8 essential things to consider while buying your baby shampoo

They say that a baby’s smell is the most adorable one. It is different, soft and endearing and many people wish they could bottle that smell and make a perfume out of it. But have you ever carried a baby, whose hair hasn’t been washed for ages? I had a friend who insisted on sticking to water, irrespective of what her baby’s head had encountered over the week – and yes – only once a week. I hurriedly had to put down the child and curse my sensitive nose for smelling the milk regurgitated 5 days ago. You really don’t want to be the one that buys ‘No tears’ shampoos and have the complete Ganges flowing down from your little one’s eyes, and your pocket! You always have an option of keeping your little one’s head covered while venturing out, or feeding. But, your baby may end up with a smelly sweaty head. So, here are some considerations while buying your baby’s hair wash solution. Do read the safety facts about washing your baby’s hair in the earlier article.

  1. While bathing my babies, I started to use the tub only after they were capable of sitting down by themselves. Till then, I sat down in the bathroom on a low stool, with my baby on my extended legs, with the head away from me. This position also ensured that the water just would flow down and not enter the eyes, or mouth.
  2. Sometimes babies love a bath, sometimes they hate it. I figured that mine screamed the most when they were very sleepy or in some discomfort. While the older women in my family commented that it was good for their lungs, and that my kids had a very ‘melodious cry’, it used to rattle my ear drums and leave me temporarily paralyzed. At such times, I just handed them a rubber duck or frog which got chewed away while I sang to myself.
  3. One option that has least resistance is using just plain water. This one works very well to wash off the dirt, if you have not had smelly or oily things in your baby’s hair. Also, you need to check the quality of water that you get. You may sometimes need to oil the baby’s hair to protect it from the chemicals added to your water supply. In such a case, only water will not work.
  4. Traditional massage ladies have suggested to use ‘besan’ or gram flour to keep baby hair clean. They say its properties helps keep the hair soft, shiny and free of any dirt. It also helps get rid of any oil that may have been applied prior to bath. I however found that both me and my babies seemed to be allergic to it and ended up having dry skin if we used it. So, it must depend from skin type to skin type. Also, I found that you need to use a lot more water to wash off the flour.
  5. The internet has multiple recipes for DIY shampoos. There are mothers who swear by this. When my DIY skills failed at putting together the baby cot, I decided not to even venture into something like shampoo.
  6. There are many shampoos in the market by reputed brands specifically for babies and infants. These range from Indian ones based on Ayurveda, to international ones with lovely tongue twisting names. Whatever you buy, ensure that you check the label and don’t even go near those that have these dangerously harmful
  7. MamaEarth has recently launched this Gentle Cleansing Shampoo for Babies that even I love using. My children are 6 and 3 now, but still cry when I used shampoos that leave them with red eyes. This shampoo from MamaEarth has made those hair wash days so much more fun! What’s more, it is light on the pocket and just a little amount of shampoo goes a long way in having a refreshed, satisfied smile from your little one.
  8. Using a good shampoo till your kids are at least 10 is a good idea.

Whatever you buy – keep away from your baby’s reach. I once brought a chocolate scented shampoo and found my 3-year-old preparing to drink ‘the chocolate’ when I refused her a candy bar! Hope these articles have been helpful to you to keep your baby smelling like a flower. Let’s try and give our little one’s freedom from that bad hair day!