are not just limited to cleansing and moisturizing one’s face. It can also help provide adequate nourishment and nutrition to the skin; the only point worth noting is choosing a safe, mild, efficient gel free of hazardous ingredients. 

Regular use of aloe vera on one’s face moisturizes the skin cells and reduces inflammation. It would also provide faster relief from irritation and inflammation, and this gel is safe for use on the face and the hair. The absence of toxins like SLS and parabens would make it even better. 

Did you know? Aloe vera contains about 98% water. It also contains vitamins A, C, and E, all potent antioxidants and is thus suitable for all skin types. 

So, let’s take a look at some popular aloe vera benefits for the face:

1. It provides deep hydration and nourishment to the skin: Since we were young, we have been told that drinking enough water keeps our body in shape, skin radiant, and defense from many infectious diseases. A good-quality Aloe Vera too provides the skin cells with long-lasting nutrition and moisturization and thus helps prevent dryness.

This aloe vera benefits the face and provides the facial skin with quality nutrition and nourishment. It also helps your skin cells to retain moisture. Once used, it keeps you hydrated and revitalized throughout the day.

2. It is filled with the Goodness of Nature: With a wonderful balance of Glycerin and Vitamin E, our Aloe Vera contains Aloe Vera’s natural ingredients that help keep the skin cells free from inflammation. In addition to treating small wounds and burns, it neutralizes free radicals that cause wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Reduces irritation and redness: Exposure to the outside environment may worsen dry skin’s sensitivity due to a lack of moisturization. Regularly using aloe vera for skin care helps close this gap between the skin’s requirement and current moisturization levels, thus reducing dryness. In addition, it softly calms the skin and lessens itching and roughness brought on by rashes, sunburn, and shaving. 

Aloe vera uses also extend well into your nighttime schedules too. Using this gel-based product at night will help you have faster and better results if you’ve struggled with itchy or inflamed skin. With the benefits of aloe vera on the skin overnight, this is a perfect addition to your skincare regime. 

4. Offers deep moisturization: Your face skin is much more fragile than the skin on the rest of your body. This fact makes the former susceptible to environmental changes. This mild and nourishing gel naturally comprises 99.5% water and a mix of many nutrients and can thus be applied directly on the skin to avail deep hydration.

5. Combats signs of premature aging: As we constantly remain exposed to various harmful environmental factors without much thought, they cause serious issues such as dark spots, pigmentation spots, and acne scars.

Moreover, our skin loses its elasticity. With regular use, the benefits of aloe vera for the face overnight are quite promising and magical. You can effectively enhance the elasticity of the face by promoting collagen production in the skin.

You may try applying Mamaearth Aloe Vera Sleeping Face Mask at night while going to bed. It comes enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha, and Black Oats. It boosts the skin’s hydration levels, improves elasticity, fights signs of premature aging, and treats dark spots with continuous usage. 

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Aloe Vera Face Wash

Cleanses & Soothes Skin | Gives a Youthful Glow

6. Exfoliates the skin: Did you know aloe vera can also be a perfect exfoliator? It is loaded with natural saponins and salicylic acid that help scrub dead skin cells and  impurities from the skin pores. In addition, regular application of aloe vera for the face helps correct the acne on the skin. 

Why should you opt for Mamaearth’s Aloe Vera?

Given the many aloe Vera uses for face, and skin care, a safe and gentle gel-based product makes proper sense. We thus recommend that you try our Mamaearth Aloe Vera for Face and Hair. It hydrates the skin cells, soothes irritated (and chapped skin), and keeps the scalp healthy. Known as one of India’s aloe vera, it keeps the skin healthy & moisturized and effectively treats hair dryness and dandruff. 

Our toxin-free gel also comes enriched with Glycerin and vitamin E that help heal issues like acne, psoriasis, and eczema faster. It also reverses the harmful effects of free radicals and the Sun’s UV radiation to help you have a clear and blemish-free appearance. We recommend using it twice a day for the best results.

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Aloe Vera

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How can Aloe Vera be used in different ways?

