A Survival Guide For Every New Dad Out There

We have often talked about how motherhood is hard, and how much mothers need and rely on tips and tricks from fellow mothers for such an important phase of their lives. A large demographic we have been sidelining in this discussion, however, are the dads.

Having a baby is as much taxing emotionally (and thankfully not physically) on to-be-dads as it is on to-be-moms. There is the pressure of upcoming financial responsibilities, taking care of an extra person, and the general pressure of being a good dad when you don’t even know what being a father is about.

Thus, we have surmised that dads need as much help as moms, especially in the early phase of parenting. And who better to tell the father what he needs to do to make the mother and baby happy than the mother herself? Thus, we enlist a few things that could help you become the best father to your child and husband to your wife possible.

1) Start by sharing the excitement.

We know you love your baby, but there will be moments when your wife will wonder if you really help around the house out of a sense of duty or because you actually love the baby. So, the next time you take the baby from her to put it to sleep, don’t act like you are doing it because you have to. Tell her you to want to, and it will make all the difference!

2) Be considerate.

Don’t assume that if the mother is at home, she’ll be fine doing everything herself and won’t care if you are late. If you are running late, drop her a text to let her know so that she doesn’t wait up for you!

3) Understand the difference between coming home and being home.

If you are home but not helping around, and are instead cooped in a corner watching TV, are you really at home? Spend this time with your family. Ask your wife to join you while the baby naps, or play with your baby for a while because trust us, your wife needs all the time off baby duty she can get!

4) Hold your baby properly.

Lying on your back and holding the baby right above your head such that he/she faces you is a recipe for disaster…. and a very ugly disaster, mind you, because if your baby has just eaten he/she will be vomiting straight in your face, and we know you don’t want that!

5) Know when to step up and when to step down.

Did we say being a father was easy? Nope. Fatherhood is as difficult as motherhood, sometimes even more. You have to basically be as vigilant as a superhero, and function like one too, knowing when to hide in the shadows and let the mother who is your Badass Cop™ work her magic, and when to step in and be the saviour of the day.

6) Don’t demand food.

Your wife is probably tired of taking care of the baby all day. Asking her what’s for dinner will only tick her off. Instead, ask if you can help prepare it!

Being a father may not be the easiest thing in the world, but worry not, it’s not that tough either. Just like a mother instinctively knows what to do when she sees her baby, you will know what to do when you become a father as well. And if you don’t, we are always here to help!

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