Travelling sets you free. It truly refreshes you from within. The excitement that comes up with exploring and traveling cannot be summed up in words.

To me, TRAVEL is, a way to cherish and experience the diversities that come along on the journey. I love traveling with my family a lot and enjoy the outstation trips.

And as I am a mom, I take extra caution while traveling with my son to the far-off lands in order to have the best experience. I always make it a point to prepare a packing list for traveling with my toddler, so that I don’t forget anything on my to-and-fro journey.

There are few essentials for travel with kids that every mom should take along with her to ensure a smooth travel experience.

While packing for a trip with kids to outstation, I always go by my checklist for travel with baby and carry all the necessary items.

Well, here is the list of essentials for travel with kids which I always prefer to take with me and if you too are planning for a vacation with family read on as it will be worth your time….

Packing List for traveling with a toddler

1)    Diaper Bag/ Picnic Bag

It is a must that the mommy should prepare a diaper bag for her baby who does not know how to pee-pee himself. It should contain the diapers, disposable bag, baby wipes, sanitizer, one extra pair of clothes and undergarments of the baby to change, hankies, a soft cotton bedsheet for the child and a hand towel.

My son loves to carry these items in his picnic bag (as he is a little grown up!). So make your pick and do what pleases you and your child.

2)    Kid’s suitcase

Kids these days see and imitate every single thing that their parents do. My son is no different. And carries his own suitcase. In a way, it is good because it teaches the child to take care of his belongings on his own.

So, if your child asks for the same, get them a cute suitcase to pack their stuff themselves.

3)    Pack the toiletries

Some kids have sensitive skin, some love to carry their stuff. So, it becomes important to carry their toiletries like toothbrush, paste, shampoo, body wash etc no matter what. My son is fond of his MamaEarth baby essential kit. And as it is travel-friendly and easy to carry I pack it in his suitcase as it consists of liquids like baby wash, shampoo, lotion and massage oil.

This toolkit is really handy and helps me take care of the hygiene of my mischievous little munchkin.

4)    Kids stroller

My baby boy loves to walk with his suitcase at times of boarding and de-boarding the flight. But because traveling may demand you to walk too much in order to visit different locations, it is advisable that you carry a stroller along with you on any such exploration filled trips. Because it will help your tired baby relax himself, it will help him have a good sleep, it will help you roam around with ease because you won’t be required to carry your baby in your arms all the time. Some parent feels it is an unnecessary load, but actually, it rather makes the journey with the baby comfortable and smooth. Hence, it is totally beneficial to carry it along with you on your outings.

5)    Medicines

It is always advised that while going out on long holidays or small retreats you should carry all the necessary medicines along with you.

It is important because the baby may get sick, catch a cold or a cough or may develop motion sickness, in that case, it becomes difficult to rush to a doctor. But if you are having your baby’s medicines handy, it becomes a lot easy to treat any such adversities.

6)    Baby wipes

These are gentle, moisturizing wipes that help to clean away the dirt off the hands, mouth and it even helps to clean the poop or vomit if the child does so. So, it is one another essential item that moms should carry with themselves.

For my son, I always keep MamaEarth’s bamboo-based wipes handy with me while traveling.

7)    Hot Plate

Some babies are allergic to wheat or milk, some get fussy to have their own favorite baby food. For them, it is important that their moms do carry the HOT PLATES in order to prepare the desired food on the go or boil the milk.

Although it is only advised for domestic road trips and not for international trips. With this becomes necessary to carry the feeding bottles, utensils, spoon and bowl so that the baby gets only hygienically prepared and hygienically served food to eat.

8)    Mosquito repellent and roll-on

Mosquitoes are annoying, blood-sucking monsters against whom mothers should stand as fighters.

They should guard their babies with good quality repellents to keep the insects and bugs away.

I make sure to carry MamaEarth’s after bite roll on and natural insect repellent to places I know my son will be pricked a lot by these mosquitoes.

9)    Food for baby

For moms, whose baby takes formula feed or bottle feed, it is important that they carry food for their baby which can be prepared easily. The likes of it include biscuits, Cerelac, nan powder milk etc.

Traveling indeed is a revelation but it demands you to be on alert when you wander with your smart and naughty baby. I believe my packing list for traveling with a toddler includes what it takes for smooth traveling experience. And will surely help you pack your bags cleverly, the next time you plan for it.

But if you feel there is a miss on the list, and want to mention the other essentials that a mom must carry with her while traveling with her toddler, then do pen them here…