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Ashmeet Chanana
A bibliophile would perhaps be an understatement if we were to describe Ashmeet Chanana. She prefers to wear big lenses and hide behind Jane Austin’s novels on the weekends. She also has a penchant for three unrelated things- writing for fashion magazines, organizing corporate events, and trying out various hair care products. What makes her appearance magical is the way she balances her acts apart while writing these amazing articles every day.
What Does Toner do
Skin Care

What Does Toner do for Skin?

Our skin’s health is maintained by its pores. The latter is a set of microscopic openings through which respective glands

What is glass skin
Skin Care

What is Glass Skin?

The famous makeup artist Ellie Choi introduced the term ‘glass skin’ in the constantly expanding Korean beauty vocabulary. Her flawless,

Hair Care

How to Get Rid of Dandruff?

You undoubtedly admire your hair, and you might proudly flaunt it too. But can you imagine how embarrassing it would

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