Here are some other uses of our aloe vera:

  1. As a face wash- Apply a tiny quantity of the gel to the face with your fingertips after cleaning your hands. Next, apply the aloe vera to the face in a circular motion, thoroughly scrubbing it all over the skin. Use cold water to rinse, then gently pat dry. Apply toner afterward.
  1. As a face toner: Mix two parts of water with one part of aloe vera to create an aloe vera skin toner. Place in the refrigerator after being poured into a clean, sealed bottle. Before using a brand-new cotton ball to apply the toner to your, please give it a good shake.
  1. Treats insect bites- Use soap and water to clean the damaged area thoroughly. Then use a paper towel to dry gently. You should apply this gel and leave it applied thus for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  1. Treats blemishes and acne- Combine one tablespoon of aloe vera with a few drops of lemon juice to create an acne treatment. The mixture should be refrigerated in a tightly closed container. Apply it once or twice daily on breakouts and blemishes after gently cleaning the skin.
  1. As a perfect eyebrow conditioner: Aloe vera is quite effective in taming and conditioning eyebrows. If you desire to get glossy and silky eyebrows and promote the length of your eyebrows, you can use the aloe vera effectively. 
  1. Acts as an effective hair moisturizer: Aloe vera is one of the best moisturizing agents for hair. It lends several essential nutrients to hair follicles, thus effectively nourishing and strengthening them. It also helps cut down hair fall and dandruff and repairs the scalp’s dead skin. 
  1. You can shave with it well: Treating aloe vera as a shaving gel is one of the best ideas. It will help you get rid of unwanted hair, treat minor cuts and burns, and moisturize the skin effectively.  

Creating an Aloe Vera-Based Skin Care Regimen

Aloe vera is a perfect natural humectant and emollient that keeps the skin soft and hydrated. That’s why it deserves to be added to the daily skin routine. To reap the nourishing aloe vera benefits for the skin, let’s look at some tips to add to your skincare routine.

1. Keep your face clean always: You can keep it healthy and cleansed by washing it with an aloe vera-based face wash regularly, once in the morning and once at night. It helps in getting rid of clogged pores and dirt, and makes the skin fresher.

2. Exfoliating your face: As discussed above, aloe vera can act as a perfect exfoliator if done twice a week. However, applying aloe vera and scrubbing will not clean the skin’s pores by removing dirt, excess oil, and impurities and brightening the skin. You can also pick or formulate an aloe-vera based face scrub at home.

3. Keep your skin moisturized always: Aloe vera is one of the best humectants, and it can keep the skin hydrated. Dabbing the moisturizer, which is loaded with aloe vera on the face, will always keep your skin soft, hydrated, and glowing.

Try applying Mamaearth Aloe Vera Oil-Free Face Moisturizer on your face and feel the difference after a regular application of 10-12 daysIt is an oil-free and non-greasy formulation that offers hydration for 24 hours. 

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4. Locking in the Hydration: If you want to ensure that your skin is well-hydrated and protected from the Sun’s harmful UV rays, then we advise you to apply a natural sunscreen face serum that contains aloe vera. 

Pick a Mamaearth Aloe Vera Sunscreen Face Serum that contains the goodness of Aloe Vera and Ashwagandha. It protects the skin, hydrates the skin, locks in moisture, promotes collagen, and reduces pigmentation in the skin. 

5. Provide Mid-Day Moisturization: If you’re the one who faces excessive dryness in the skin during the day, then you can apply the Mamaearth Aloe Ashwagandha Face Gel handy anytime during the day. As one of the aloe vera in India, it comes enriched with aloe vera and ashwagandha. These two ingredients deeply hydrate the skin and give it a youthful glow.

Summing it Up

Your skin should stay healthy and beautiful. In addition to providing your skin with the ideal nutrition and nutrients, natural products like aloe vera help maintain your skin naturally healthy. While applying Aloe Vera to your skin has many advantages, it is also advisable to back it up with sunscreen, especially when going outside. This would help you stay safe from the Sun’s harmful UV radiation and avert issues like sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

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