We use cold-press technology to extract Castor Oil, and make sure it is free from harmful chemicals such as hexane, which is otherwise released when oils are extracted using heat or chemicals. This nourishing oil is free from any additives and can be used as a base oil for all skin & hair types.

You can use this oil in multiple ways to soothe your skin and provide nourishment for your hair. It is dermatologically tested and is perfect for all skin, hair & nail care needs.

Mamaearth’s Castor Oil Uses for Skin

Use it as a regular massage oil to hydrate your skin and give it a healthy glow. When used as a massage hair oil, castor oil cold pressed helps soothe dry and irritated skin, which is typical in the winters. Castor oil is rich in antioxidants, and when used regularly, it helps in achieving younger and even-toned skin.

Quick Tip: Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to soothe the body. Follow it up the Epsom Salt by Mamaearth to wash off excess oil and also exfoliate the dead skin to reveal new skin.

Mamaearth’s Castor Oil Uses for Hair

Who doesn’t love a head massage? Castor oil is rich in essential fatty acids, and it aids nourishment to hair from root to tip. It enriches the scalp and helps to add oodles of nourishment to your hair. Start with massaging on the scalp to boost blood circulation and soothe an itchy scalp. Move from the roots to the tips to ensure 100% nourishment for dry and frizzy hair. Use it regularly as a head massage oil to soothe an itchy scalp, reduce the intensity of dandruff, and promote smooth and shiny hair.

Quick Tip: Use Mamaearth Tea Tree Hair Care regimen if you have an itchy scalp! It comprises of a hair mask that leaves your tresses looking soft and shiny. The shampoo and conditioner clean the excess oil by stripping your hair of its natural oils. 

Mamaearth Castor Oil Uses for Nails

Did you know that when you regularly apply castor oil to the cuticles of your nails, it promotes not just healthy nails but also boosts the blood circulation around the nails? If you have brittle nails, apply the oil and massage the oil gently around the fingertips to ensure healthier nails. Castor Oil is an excellent treatment for the fingertips and works great for weak nails that require shielding and nourishment.

Quick Tip: Once you have massaged your hands and nails, take a tub of warm water (or as hot water you can take and add a scoopful of Mamaearth Epsom Salt. Soak your hands in it the water to alleviate any pains and aches. And hey, it’s a mini manicure that you have just indulged in!)

One oil and so many uses! Do pick up this bottle of Castor Oil from Mamaearth for overall health for your skin, hair, and nails. Trust us this bottle is packed with all the goodness that you need.

Do explore the rest of our products to live a 100% chemical-free life! All products are safe for you and the earth!